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Hello lovelies! Lauren here – fashion blogger and color addict behind the little blog, Vandi Fair. As a blogger who celebrates color, lipstick is undoubtedly my favorite part of applying my make-up. Whether to complement a color I’m wearing or add a pop to a neutral look, I wear it everyday (except for those yoga-pants-all-day kind of days). It’s hard to believe that there was a time not long ago when lipstick, especially the bright ones, frightened me. Blame it on the big-hair-blue-eye shadow-sky-high-hair photos of my mother from the 80’s, but I just avoided the stuff altogether and opted for neutral glosses. Once I started working in the real world, however, I traded my sticky lip gloss for a collection of fresh, vivid lipsticks and never turned back.

I had the pleasure of perusing my local Sally Beauty and picking out my favorite lipsticks for the summer so I could share them with you all. I narrowed it down to six sumptuous shades that I absolutely love, and styled each of them with a look so you can get some ideas on how to wear bold, bright lipstick this summer season.


Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Petal Pink

To say I’m obsessed with powder pink this season would be an understatement. I had to find a lipstick that created that soft, feminine hue and Palladio herbal Lipstick in Petal Pink delivered. I fell in love with this lipstick the second I took off the cap—it smells just like cotton candy and goes on smooth, with a moisturizing effect. Just one coat provides a visible light pink tint with a hint of a luminous shimmer. I styled it to bring out the light pink petal print in this teal maxi dress and it is the perfect finishing touch.


Femme Couture Shiny Color Crayon in Cherry

This luscious color is, in a word, classic. Having a go-to red lipstick is essential for every season, and the Femme Couture Shiny Color Crown in Cherry is the perfect candidate. This lip shade goes on so smooth with the feeling of a lip balm and the finish of a gloss. It’s definitely one you’ll want to keep in your purse because it will need to be re-applied every few hours, but the creamy, moisturizing feeling makes it well worth it. I paired a classic look to go with this timeless lip color. Red accents navy and yellow effortlessly and adds to the sweet, 1950’s-feel of the dress.


Femme Couture Prime Wear Diamond Color in Twinkling Tulip

This lipstick is the perfect mix of pink and coral with a subtle shimmer. Since it’s not too far-off from natural lip color, it’s a great choice to spice up a casual outfit. What’s even better–the subtle shimmer of the lipstick twinkles even more in the sunlight. I styled it with a colorful summer weekend look to give it that extra color pop.


Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Coral Punch

This lipstick is the brightest, most beautiful shade of poppy red that I’ve ever seen. Although it’s called coral, it’s more of an orange-meets-red hue in my book. It goes on bright and smooth with just one application and is perfect for adding some zest to a little black dress or for accentuating color, like I did. I paired it with a vivid orange and pink color block dress to continue the bright color story.


Femme Couture Glossy Prime Wear Long Lasting Lip Cream in Pink Sizzle

This pretty shade is more fuchsia than it is pink and I absolutely love it. It goes on with just the right amount of shine and is the ultimate statement shade. I paired it with red flowy pants to bring out the purple-pink flowers in the print and add an unexpected touch of color against the crisp white top.


Femme Couture Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour Matte in Flirty Flamingo

This bright shade had me at flamingo. The skinny lipstick goes on easy and has a hot pink matte finish that lasts for hours. I absolutely love this lipstick and have a feeling it will be one of my go-to’s this summer. I paired it with a playful printed navy off-shoulder dress to bring out the bright pink flamingo print.


Fair-well xx,

L. Vandi


Summer Switch

With the summer heat coming in hot, our makeup bag calls for a summer makeover. From a beach day to everyday wear, these 5 products will help you get set for summer and transition into the perfect summer look.


Femme Couture Get Corrected CC Tinted Moisturizer Fawn: Blemishes and blotchy skin don’t vanish in the hot weather, but the wrong concealer, foundation and powder definitely can. This lightweight tinted moisturizer works great on normal to dry skin, instantly camouflages imperfections to create a flawless natural look while also keeping your skin hydrated throughout the summer. Trust me – your skin will thank you!

Femme Couture Color Made Easy Shadow Effects Blush/Bronzer Pink Glow: Instead of sticking to your dark matte blush, this summer try Femme Couture’s perfect combination of a bronzer, highlighter and blush. These 4 shades work together to illuminate your skin and create an effortless summer glow.

Femme Couture Shimmer Stick Champagne Glow: Transform your dark smoky eyes into soft and sparkling with this versatile eye shadow stick that can be used as an all-over eye shadow color or liner. Its smudge proof formula makes it ideal for all day wear and traveling days!

Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm Cotton Candy: Switch out the heavy dark lips for this long-lasting color lip balm. Palladio’s tinted lip balm is one of my personal favorites this summer because not only does it offer great long-lasting summer colors, but also because it is enriched with UV filters that protect the lips while also moisturizing and adding a pop of color!

Palladio Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner:  Black will always be a classic color, but this summer make a colorful statement with this Ocean Blue Waterproof Eyeliner. It is easy to apply, has “no smudge” formula, and it’s waterproof making it perfect for the pool or beach days

The Brow Guide

It is 2015 ladies, and bold brows are taking over the streets of the beauty and fashion world. Thick, thin, narrow or wide – whatever you have, wear them proud!

If you are anything like me, I can’t trust just anyone with my eyebrows. Too many times have they been stripped of their full Italian glory into a thin pencil line….no thank you!

The trick is to find the perfect brow for your particular face shape. Every shape has a correlating eyebrow that complements your face structure best. After finding a great brow guide on Pinterest, I was able to structure my eyebrows to better frame my face, and still keep my beloved thickness.

But don’t stop there! Along with everyday maintenance, the real brow magic happens when you use product to fill in and define your shape. Think of it like the icing on the cake. Whether it be brow powder, brow gel, brow pencil or brow pomade, the right product can make all the difference. See below for suggested maintenance and product for your type:

Hair Texture and Type

Brow Product Type

Suggested Eyebrow Maintenance

Suggested Brow Product

Very thin, less hair

Brow pencil


Beautique Brow Pencil

Thick and coarse

Brow Gel

Eyebrow Threading

Femme Couture Perfect Arch Universal Brow Gel

Thin, softer texture

Brow Shadow


Ardell Brow Defining Pallet 

Medium thickness, lightly coarse

Brow Pomade

Eyebrow Waxing

Ardell Brow Pomade 

If eyebrows have never been your thing, it is not too late! Jump on the beauty trend now and start working your brows.

Tips to Make your Color POP

The secret to getting bright and beautiful color is all about the prep step and layering products. Keep scrolling to see our favorite tips to make your color POP!


1. Neon nail polish can be tricky to work with, and it’s so disappointing when it’s not as bright on the nail as it is on in the bottle. The solution? Start with a base of white nail polish BEFORE you apply the neon color. It will make the finish smooth, opaque and super bright.

2. Wanting to make a statement with your shadow? Dip your brush into water before you swirl it on the palette. Applying your shadow when it’s wet will make it vibrant. Try this trick with baked eye shadow for really impressive results.

3. To make your colorful eyeliner stand out, first line your eyes with white eyeliner and then add your final shade on top of that base.

4. Instagram is full of trendsetters with crazy and fun rainbow-colored hair, and they all get their color that bright by pre-lightening to the level specified on the box. This will give your hair shaft more grip so the color stays put, and gives you true-to-the-package contemporary color


Share your favorite colorful looks with #SallySummer for a chance to be featured on one of the Sally Beauty social networks!

Beach Bag Essentials


It may not technically be summer yet, but we have beaches and vacation on the brain. Who’s with us?

Before you head to the water, check out our list of Beach Bag Essentials for all of our must-haves to keep you looking fabulous and having fun all day long.

  • Sunglasses – Besides protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, sunglasses also help you squint less. Squinting = wrinkles!  
  • Shiny Silver Shampoo – If you’re a blonde, the sun and pool chemicals can cause your hair to turn yellow and dingy. A purple shampoo will clarify it, and keep your hair color looking bright.
  • Beach Bag – No trip to the beach would be complete without a stylish bag to tote along all the essentials. Bonus – the One ‘n Only Beach Tote is FREE with any purchase of three One ‘n Only hair care or color products, or one One ‘n Only styling tool.
  • Sunscreen – We usually remember to protect our skin from the sun, but don’t forget your lips! A sunburnt pout is no picnic and can really hurt. Keep lips covered by making sure your lip balm has sunscreen. Pucker Up carries one with Aloe and SPF15 or a medicated one with SPF30.
  • Shower comb - Salt water can create some great beachy waves until you try to comb through them. Bringing a wide tooth comb and a product like the Ion Miracle Spray helps you get through tangled hair easier, and also keep hair from drying out in all the sun.
  • Towelettes - It’s a good idea to bring some makeup remover wipes. Not that we expect you head to the beach with much makeup, but it is a great way to remove sunscreen at the end of the day.
  • Texturizing Spray – Don’t fight your style! Play up the tousled texture the sun and water gives your hair with a texturizing salt spray for added oomph and style.