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6 Ways to Add Glam, Glitter, Gold to your New Year’s Eve

Looking for that final touch of New Year’s Eve pizzaz?

Here are 6 ways to amp up your look by glazing with gold, shining with sparkle and glamming up with glitter.

IDEA 1 : Grab some false eyelashes that already have glitter happening. There are lots of variations available at Sally Beauty Supply, in many colors and lash styles. These two examples from Andrea (silver sparkles) and Ardell (Black glitter #184) are 100% New Year’s Eve approved!

False Eyelashes with Glitter at Sally Beauty

IDEA 2 : Gotta have some glitter, glow or shine on the nails, right? Here are three ideas, all available at Sally Beauty Supply. “Golden Glaze” by Fingerpaints (top), “Copy Cat” by Fingerpaints (middle), “Gilded” by Nina (bottom).

Glitter Gold and Silver nail polish Glitter Nail Polish in gold and silver

IDEA 3 : Don’t want to paint your own nails? Going a bit more conservative or classic with your New Year’s look but still want to display a little fun and sparkle? Try some ready-to-go airbrush nails like this cool take on a French manicure from Bella Nails. The package comes with the glue needed to apply the nails and the design adds just a subtle touch of “ringing in the New Year.”

Airbrush French Manicure with glitter stripe

IDEA 4 : Get some glitter lining those eyes! So many choices from pencils to liquid liner to gel crayons. Below are a few options. Femme Couture glitter eye pencil in “silver.” Palladio glitter eye liner in “silver sparkle.” Palladio herbal gel crayon in “gold dust.” Femme Couture glitter liquid eyeliner in “gold” and “pearl.”

Glitter eyeliner

Eye makeup with glitter in it

Glitter eyeliner for New Year's Eve

IDEA 5 : If you’ve never tried a baked eye shadow, now is the perfect time. Rich color, staying power. A little goes a long way. A perfect color for New Year’s Eve is Femme Couture “Fools Gold.”

Gold Baked eye shaow that glows and shines

The best gold eye shadow

IDEA 6 : Last but not least, the lips. Here’s an easy way to sparkle. Apply your favorite lipstick or gloss and grab a few specs of household glitter and just dazzle it up by randomly flicking a little on the lips. Maybe sprinkle some over your whole body?! It’s the one day of the year that, for sure…glitter is golden and so are you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Plumping Red Pink Lip Gloss

Gold Glitter on Lips

HOW TO : Fall Plaid Nails

How to paint Plaid Nails

Michelle from All Lacquered Up gives us a tutorial on how to get a perfect plaid nail. Check it out, step by step, below!

Apply two coats of a neutral color (Michelle used OPI Going My Way or Norway?) and wait for it to dry.


Use tweezers to place two pieces of nail striping tape in an “X” pattern.


Apply Color 1 (Michelle used OPI My Dogsled Is A Hybrid) to the top and bottom sections. Use the side of the brush for easier placement.


Remove tape while polish is still wet.


Dip a striper nail art brush in Color 2 (Michelle used OPI Skating on Thin Iceland) and paint two, thin parallel lines on a diagonal.


Add two more lines, perpendicular to the first two lines.



Once finished & dry, Protect your design with Seche Vite.


 This design can be changed up with various colors and line thicknesses. How fun!
Want more nail tutorials? Try our recent holiday bow nails and sleek diagonal design nails.


Halloween Beauty: Become a Zombie

Get this killer beauty look



Start with the special effects

  1. Begin your makeup with primer, concealer, foundation and Femme Couture® Matte Mattifying Powder.
  2. Use Femme Couture® Lip & Cheek Stain in Rosie Red and Ultra Smooth Gel Eyeliner in Black on and around your eyes and chin.
  3. Add Sally Girl™ Mini Baked Eye Shadow in Brick House to your eyelids and crease (even Zombies need some sparkle!) Use a fan brush with the cheek stain and gel eyeliner to create dramatic streaking.
  4. Combine layers of Real Colors Hydra Gloss in N.Y.C. Ya and Shock It To Me, then add Palladio Herbal Eyeliner Pencil in Black to your lips and blend.




