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Try a new Polish : Week 3

Michelle with All Lacquered Up is taking the New Year, New You #SallyBeautyChallenge by trying a new polish a day for the month of January. See below for a recap of Week 3’s shades.

nails week 3

Day 11 – OPI Embrace the Gray

Day 12 – Orly Terra Mauve

Day 13 – China Glaze Up All Night  

Day 14 – FingerPaints Paint the Town Purple

Day 15 – OPI My Silk Tie

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Try a New Nail A Day : Week One

Michelle with All Lacquered Up is taking the New Year, New You #SallyBeautyChallenge by trying a new polish a day for the month of January. See below for a recap of Week One’s shades.


nails week 1

Day 1 – China Glaze Fifth Avenue

Day 2 – FingerPaints Hey Mr. DJ from the Bright Lights, Big City special collection

Day 3 – OPI Shine for Me from the 50 Shades of Grey special collection

Day 4 – Orly Skinny Dip

Day 5 – China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint


Check more of our blog posts and watch our Facebook and Instagram for new hair, nail and lip looks EVERY SINGLE DAY this month!

Tag your new looks this month with #SallyBeautyChallenge to be entered to win a makeover!

Try a New Lipstick : Week One

As part of the New Year, New You #SallyBeautyChallenge, I’m spending the month of January getting out of my lipstick rut. I’m trying 20—count’em TWENTY— new shades! A girl needs to switch things up once in awhile to keep it fresh, and I have definitely been wearing the same boring colors for too long.

So, out with the old and in with the bold!

lip week 1


Day 1 – Palladio High Intensity Lip Balm in Lilac Jazz

This is a new product in the Palladio line, and it had me at first swipe. Like the name suggests, this balm packs a whole lot of pigment. It applied easily and dried matte, but didn’t feel chalky. The color was a bright berry, which was a little unexpected with a name like Lilac. Makeup names are strange, amirite? Anyway, this was a winner all around!


Day 2 – Real Colors Hydra Gloss Stick in Petal Pusher

I wear a lot of eye shadows from Real Colors and especially enjoy their palettes, so I was excited to try their lipstick. This is a great one for those who want a lot of color, but prefer the feel of lip gloss. It was really slick and shiny, but covered well. Petal Pusher is a cool toned light pink that I’m definitely going to be wearing all summer.


Day 3 – Palladio High Intensity Lip Balm in Spicy Peach

Looking for the Holy Grail of matte, nude lipsticks? Well search no more because I’ve found it. Spicy Peach is where it’s at! It’s nice and opaque, with enough pinky peach undertones to keep you from looking sickly. Perfect for pairing with a smoky eye.


Day 4 – Femme Couture Prime Wear in Blushing Red

This shade is not for the shy! File this one under “Statement Lip.”

I’ve been a fan of the Femme Couture Prime Wear line for several years now, but never tried Blushing Red.  I love that it’s a red that leans toward berry, more than an orangey red. The key to rocking a red lip is making sure you find one with the right undertone for you, and this one is right up my alley.


Day 5 – Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Angelica

Remember the 90s? Angelica gave me a total flashback to my teenage love affair with a lipstick called Raisin. I wore it every day of middle school with my Doc Martins and baby doll dresses, until it disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Main suspect? My mother. #notafan

While I liked the feel of this lipstick (it’s really moisturizing), I think it may be a little too brown for my more mature taste. To each her own, though.


Check back next week for the next five in the Lipstick #SallyBeautyChallenge!

10 Minute Pick Me Up Tips


I think many busy women would say that the holidays are the BEST and SO MUCH FUN…but maybe for other people. What’s supposed to be a time of giving thanks and enjoying our friends and families, too often becomes a hectic period of running from event to event, cooking for crowds and being downright stressed.

And you know what? We want to change that. This month, take time for yourself with these 10 Minute Pick Me Up Tips from our favorite bloggers. While you’re at it, pick up a fun gift for YOU during our Thanksgifting event. It’s our little way of saying “thanks.”

Treat yourself. You’ve earned it.

Click the links for the full tip and tutorial.

  • Hair feeling flat after work, errands, chores and plain ol’ daily life? Beauty Bets suggests using velcro rollers for added oomph and gorgeous, volumious hair. 
  • Try this Twist and Pull Apart braid from Barefoot Blonde. It’s a simple look to achieve, but makes a big statement. It will take your hair from boring to boho in no time!
  • The secret to quick and professional-looking nail art? Bobby pins! Get the full 10 Minute Dotticure manicure by Hairspray and High Heels here.
  • Maskcara knows that even when moms are busy, they want to look their best. Her makeup shortcuts are great for those on the go.

How do you plan to make time for yourself this month? What’s your favorite way to be pampered?

Hair Extensions 101

If you’re anything like me, the hair extensions aisle can be a little overwhelming. Yaki? Remy? Weft? I-tips? What do these words even mean? It’s enough to make a girl’s head spin! We know the options can seem endless, so I wanted to share some basic information that may be helpful if you’re looking to “accessorize” your look with new locks!

Hair extensions are most often seen in one of the following forms:

  • Wigs – Quickest method used to change up your look. More permanent alternatives like lace-fronts may be bonded around the hairline.
  • Weave – Usually sold as single strands in bulk or fusion (this is where I-tips come in) or wefts (tracks). This is the most permanent type of hair extensions as these can be bonded to or braided then sewn-in to natural hair.
  • Hairpiece – Instantly adds volume and length and are easily attached and removable. Most popular examples are drawstring ponytails, ponytail wraps, any ponytail clips.

Types of hair:

  • Synthetic – holds style very well but may not last as long as human hair. Heat styling not recommended.
  • Human Hair – mostly closely mimics our natural hair. Easy to maintain and may be styled with heat.
  • Blended Hair – a mixture of synthetic and human hair blended together. Heat styling may be limited.
  • Virgin Hair – has had no chemical processes applied to it. This is the only hair extension that we recommend coloring.
  • Remy – the cuticle is intact, and that all hair strands are facing the same way. Try running your fingers up a strand of your own hair, from end to root. Feels pretty rough, doesn’t it? Remy ensures that you have smooth, healthy-looking extensions that feel great to the touch.
  • Yaki – hair that has undergone a chemical process that makes it look and feel similar to hair that has been relaxed

Other factors to consider:

  • Shade selection – you may choose something closer to your natural hair color or add a splash of color to punch up your look.
  • Determine the best length – weaves and hairpieces typically come as short as 8 inches and go up to 30 inches or more depending on where you purchase. Wigs may be available in even shorter lengths.
  • Hair texture and style – there certainly is no shortage of options! From straight to kinky and everything in between (curly, wavy, etc).

Always seek the help of a professional stylist when deciding the best hair extensions and maintenance system.

Regardless of whether you sew it, braid it, bond it or just put it on, make your hairstyle a “mane attraction”!