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Staff Picks : Beautiful Finds At Beautiful Prices Part 2

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1. Orly Naughty
I love the shade of Orly’s Naughty. It’s a nice, subtle change from my usual black, but still extremely dark.

2. OPI Top Coat
The world’s best top coat without a doubt! My manicure lasts Sunday to Sunday before it starts to chip.

3. Ion Titanium PRO Curling Iron 1 1/2 Inch
The Ion Titanium PRO Curling Iron 1 ½ Inch creates perfectly imperfect waves in my fine hair. The titanium gives my curl extra staying power, too.

4. Palladio Retractable Eyeliner Pure Black
This is the best eyeliner I have found for lining the inside of my eyes. It’s hard to find a liner that doesn’t smear onto my contacts, so I’m glad I discovered this it.

5. Femme Couture Matte Mattifying Powder
Oil control at its finest – no more shiny face for me!  This powder works great on top of bb cream, foundation, or moisturizer.

5 Minute Hair Fixes

The Rolling Stones were misinformed – time is NOT always on our side. I don’t know about you, but spending hours on hair care is not going to fit into my packed schedule so I rely on fast fixes that make a big impact. Below are a few of my favorites!


Beyond the Zone Fresh Fix 
When I go out to eat Mexican food, it never fails that the table next to me will order fajitas. Sure they taste delicious, but I hate that I smell like someone’s food for the rest of the day. Enter Fresh Fix. This spray refreshes my style, and leaves it smelling great.

Rock Your Hair Spray It Clean
Dry Shampoo may be one beauty’s best kept secrets, and if you haven’t jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon, now is the time! My second day hair needs a little help, so I apply Spray It Clean before I get in the shower so it has time to do its thing. By the time I’ve showered and done my makeup, it’s ready for my next trick…

Jilbere Hot Air Brush
Hot air brushes…how I love thee. After I use dry shampoo, I always run the hot air brush through my hair to evenly distribute it and set my style. For those who are round brush challenged (me), this gives me the look of a blowout without the hassle.

Mystic Divine Luminous Shine Smoothing Masque
Once a week when I’m in the shower, I apply this masque and let it sit while I go about my routine. It’s so quick and fuss-free, and keeps my hair shiny and healthy.


Winter Beauty Survival Guide

We’ve got your Head-To-Toe guide to surviving what winter throws at our hair, skin and nails. The season of cold brings “the dry” in full effect from indoor heat, brisk outside air and less natural body moisture production. During these anti-humid months, there are many things you can do to combat the lack of environmental moisture. Check out our basic tips and some favorite products to help get you through the season!


• Drink lots of water — keep hydrated from the inside

• Use a humidifier if your home is especially dry

• Don’t take super long, hot showers — too long and you end up evaporating moisture from your skin

• Pat your skin dry rather than rubbing

These tips are all well and good but adding in specific products to aid in moisturizing is usually a necessity! Here’s what we recommend from head to toe:


During winter, nails may become dry and brittle. Silk Elements 100% Pure Oils provide a luxurious moisture boost and come in several options. Simply rub a few drops and into your nails and hands. These versatile moisturizing oils work just as well on skin and hair.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.50.59 AM


Be sweet to your feet with Heel To Toe professional quality spa pedicure products. Here is a selection to keep your walkers in shape.

Peppermint Sloughing Lotion will gently slough dry, flaky skin smoothing and refreshing rough areas. Most of us need extra help on our heels.

Try Cucumber Heel Treatment for an extra boost of moisture. Also works if you have tougher skin on other parts of the foot.

If you have a really calloused area, grab the Callus Softener. This gel softens those patches for easy removal.

Last, the Moisturizing Therapy Foot Repair is a soothing, deeply moisturizing allover foot softener. Bonus : it relieves achy feet and acts as a deodorizer. The reviews are enthusiastic.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.52.55 AM


If you need to get serious with your hair repair, we recommend the Biotera Pro Series Damage Care Intense Recovery Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. Phyto-Keratin gently cleanses damaged hair and makes hair twice as resistant to breakage when used with the entire system is used. An instant dose of moisture.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.54.00 AM

Another brand we love to combat winter hair issues is Mystic Divine. Oils are great for your hair in winter. They penetrate wonderfully and offer a rich moisturizing experience. The shampoo, conditioner and nourishing masque work perfectly as a system to fully condition, smooth and strengthen. And, hey! Now through February 28, buy 2 Mystic Divine products and get this cute tote for free. Go!

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Romantic Hair…A Flat Iron Is Your Secret Weapon!

