How Often Should You Shampoo?

How Often To Shampoo

We asked this question over on our Facebook Page last fall. Almost 500 of you chimed in with how often you DO shampoo, how often you think folks SHOULD shampoo and some even talked about the “NO ‘POO” method of never using shampoo.

Below are the results of our survey. A lot of responders said though they don’t shampoo every day, they may get their hair wet and/or condition – just not use stripping shampoo. Many who say they only shampoo once or twice a week use dry shampoo between washes or do the condition-only between actual shampoos.

Do the results surprise you?

How often YOU shampoo : 


Some of your thoughts…

“Not that I’m suggesting not washing your hair for weeks, but the less you wash, the better it is for your hair.” – Cassandra M.

“Everyday with highlighted hair will dry it out.” – Miranda P.

“Every two weeks. Sometimes more. The less you wash. The less you need to. I’ve been training it for years.” – Megan G.

“Everyday…. Workout everyday and wouldn’t want all the workout must to stick around” – Leah S.

“Naturally curly girl here. I shampoo 2X a week usually. If I’ve been swimming or have used styling products, then I shampoo that night. I usually just do a Co wash, that’s using only conditioner, instead of shampoo. If I’ve straightened using the flat iron, I won’t wash it for a week.” – Crystal A.

“My mom rinses hers every day, but only shampoos it about once a month. And she’s a white chick who works at IHOP, and her hair is always clean smelling and very healthy.” – Heather O.

“Every 4 or 5 days.. from someone who washed hair everyday it was so hard to go 2 days let alone up to 5 days! Also discovered dry shampoos. 5 days no problem now. Plus my hair now looks and feels much healthier!” -Becky G.

“Maybe once a week. I hate having clean hair, I can’t style it how I like.” -Alyson L.

“It really does depend on the hair type. My hairdressers have told me to not wash mine more than every other day…it just gets too dry.” – Amber E.

“I have damaged, dyed, thick hair and been able to go a month without washing with shampoo and doesn’t get greasy.” -Wendy M.

“Every other day. Unless I’ve been sweating.” -Maria O.

“I don’t really need to wash it everyday…but I do as more of a habit. I love the feel of fresh clean hair. Although it does get pretty greasy in only a day “ – Chantal C.

“My hair has grown a TON from not washing every day” – Taija C.

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Try a New Polish : Week 4

It’s been so fun seeing the nail swatches from All Lacquered Up, for the New Year, New You #SallyBeautyChallenge. If you missed any of the 20 lovely shades, be sure to check our Pinterest board for a recap.

Without further adieu, here are the last 5 polishes in the series:

nails week 4

Day 16 – Orly Prince Charming

Day 17 – OPI Romantically Involved

Day 18 – FingerPaints What a Night

Day 19 – Orly Terracotta

Day 20 – OPI Cement the Deal


And that’s a wrap! Thank you for playing along with us during the #sallybeautychallenge.


Nail Studio by the Numbers


Hello Mani Maniacs!

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No judgment here. We feel the same way.  

Introducing the new best way to shop for nail color—and absolutely everything needed for delicious and delightful DIY manis. 

And we do mean everything—check out the digits.


Try a new Lipstick : Week 4

It’s the last week of the New Year, New You #SallyBeautyChallenge. I’ve had such a great time this month, experimenting with new shades and taking all of you along for the ride. Did you discover any new shades you just had to try?

Here’s how the last week went. Keep scrolling to see my favorite of the bunch!

lip week 4

Day 16 – Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Coral Punch

If I was in charge of naming lipsticks, and it’s probably a good thing I’m not, I would have named this Not Quite Ripe Tomato.  It’s an orange on its way to red, just like a tomato you pick right before its prime and leave to ripen on a window sill. Can you tell this winter weather has me longing for summer? Only 143 days! But who’s counting? (Me! Me! I’m counting!)

Day 17 – Sally Girl in First Crush

I think  Sally Girl is one of our best kept secrets. They’re tiny, inexpensive and the color is oh-so powerful. I have a ton of their connecting eyeshadows, and the lipsticks and glosses are perfect to slip in your clutch for a night out. Sally Girl is also a good way to experiment with different shades, since you’re not making a big investment. Can’t beat $0.99, and you won’t be disappointed with the grapey lushness of First Crush.

Day 18 – Real Colors Hydra Gloss in NYC YA

This lipstick manages to be glossy but super opaque, which can sometimes be a hard combination to find. I first tried Petal Pushers earlier in the month, and I continue to be impressed by the quality of the Real Colors Hydra Gloss Sticks. They’re just so pigmented and pretty! NYC YA is great update for the standard red lip, too.

Day 19 – Femme Couture Ultra Hydrating Colour in Bellini Fizz

I tried to like this one, I really did. I’m loving wearing matte lips, but no amount of accessorizing (remember my rule about how the right accessories can make any lipstick look good!) made this shade work with my complexion. That said, if you are looking for a true matte lipstick with just a hint of color, this may be one of your new favorites.

Day 20 – Palladio Lip Lacquer in Belize Berry 

I saved the best for last! I’ve raved about these little lacquers all month so it’s no surprise that one of them ended up being my top pick.  Belize Berry has all the things I look for in a good lip product – gloss, staying power, coverage and a beautiful pink shade. Love it to pieces!


Try a new Hair Color : Week Four

For the final week of the “New Year, New You” Challenge, Renee is keeping her Misty Rose toned color from Week 3 and getting with a sassy new hair cut!

Here is where we left her color last week with her original cut :

Misty Rose, Red Toner on highlights

With the new cut, a more angular bob shape adds bounce and spunk. The ends and layers were cleaned up and thinned out. Her hair moves better now that the cut is more lightweight. Combined with the toned highlights, her hair now has a nice, polished look without much effort needed when styling.



Renee looks great and had fun transitioning her hair this month. What new looks are YOU trying to celebrate the New Year?

Tag your new look(s) with #SallyBeautyChallenge and you could win a Makeover from a professional TV Stylist in New York City!! MORE DETAILS HERE.