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Week 1 of the Dare

It’s time for our weekly roundup of our favorite #SallyHairDare pics taken over the past seven days. It looks like so many of you are embracing the (Hair) Dare by trying a new salon-inspired product, and we puffy heart love seeing the results!

If you’d like to be included, tag your images with #SallyHairDare on Instagram, and check back here next week.

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Natural Hair: The Twist Out


The twist out is one of the easiest natural hairstyles that works for pretty much any length of hair. I’ve been wearing this style since my hair was ear length. It’s versatile and beautiful. It’s my favorite hairstyles!

I’ll walk you through the 5 easy steps that help me achieve the perfect twist out every time.

Step 1: Shampoo and Condition

You don’t want to shampoo with just any ol’ shampoo. You need a gentle sulfate-free shampoo that won’t over dry your hair or leave it in a frizzy, tangled mess.

Sally Beauty Solutions Guide has tons of moisturizing shampoos to choose from but I have recently fallen in love with SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow and Restore Shampoo.

Step 2: Detangle Thoroughly

I usually shampoo and condition in 4 sections to make my life easier. After applying conditioner from ends to root, I finger detangle. In some cases, I follow-up with a Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush 7 Row.

Step 3: Moisturize Using the L.O.C Method

Using the L.O.C Method will give you the most hydration before styling. L stands for liquid or leave-in conditioner, O for oil, and C is for cream. You start with a leave-in conditioner follow up with oil and then your cream which in this case will be my styling product, EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Pudding Souffle.

I usually use EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner and follow-up with a mixture of coconut and olive oil. It sounds like a lot, I know, but I promise it’s not. Plus, you’ll love how soft, shiny and hydrated your hair stays all week long.

Twisting Natural Hair[1]

Step 4: Apply Styling Product & Twist

Part your hair in small to medium size rows. Finger combing EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Pudding Souffle from ends to roots. This is the best way to ensure that the styling product is evenly distributed in each row or section.

Once you’ve applied your styling product, you want to split your small to medium rows into smaller sections for your twists. Once you have this section, split it into to pieces and twist.

To twist is simple; wrap the two pieces of hair around each other until you reach the ends. Then give them a little twirl which will make a curl at the end. The twirl will keep your natural hair from unraveling until it drys.

Twisting Natural Hair-3

Step 5: Untwist Dry Hair

Allow the hair to dry completely. You can sit under a hooded dryer for 30-45 minutes (like this one: Gold ‘N Hot 1400 Watt Professional Hard Hat Salon Dryer) or let it set overnight.

Once dry gently unravel the twists. And you’re done! (Final Picture at Beginning of Post)

*You can fluff your hair at the roots or separate the twist more for a fuller look.

Mermaid hair color: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hey chicas! My name is Daniela Ramirez and I have a personal style blog called Nany’s Klozet. Today I’m super excited to be a guest writer on Sally Beauty Blog and share my experience for a vibrant teal ombré.


Last year I had a fun pink ombré- which I LOVED. However, my wedding approached faster than I expected and I wanted to have my natural hair color for a timeless feel in the pictures. This year, at the beginning of the summer, I went back to my hair stylist to go way lighter… the goal: start playing with fun colors!

When I had my pink ombré, it would only last around 4 washes- which made those long hours at the salon extremely boring and useless. So this time I decided to do it myself. I headed to Sally Beauty, which is my favorite place for salon-quality hair, skin, and nail essentials at the best prices.

I already had my eye on the Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Brights Color Collection– it caught my attention a few weeks ago when I went with my mom to a get a special type of shampoo she was looking for. This collection includes more than 10 colors: magenta, red, rose, azure, shark blue, aqua, sky blue, purple, fuchsia, lavender, mint, salmon, and titanium.


I originally went in to get just two: lavender and aqua but at $5, I couldn’t resist and I got four colors to play with. I still didn’t know what I was going to do exactly with them…but I knew I was going to have some fun! I also got the Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Treatment, the After Color Treatment, and the Professional Hair Color Kit …hey I wanted to have the full salon experience at home (but I paid a fraction of the salon price!)

So let’s get started!


Step 1 – PRE COLOR: I used the Ion Color Pre Color Treatment to prep my hair. This product helps even the porosity of the hair prior to tinting; which will help produce even results. I sprayed it onto clean dry hair and combed through without rinsing.



