Tanning Tips & Tricks


Just Say No To Splotchy Tans
Besides looking unflattering, uneven tans are dead giveaway that your glow came from a bottle. To get evenly golden, you have to exfoliate regularly. Don’t go overboard and rub your skin raw (if you’re turning red, ease up), but using a good scrub will prep your skin nicely so the tanner goes on looking natural. For added oomph, you can pair the scrub with exfoliating gloves if your skin is really dry.

Moisture Maniac
Dry, porous skin sucks up self-tanner like crazy, which is why you often see people wandering around with dark spots in certain troublemaking areas. Avoid over-saturation by smoothing a thin layer of lotion on knees, elbows, toes, hands, wrists and ankles, before applying tanner. These areas will still tan, but the lotion will help them absorb at the same rate as the rest of your skin.

Orange Palms = A Huge No-No
My [tanning] world changed once I discovered these mitts. They seriously make all the difference if you want an even application without having oddly colored palms – and who doesn’t want that? If you don’t use a mitt I would suggest wearing gloves for this step. If you “oops” and end up with Oompa Loompa hands, a tan remover can help.

You Glow, Girl
I personally like tanning mousses, but it’s up to you and your preferences – lotions and sprays work just as well. For this last step I wear my trusty tanning mitt, squeeze on a dollop of mousse (about silver dollar size) and work on one area at a time.

Look for a product that has a built-in bronzer, which helps you see if any spots have been missed. Plus if you’re impatient like me and want to look tan RIGHT NOW, it will give you a glow while you wait for the tanner to develop.

Spring Colors on Sale

Beautiful finds are blooming at Sally Beauty this month with our annual Spring Sale. I’m obsessed with all things bright and springy after a dark and dreary winter, so I’ve rounded up a few my favorite colorful deals below. Check them out!

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.55.44 AM

spring colors

Spring Flare Tote – Pick your poison – paisley, pink or orange – and tote your favorite poolside must-haves all season long.

Nail Polish  - Unexpected color combos are where it’s at right now. Try pairing a nude manicure with a neon accent nail for a fun pop of color. Navy and coral together always looks pretty and preppy, if that’s more your style.

Tanwise Tanning Products –  It’s finally warm enough that I can use my beloved Tanwise and tell friends, “Oh this tan? I worked in the yard all weekend.” They won’t suspect a thing.

Ion Color Brilliance Hair Color – Time to refresh those tresses! For spring, I just switched from Ion 4N to 5N, and I’m liking how it subtly updated my look. Change doesn’t have to be drastic to make a difference.

Clairol Shimmer Lights – A purple shampoo is a must for blondes who want to keep their color bright and pure, with no yellowing.

Claudia Stevens - Roots…not my favorite.  These touch-up products are so handy for covering grays between color jobs, and keep my hair looking fresh.

Beautique -  For less than $4 (Also B2G1 this month!) you can try out as many colors as you could possibly want. The eyebrow pencil is a personal favorite of mine with its awesome built-in brush.

L’Oreal Liquid Hair Chalk


Looking to experiment with contemporary hair color? L’Oreal Technique Liquid Chalk Temporary Intense Hair Makeup is perfect for people who want to have play with their look…but only for a little bit. :)

Available in five shades, Liquid Chalk is super vibrant (even on darker hair color), doesn’t require pre-lightening, and washes out in a few shampoos. It’s all of the fun with none of the commitment.

Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Select the section you would like to color with the liquid chalk. We did three different sections with Pop Pink, Blue Hue and Very Violet for the look above.

Using a tint brush or your hands, apply the product until the hair is fully saturated. We definitely recommend using gloves for this step!

Step 2: Comb through the section to evenly distribute the color, and remove any tangles.

Step 3: Dry the section with a hair dryer. You may need to comb the section again if it’s still a little crunchy.

Step 4: Rock your colorful hair!

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Mani Monday Posies

Imposter_Hand crop

mani monday

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