Work on the dead head

  1. Prep your hair with Vintage Glam Texturizing Powder, then tease with Tool Structure Tease Layers Rattail Comb for an messy, undead look.
  2. Spray on Streaks N Tips Temporary Color Highlight Spray in Icy White to frame your face.
  3. Finally, hold it all in place with Beyond The Zone® Frozen Stiff Ultimate Hold Hair Spray.



Polish it off

Even the undead thirst for a great mani! We started with a base of China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Recycle and then used Seduce Me to add some “blood” drops to the tips.



Halloween Beauty: Become a Kitty Kat

Are you a Halloween minimalist, like me?  If so, you know that the best costume is one of the easiest around:  Felis catus, the domesticated cat.  How many times have I pulled off a last-minute look with a black shirt, choker necklace and headband with a couple of felt triangles glued on?  (The answer:  A lot.)

Yes, it’s a snap, but don’t be a grumpy cat!  Just because you’re in a rush doesn’t mean you can’t be the cutest Kitty Kat around.  Here is a super-quick, super-easy way to create a feline Halloween look that will draw purrs of approval:

Halloween Look:  Kitty Kat

First, don’t neglect your face!  Be sure to start off with primer, concealer and foundation – they’ll help keep your kitty nose and whiskers in place all night long.  Next, concentrate on creating a seductive cat’s eye (of course!), beginning with a warm eyeshadow like Sally Girl™ Eye Shadow Connecting Compact in Rose, then lining with Palladio Herbal Liquid Eyeliner in Shimmer Black. Be sure to extend that top line beyond the outer corner of your eyelid.  Finally, a black mascara such as Ardell Runway Gisele Black Lashes will add drama and mystery.

Kitty Kat Tips & Tools

You just need a bit of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, and a sweet swipe of pink for your lips.  Try Femme Couture® Glossy Lip Crème in Pink Sizzle for color that will last all night.  For your kitty nose, fill in with more of your liquid eyeliner, then draw whiskers with Beautique® Long-Wear Automatic Eye Liner in Onyx.

Now, for the meow de résistance:  Instead of boring old felt triangles, create ears that will draw stares using two Bellissima Braided Headbands in the same color as your hair.

Bellissima Braided Hairbands

Since the key to this Kitty Kat is the braided headpiece, keep the rest of your hair simple.  All you need is shiny, soft hair – Ion® Silk Drops will smooth your hair and take away the frizzies – and a spray of So Gorgeous® Volumizing Freezing Hairspray to keep it in place.

Feeling fierce?  Why not give your kitty some claws?  You’ll want to paint a nude base onto your fingertips.  Try Orly Nail Lacquer in Prelude to a Kiss.  Once it’s dry, paint on claw shapes in Liquid Vinyl for a sharp finish.

That’s it!  You’re ready for a night on the prowl, hunting out the very best Halloween treats (and maybe an order of sushi on the side).

Are you a Halloween minimalist, or do you prefer a more dramatic look?  Tell us about your Halloween plans in the comments below!

Autumn Nail Art



The rich, jewel tones and high-shine metallic in the FingerPaints Masquerade Affair collection lends itself to the mystery of the luxe masks and overall decadent flair of a masquerade ball.

Sparkling finish and dense pigmentation of “Ball Gown Glamour,” “Dance Til Dawn” and “Queen for a Night” give the polish such depth that, when dotted on the nail, it looks like actual gemstones.

Paired with the burnished metallic background of “Masked Beauty,” it’s as though the gem-like dots are resting on a layer of gold leafing. Opulent and exotic this gilded design is the perfect complement to the luxurious fabrics and textures for fall.

Autumn Nail Art by All Lacquered Up


Read Michelle’s full review of the FingerPaints Masquerade Affair line on All Lacquered Up.
Visit a Sally Beauty store to purchase this sparkling new Fall line.
Images courtesy of All Lacquered Up.