Step 2 – Prep the tools and product: the actual hair color product doesn’t come with the tools; so I decided to get the Professional Hair Color Kit. It includes the disposable gloves, applicator bottle, tint bowl, and tint brush. Also make sure you use an old shirt or old towel. I stole my husband’s old Captain America shirt.



Step 3 – COLOR:

  1. Note: these bright colors will pop more in lighter strands. All the pigment in your hair will contribute to the final color; even if it has some yellow…I had to lighten my ends just a little because I wanted them to be more vibrant.
  2. Put your gloves on and old shirt; empty/squeeze the color into the bowl and get ready for some mermaid fun.
  3. Apply color directly into your dry hair (it can be natural or color treated) and let it process for 20-40 minutes. (Do a strand test every 5-10 minutes to make sure the color is adhering as planned). If you are doing your whole head, I would recommend getting at least 2 tubes.
  4. I went for the aqua this time, but I can’t wait to try the other colors.


Step 4 – POST COLOR: After rinsing, apply the Ion Color Brilliance After Color Treatment to close the cuticle and lock the color. This product is amazing because it will also make your hair shiny and soft.

And that’s it! The color is not permanent so I’m excited to play with more shades and different styles.

Would you try a fun color on your hair? Tag me and @SallyBeautySupply if you do! We want to see our mermaid hair!

15 Minute Basic Blowout


Hello lovelies! Lauren here from Vandi Fair. It seems these days women will spend loads of money and time for the perfect blowout. If there’s one thing that’s consistent in my beauty routine, it’s that I want my makeup and hair to feel and look natural and be completely me. So as a girl with fine, straight hair, naturally, I’d opt for a blowout that accentuates my natural hair type. If your hair is similar to mine, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get that perfect, silky smooth and oh-so-natural blowout thanks to some essential Ion products I got at Sally Beauty.



Tool Structure High Volume Comb
Ion’s Styling Multi-Benefit Styling Crème
Ion’s Styling Boosting Blow Dry Spray
Ion Blowout Round Brush
Ion Conditioning Ionic-Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer
Tool Structure Pintail Tease Comb
Ion Styling Solutions Texture Spray Wax.


STEP 1 – After washing your hair, comb it through with a wide tooth comb like the Tool Structure High Volume Comb.


STEP 2 –  Prep your hair with Ion’s Styling Boosting Blow Dry Spray while your hair is still damp.


STEP 3 – Finish prepping your hair by rubbing a dime-size amount of Ion’s Styling Multi-Benefit Styling Crème.


STEP 4 – Using your fingers or a comb, part your hair starting with a layer across the bottom, from ear to ear and pin the top up with a large clip like this one by DCNL.


STEP 5 – Using a large round brush like this one from Ion, slowly brush one side of your hair in a curved motion with one hand while holding an ultra-conditioning blow dryer like the Ion Conditioning Ionic-Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer against the brush until your hair section is dry. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all of your hair is dry.


STEP 6 – Add a lightweight shine to your blowout with the Ion Styling Solutions Texture Spray Wax.


STEP 7 – Using a comb like the Tool Structure Pintail Tease Comb, separate a top section of your hair and push down the bristles of the comb to add some volume.


Voila! You have a fluffy, lightweight and shiny blowout that will leave you feeling gorgeous all day long.

5 Minute Hair : Milkmaid Braids

Hello Lovelies! Lauren here again from Vandi Fair. Whether you’re in school or not, there’s something about fall that just makes life busier. Between the shorter days, less vacations and preparing for the holidays, life just seems to speed up, so your beauty routine has to keep with the pace. Just in time for these busier days, I’ve put together three quick and easy hairstyles using fabulous, affordable products I found at Sally Beauty. Here’s my last style – Milkmaid Braids:

vandi hair

This is my all-time favorite braid hairstyle, mainly because it’s so easy to do. This is such a fun look for any occasion and requires just a few steps.


1. Leave your natural part in your hair and divide your hair evenly at the nape of your head. Braid each side in a low braid.


2. Tie each end with a clear DCNL Gummi elastic rubberband, so you have pigtails.


3. Drape your first braid across your head, securing with a MetaGrip Premium Bobby Pin or two.


4. Drape the second braid over the first, securing with a MetaGrip Premium Bobby Pin or two under the first, so it’s hidden. Voila! You’ve mastered a fun, adorable braided up do.