Locker Worthy Essentials

It seems like there’s nothing in the world that’s more important than getting your look on fleek for the first day back to school. What about the other days? Here’s a list of locker-sized essentials to keep your face, hair and nails looking fab all year.


Freshening up your look between classes is totally doable when you focus on the right areas. Give yourself a quick sweep of Sally Girl Mini Mascara in Jet Black for eyes that pop. Then brush on a shiny shade from the Mini Lip Gloss Wand, and beam bright as you strut from class to class.

Sally Girl Mini Mascara Jet Black – $0.99

Mini Lip Gloss Wand – $0.99

We all have this problem—you spend too much time curling your hair only to have it fall flat within a few hours. Yep, been there, done that. Make sure you have a hair pick-me-up so your look is on point all the way through last period. In just a minute or two, the Plugged In Tourmaline Mini Curling Iron can take your hair from flat to all-that with just a few twists. Make sure you brush it out with the Sally Girl Folding Pop-Up Travel Brush for that, “I woke up like this” hair.

Plugged In Tourmaline Mini Curling Iron 1 Inch 1/2 Inch – $15.99

Sally Girl Folding Pop-Up Travel Brush – $0.99

Handling stress and heavy books all day can wreak havoc on your nails. From chips to breaks, be prepared for any dilemma. The Beauty Secrets Mini Mani Kit includes nail clipper, scissors, tweezers and a file—it’s the perfect way to stay polished when you have a nail situation at school. In case of emergencies, keep your locker stocked with Sally Girl Mini Nail Color for any unexpected touchups.

Beauty Secrets Mini Mani Kits – $1.99

Sally Girl Mini Nail Color Chillax – $0.99


Manicures for Fall


Hello, lovely! Lauren here from Vandi Fair. Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, that means you’re already thinking about fall fashion. One fun way to start getting in the mindset for the seasonal change is through nail color. Trends for nail polish hues are often in alignment with the trends of the season. Thankfully, fall 2015 offers color options for every palette, from subdued nudes to bold midnight blue, and you can get them all at Sally Beauty. Today I’ve put together four easy manicures that can kick-start your fall/winter style.


Nude is one of fall’s biggest colors. From blush pink to beige, the soft hue was all over the runways, and it looks amazing in a shiny polish. What I love the most about this minimalist manicure is that it will go with anything you wear! The key when looking for a nude polish is to match your skin tone. I have a medium-olive complexion, so OPI’s “Dulce De Leche” blended flawlessly with my skin.


While nails lacquered in black were seen at the fall/winter shows, I prefer the midnight blue hues to get the bold look, like with this shade called “Up All Night” by China Glaze. I love the dark, rich color and what’s even better – I only had to apply one coat. To play up the midnight vibes, I painted little gold half moons at the bottom of my nails using Stripe Rite Paint Metals in Gold. This polish comes with a long, tiny brush that makes nail art for non-professionals like myself a cinch.


One of the things I love most about the fall/winter season is the sparkle that comes with it, and that can definitely be incorporated into your manicure. Although gold is always glamorous, silver was the go-to metallic offering in the fall 2015 runways, and it looks just as fabulous on your nails. I opted for all-over silver sparkle for this mani, and Orly’s “Ablaze Mirrorball” polish certainly provided. When the light hits, a rainbow of hues sparkles. I only had to apply two coats to get this sumptuous, sparkly manicure.


I always love a variation of red for fall/winter and this season’s beautiful oxblood trend is the perfect place to start for a manicure. I loved the gorgeous shine and radiant hue of this polish called “Sexy Silhouette” by China Glaze. To add a little bit of extra sparkle, I brushed the top of my nails with the Stripe Rite Paint Metals in Gold. This is the perfect mani for a fall or winter soiree.

Color Cocktail: Think Pink has declared pink THE hottest hair color of the summer, and we couldn’t agree more. Celebs and trendsetters are rocking rose-hued locks in different variations like pale icy pink, fuchsia, and deep cranberry.

Try creating your own #ColorCocktail (and tag them on Instagram!) by mixing different shades to find a look that is uniquely you.  The sky’s the limit so don’t be scared to experiment.

To take your contemporary color to the next level, mix two different Cocktails – one that has more of the lighter shade like Flamingo, and one that contains a deeper concentration of a color like Hottie Pink. Apply the darker mixture near the roots, blending with the light shade through to the ends. This will create a lot of depth, and looks super fabulous.



Pink not your thing? Try these other popular Color Cocktails:

Cantaloupe + Red
Shark Blue + Purple
Fuchsia + Aqua
Lavender + Mint
Blood Orange + Red
Lavender + Sky Blue

10 Steals Under $10

August is a time of transition for me. After months of fun in the sun, it’s time to move into the fall season—and that means examining the damage I’ve done. From dry skin and split ends, to needing a chic fall look transition, everything must be assessed in August. Luckily, at Sally Beauty I can get everything I need to repair my look, all with products under $10 each.


Ion Swimmer’s Leave-In Conditioner – $6.99

From sun-drenched beaches to the chlorine-filled pool, baking my hair until it’s completely dried out is not a good look. Thankfully Ion Swimmer’s Leave-In Conditioner exists. A few spritzes protects my tresses from the long-term effects of sun and water damage, while totally obliterating the dreaded swimmer’s green. 

One ‘N Only Argan Oil Treatment 3.4 Oz. – $9.99

I love fall and cooler temps because I can let down my thick mane. However, that’s when I discover the damage from the easy, breezy ponytail I’ve rocked during the hottest months of the year. No problem! I just turn to my favorite go-to, One ‘N Only Argan Oil Treatment. It smoothes down my frizz and deeply conditions my compromised locks. Essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and Vitamin E let me know it’s up for the challenge of bringing back my favorite sleek look.