It’s February, the month of love. If you are looking for romantic hair styling ideas to celebrate the season, we have a couple for you. Both come courtesy of a flat iron – a tool every woman needs in her styling tool chest. This versatile hot tool not only smoothes and adds shine but may also be used to create curls, waves, flipped ends and more! One of our faves – the Jilbere Tourmaline Series flat iron – is ON SALE NOW.


How to Make Waves with a flat iron

There are a few methods to produce a sexy beach wave with a flat iron.

METHOD 1 : The Crinkle
Section out your hair and as you move the flat iron down each section, fold in alternating directions. The larger the chunks, the larger the wave. To keep it messy & natural-wave looking, alternate the size and direction of the folds as you move around your head.

METHOD 2 : The Curl
Once you get a section in your flat iron, twist to form a curl as you pull the iron through. Again, work in different-sized sections and pull the tool through in different directions to get that messy, beach-y look. TIP: Don’t curl all the way to the ends.

METHOD 3 : The Fold
Think of a pin curl for this method. With your fingers, roll a section of hair up into a round curl near your head. Then replace your fingers holding the curl with the iron, clamping it over the rolled up hair for a few seconds (watch those fingers when clamping!). Release and move on to next section, working in differing section sizes and curl directions.

ALL METHODS TIP : Do not adjust or touch the curls until you have finished your entire head. Then use fingers to shake the style and loosen it up a bit. Go back in anywhere that needs more love and set with a finishing spray, if you like.

ROMANTIC HAIRDO IDEA 2  Delicate Low Ponytail


If something a little more subdued is what you are after – a romantic, low-slung ponytail is always in style. For this look, you will want to use your flat iron as a straightening iron. First, straighten your entire head of hair. Next, just above your neck take half to two-thirds of your hair, give it a twist, then secure with a band with the rest of your hair. Twist accomplished!

To get the hair wraparound to happen…
(1) Take a small strand of hair from the bottom of the ponytail.
(2a) Wrap it around until almost completely wrapped and end of hair strand is on underside of pony. Then use a bobby pin to secure (in towards your head).
(2b) Wrap the strand around just a few times, then use a clear band to secure, release rest of strand into pony and pull the loop over the band. Here’s a good tutorial video of this second way.

Want more flat iron tips? Check out Sally Beauty Flat Iron 101 and Flat Iron Tips and Tricks!

How Often Should You Shampoo?

How Often To Shampoo

We asked this question over on our Facebook Page last fall. Almost 500 of you chimed in with how often you DO shampoo, how often you think folks SHOULD shampoo and some even talked about the “NO ‘POO” method of never using shampoo.

Below are the results of our survey. A lot of responders said though they don’t shampoo every day, they may get their hair wet and/or condition – just not use stripping shampoo. Many who say they only shampoo once or twice a week use dry shampoo between washes or do the condition-only between actual shampoos.

Do the results surprise you?

How often YOU shampoo : 


Some of your thoughts…

“Not that I’m suggesting not washing your hair for weeks, but the less you wash, the better it is for your hair.” – Cassandra M.

“Everyday with highlighted hair will dry it out.” – Miranda P.

“Every two weeks. Sometimes more. The less you wash. The less you need to. I’ve been training it for years.” – Megan G.

“Everyday…. Workout everyday and wouldn’t want all the workout must to stick around” – Leah S.

“Naturally curly girl here. I shampoo 2X a week usually. If I’ve been swimming or have used styling products, then I shampoo that night. I usually just do a Co wash, that’s using only conditioner, instead of shampoo. If I’ve straightened using the flat iron, I won’t wash it for a week.” – Crystal A.

“My mom rinses hers every day, but only shampoos it about once a month. And she’s a white chick who works at IHOP, and her hair is always clean smelling and very healthy.” – Heather O.

“Every 4 or 5 days.. from someone who washed hair everyday it was so hard to go 2 days let alone up to 5 days! Also discovered dry shampoos. 5 days no problem now. Plus my hair now looks and feels much healthier!” -Becky G.

“Maybe once a week. I hate having clean hair, I can’t style it how I like.” -Alyson L.

“It really does depend on the hair type. My hairdressers have told me to not wash mine more than every other day…it just gets too dry.” – Amber E.

“I have damaged, dyed, thick hair and been able to go a month without washing with shampoo and doesn’t get greasy.” -Wendy M.

“Every other day. Unless I’ve been sweating.” -Maria O.

“I don’t really need to wash it everyday…but I do as more of a habit. I love the feel of fresh clean hair. Although it does get pretty greasy in only a day “ – Chantal C.

“My hair has grown a TON from not washing every day” – Taija C.

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