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Staff Picks : Beautiful Finds At Beautiful Prices Part 2

143074_2_13_15_Staff Faves_Kirsten_650X650.jpg

1. Orly Naughty
I love the shade of Orly’s Naughty. It’s a nice, subtle change from my usual black, but still extremely dark.

2. OPI Top Coat
The world’s best top coat without a doubt! My manicure lasts Sunday to Sunday before it starts to chip.

3. Ion Titanium PRO Curling Iron 1 1/2 Inch
The Ion Titanium PRO Curling Iron 1 ½ Inch creates perfectly imperfect waves in my fine hair. The titanium gives my curl extra staying power, too.

4. Palladio Retractable Eyeliner Pure Black
This is the best eyeliner I have found for lining the inside of my eyes. It’s hard to find a liner that doesn’t smear onto my contacts, so I’m glad I discovered this it.

5. Femme Couture Matte Mattifying Powder
Oil control at its finest – no more shiny face for me!  This powder works great on top of bb cream, foundation, or moisturizer.

TUTORIAL : Smokey Eye

Looking for some drama? Try a smokey eye. It smolders, it sizzles, it means business.

Keep scrolling for the simple step-by-step tutorial.


Femme Couture Perfect Arch Brow Highlighting Pencil

Femme Couture Quad Shadow

Face Secrets Eye Contour Brush

Femme Couture Intense Silky Shadow in Amethyst

Palladio Herbal Retractable & Waterproof Eye Liner in Exotic Plum

Femme Couture Perfect Arch Tinted Brow Gel

Femme Couture Fake Lash Instand Volume Mascara in Blackest Black




6 Ways to Add Glam, Glitter, Gold to your New Year’s Eve

Looking for that final touch of New Year’s Eve pizzaz?

Here are 6 ways to amp up your look by glazing with gold, shining with sparkle and glamming up with glitter.

IDEA 1 : Grab some false eyelashes that already have glitter happening. There are lots of variations available at Sally Beauty Supply, in many colors and lash styles. These two examples from Andrea (silver sparkles) and Ardell (Black glitter #184) are 100% New Year’s Eve approved!

False Eyelashes with Glitter at Sally Beauty

IDEA 2 : Gotta have some glitter, glow or shine on the nails, right? Here are three ideas, all available at Sally Beauty Supply. “Golden Glaze” by Fingerpaints (top), “Copy Cat” by Fingerpaints (middle), “Gilded” by Nina (bottom).

Glitter Gold and Silver nail polish Glitter Nail Polish in gold and silver

IDEA 3 : Don’t want to paint your own nails? Going a bit more conservative or classic with your New Year’s look but still want to display a little fun and sparkle? Try some ready-to-go airbrush nails like this cool take on a French manicure from Bella Nails. The package comes with the glue needed to apply the nails and the design adds just a subtle touch of “ringing in the New Year.”

Airbrush French Manicure with glitter stripe

IDEA 4 : Get some glitter lining those eyes! So many choices from pencils to liquid liner to gel crayons. Below are a few options. Femme Couture glitter eye pencil in “silver.” Palladio glitter eye liner in “silver sparkle.” Palladio herbal gel crayon in “gold dust.” Femme Couture glitter liquid eyeliner in “gold” and “pearl.”

Glitter eyeliner

Eye makeup with glitter in it

Glitter eyeliner for New Year's Eve

IDEA 5 : If you’ve never tried a baked eye shadow, now is the perfect time. Rich color, staying power. A little goes a long way. A perfect color for New Year’s Eve is Femme Couture “Fools Gold.”

Gold Baked eye shaow that glows and shines

The best gold eye shadow

IDEA 6 : Last but not least, the lips. Here’s an easy way to sparkle. Apply your favorite lipstick or gloss and grab a few specs of household glitter and just dazzle it up by randomly flicking a little on the lips. Maybe sprinkle some over your whole body?! It’s the one day of the year that, for sure…glitter is golden and so are you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Plumping Red Pink Lip Gloss

Gold Glitter on Lips

HOW TO : Sleek Day Eyes

Sleek Eyes Closed Open

A simple, sleek day eye. Professional, pretty and quick to accomplish!

Apply Flawless Touch Eye Primer to your entire lid – even up to the brow line. The primer will create a smooth, blank canvas for color, help shadow last longer and prevent creases and lines.

Flawless Finish Eye Makeup Primer


SLEEK DAY STEP 2 blend primer

Apply Champagne shadow to entire lid.


Next comes black eyeliner. Try Femme Couture Eternal Color Felt-Tipped Eyeliner in JET.

SLEEK DAY STEP 4 eye liner

Apply a black mascara such as Couture Fake Lash Mascara in Midnight Black or Blackest Black. It is generally recommended that mascara be applied to natural lashes before adding false lashes (see next step). Then touching up mascara, as necessary, after false lashes have been secured.

SLEEK DAY STEP 5 mascara

Add false lashes, if you wish! Touch up make-up as necessary once they are secure.

SLEEK DAY STEP 6 false eyelashes