Generic Value Products Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Compare To Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo 16 Oz. – $5.99

A hot shower with the fresh scent of tea tree seems to wash all my worries away. Along with its distinctly invigorating scent, Generic Value Products Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Compare To Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo enlists high doses of conditioners and moisturizers to bring my hair back to life. And I love how its leaves my scalp tingly and clean—the perfect way to wash the summer damage away.

Femme Couture Monster Lash Mascara Primer – $8.99

Coming off a summer of easy hairstyles and light makeup, there’s nothing more fun than bringing back a little drama to my look. My first move is to amp up the volume of my lashes. I’ve tried countless mascaras and they can all be improved with the Femme Couture Monster Lash Mascara Primer. Not only does it help mascara last longer but it separates the lashes—giving them a bigger, fuller look.

Real Colors Whip Lash Mascara – $9.99

If you’re like me and want your eyes to pop, you’ll love the dramatic transition you get from Real Colors Whip Lash Mascara. This longwearing formula nourishes lashes for a beautiful fall look, while the cool applicator adds length and creates volume.

Palladio Herbal Baked Eye Shadow Trio – $8.99

Warm up your color palette and put bold, beautiful colors back on the roster for fall style. I gravitate towards rich, earthy colors with golden overtones. The Palladio Herbal Baked Eye Shadow Trio is perfect because of the warm colors and gold accents that are so easy to blend. The best part is I don’t have to worry about the feared fade, because each shade is baked on an Italian terra-cotta disk that guarantee luscious, long lasting colors. 

Femme Couture Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour Runway Red – $7.49

Even though I drink my weight in water during the summer months, I’ve never been able to stay hydrated enough to beat the chapped-lip blues. That is, until I stumbled upon Femme Couture Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour. I get twice the benefit with this lip color that serves as a double agent in the beauty and hydrating departments. The extra-creamy formula is lightweight and leaves my lips smooth and moisturized. Fabulous Fuschia is my go-to shade for a night out, while Nude Kiss is my everyday fave.

Palladio Herbal Lipstick Coral Punch – $6.49

When I go out at night, I want my look to be on point. The bright shade of Palladio Herbal Lipstick draws attention, while the rich, creamy coverage keeps the fine lines at bay. It comes in must-have colors, and contains major moisture to keep my lips from drying out.

Fingerpaints Nail Color – $5.49

Nothing finishes off a perfectly put-together look than fresh polish. Bring high shine to your nails while cranking up the color with Fingerpaints. They come in several eye-catching colors and have a one-coat application, perfect for any on-the-go girl.

Body Drench Original Moisturizing Lotion – $8.99

From sun-bathing to too much time in sand and chlorine, my skin really feels the effects of summer. Luckily, I found the cure for scaly skin. I use Body Drench Original Moisturizing Lotion from head to toe to fight back against summer damage. The botanical extracts and much-needed vitamins soak in, and I can see the extreme moisture going to work—leaving me with softer, healthy-looking skin.



Tutorial : Braided Beauty Updo


I don’t always have time to start my hair from scratch. Washing and drying my hair can take me well over an hour! With a full time job and two little girls at home, that amount of time is hard to come by.  Instead, I’ll stretch a hair washing out by two to three days. Dry shampoo is definitely my friend, but I’ve found that an updo can add another few days if I need them. While a voluminous ponytail works, a little creativity with my hair style keeps me from getting bored.

Lately, I’ve been loving messy, braided updos. I have an entire board on Pinterest filled with braided updos, and they give me a lot of inspiration in the morning! However, my fingers are not as dexterous as a hairstylist, and anything more complicated than a regular braid is beyond my abilities. I’ve been faking waterfall braids all summer, and have gotten many compliments as a result! Braiding the rest of my hair and pinning it all up in a casual, slightly messy updo adds only a few minutes to my morning routine but makes it look like I spent a lot more time on my hair.

Items needed:

Beyond the Zone Rock On Dry Shampoo
Beyond the Zone Vamped Up Texture Hairspray
MetaGrip Premium Bob Pins
Ion Anti-Frizz Wide Tease Brush
Proclaim Rubber Bands

I start with day old hair, which needs something to add a little volume and absorb oil. I use Rock On Dry Shampoo, spraying it throughout my hair and concentrating it at my crown. I rub my hands through my hair to distribute it and then brush it through. If you want a little extra volume, then Beyond the Zone Vamped Up offers even more volumizing!


Once my hair is ready, I place a deep side part and take a fairly large section of hair from the lower side of the part. I braid this into a fairly tight, regular braid while pulling the section backwards, behind my head. I use a rubber band at the end of the braid to hold it in place.



Next I lay the braid diagonally along the back of my head, so that the end reaches down to my ear. I take small sections of hair from my crown and pull them down through the braid, letting the ends trail down into the rest of my hair. I work my way down the braid, I want to eventually use all of the hair that is on my crown, forward of where I laid the braid down on my head. Once I reach my ear, I continue simply braiding all of the hair that I’m holding.


Next I take all of the hair that isn’t in my faux waterfall braid and put it into a ponytail. I braid it and put it on the back of my head, pinning it up into a bun. Note that my hair is a bit messy in this braid, and that’s really the whole point. If you want to add more volume to your bun, try using a teasing brush on it before loosely braiding it and pinning the braid up into a bun.


Finally, I take my waterfall braid and bring it up and around the bun, pinning it into place. The end result is an updo that has a lot of texture and interest, and looks much more complicated than it really is! With practice, this look takes under ten minutes.

–Christine, 15 Minute Beauty