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Taking Care of Your Hair During Summertime with Sally Beauty

During the summertime we put our hair through so much.  We spend countless hours in the sun, salt water, chlorine water, and oftentimes in dry, desert heat. For me, I want to make sure my hair doesn’t suffer during my favorite time of year. I love going to Sally Beauty and stocking up on my favorite hair care essentials. I want to make sure my hair looks as pretty as possible, before, during, and after a beach day!


I was so excited to learn about the Hair Chemist Bamboo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner from one of the girls at Sally Beauty. She told me that it’sgood at repairing and strengthening dry, damaged or frizzy hair. My hair isn’t necessarily frizzy but it definitely gets dry during the summertime, so I was curious! I was so happy to find out that the combo of the shampoo and conditioner made my hair much more manageable. As a plus it also adds some shine! I love how healthy my hair has been feeling because of adding these two products to my hair routine.


Another new product that I started incorporating into my hair routine this summer is the Zotos Professional 180PRO Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator Treatment. It’s a leave-in treatment that repairs up to 2 years of hair abuse and also safeguards stands against future damage. Since I use a lot of heat on my hair, I was looking for something that would help reverse damage, as well as protect it. I apply the product to damp hair, comb through, and then style as normal. I love how it doesn’t leave my hair sticky; it blends in really well and makes my hair feel so much healthier!


I’m so excited to have found some new products at Sally Beauty to help my hair stay healthy and strong this summer!


If your hair is in need of some extra TLC during the summer months check out Sally Beauty’s Solution Guide! It’s such a great resource for products to help heal and strengthen your hair!





Heart Your Silky Hair

Frizz occurs when dry, pours hair soaks up moisture from humid air. Beat this burden by preventing your hair from acting like a sponge — apply a hydrating product.


1. Choose a gentle sulfate-free shampoo that replenishes keratin protein. Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo is a great at adding strength and lost moisture for smoother, more manageable hair.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.31.45 AM

2. Apply a frizz fighting styling serum on damp hair before you style it to add moisture and tame those unruly strands. One ‘n Only Island Essentials Awapuhi Styling Serum is super lightweight so it won’t look greasy, and smells delicious. Rub a small drop between fingers and run over your hair once it’s dry to add extra glossiness.

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3. Sealing the cuticle is essential for locking in moisture and keeping frizz at bay.  The Zotos Professional 180PRO Total Tamer Foaming Smoother features groundbreaking technology that instantly adds a touch of hold and creates long-lasting smoothness for straight blow outs or soft, bouncy curls.

4. Humidity causes the frizzies like no other, so you’ll want to protect and set your style with a weather-resistant hairspray like the one from Clairol Professional iThrive. It’s designed to block out moisture from the air, while keeping your hair looking and feeling silky

Prom Essentials


It’s prom season! Time to break out your high heels and sparkly dresses, and dance the night away.

With all this fun, costs can definitely add up quick. Dresses, tickets, dinner, a boutonniere for your guy, a limo if you’re feelin’ fancy – those things aren’t free, but there are affordable ways to primp for prom.

We’ve picked our a few of our favorite under $7, that will allow you to splurge on other things. Bonus: They’re perfectly portable so you can take along for touchups.

  1. Ion Shaping Plus $2.99
    There are a lot of DIY Hairstyles for prom on Pinterest. Have your bestie or your mom help you with an easy braid style. They’re so hot right now and super easy to accomplish. Finish your hairstyle off with the best hairspray with a flexible hold. Ion Finishing Solutions Shaping Plus spray adds shine and stays strong, even in high humidity (it is Springtime after all). The 1.5 oz can is the perfect size to fit into your clutch to fix any flyaways.
  2. DCNL Pearl Flower Bobbies $6.99
    Top it off your hairstyle with one of these pearl bobby pins for a touch of fashion but still a classic look.
  3. Sally Girl Mini Lipstick $0.99
    Don’t overlook Sally Girl makeup because of the affordable price. The mini lipsticks have rich color and are very long lasting. They come in 14 sassy shades and take up hardly any room in your clutch to reapply after dinner.
  4. Ardell Adore Lashes $3.79
    Eyelashes are the key to making all your photos pop. Ardell Adore Lashes in Zoey are a go-to lash for long and lush with loads of volume. These will give you “hey, look at me” lashes in no time. There are 8 other easy to apply styles to choose from.

3 TIPS : How to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

No matter how hard I try, I’ll never be a morning person. As a girl who loves her sleep, minutes are just that much more precious to me prior to 9am. Commonly me : snooze button…once, twice or even three times. But loving your beauty sleep is no excuse for looking less than your best. Below are some beauty shortcuts – tips and tricks to skim minutes off your morning routine.

Products to speed you your morning

TIP 1 : Focus on one key feature

While there’s a time and place for a full face of makeup, shave off some morning prep time by choosing just one feature to play up for maximum impact and efficiency.

A thicker eyebrow is everywhere right now and I’ve been embracing this bold brow look. Ardell’s dual-ended Brow Magic Pencil boasts a brow wax on one end and a brow pencil on the other – in two quick swipes (or four, if we’re being precise), brows are both perfected and tamed.

thick eyebrows

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Time saved: 5+ minutes

TIP 2 : Embrace multi-tasking products wherever possible

Between my skincare regimen and makeup routine, I can easily spend 20+ minutes in front of the mirror in the morning.

By embracing products with more than one function, like Retinol Max Anti-Aging Cleanser, which both exfoliates and moisturizes, I save not only my time but my sanity.

Another favorite? Femme Couture’s Get Flawless 8-in-1 Foundation. This hybrid product not only moisturizes and primes skin, but thanks to buildable coverage, can serve as foundation, concealer, powder and color-corrector…all while helping to smooth lines. Cheers to that!

Get Flawless and Anti Aging

Time saved: 20+ minutes.

TIP 3 : Stop washing your hair everyday

If you’re anything like me, between washing, conditioning, drying and styling, your hair is easily the most time-consuming part of getting ready in the morning.

Washing every day strips essential oils from your hair and makes it more difficult to style. Transition instead to washing every other day or 2-3 times a week (especially if your hair is thicker or curlier) – and treat it well when you do.

Try Proclaim’s Coconut Oil as a hot oil treatment/hair mask (pro tip: you can even use coconut oil on dry cuticles or mix with honey to create an anti-bacterial face mask).

On off days, embrace a dry shampoo like Beyond The Zone  – the light spray is easy to apply. Simply spray on your roots and massage in to soak up excess oil and refresh and revive locks with no water or blow dryer required!

Dry Shampoo and Coconut Oil

Time saved: 30+ minutes.


How do YOU save time in the morning?
Share your tips below, on the Sally Beauty Facebook or tweet them our way @SallyBeauty!