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6 Ways to End Split Ends

The inevitability of split ends can be a bit of a bummer. Whether you’re rockin’ long locks or a sassy short style, you’re bound to come face to face with your share of split ends—especially if you use any kind of heat styling or chemical services. So, yeah, hello … that’s most of us.

While it’s true that the only way to rid yourself of these nuisances is to get a trim, there are some awesome products out there you can use between snips to improve your ends and prevent more splitting.


end of split ends

Proclaim Coconut Oil Anti-Breakage Products

Uniquely formulated with coconut oil and vitamins to nourish, moisturize and protect weak, compromised hair.

One ’n Only Argan Oil 12-in-1 Daily Treatment

All-in-one lightweight leave-in treatment that provides 12 benefits in one bottle.

Clairol iThrive Systems

NEW iThrive™ instantly improves and protects your hair against future damage.

One ‘n Only Argan Oil Infused Combs

Our anti-static combs are heat resistant and create more volume and fewer tangles.

Zotos 180PRO Hair Care

Our revolutionary hair care system targets hair’s worst breaking points and repairs hair abuse.

GVP Tea Tree Oil Products

Tea Tree Oil shampoo stimulates the scalp to help promote healthy hair, while the conditioner combines invigorating tea tree oil to promote shiny, healthy locks.







Boho Chic

It’s festival season! Grab your feathers and embrace your inner flower child.

Here’s how to rock Boho Chic festival hair:


Step 1:
Prep hair with a heat protector, concentrating on the mid-shaft through your ends.

Step 2:
Pull back the top half of your hair and secure with a clip. Grab a 1″ to 1 1/2″ section of hair and twist.

Step 3:
Wrap the twisted section of hair around a curl wand, leaving the ends free for a more undone bohemian look.

Step 4:
Gently loosen waves with fingers and lightly mist on a salt spray for added texture.

Step 5:
Pull a 2″ section of hair from the nape, and prepare to get colorful.

Step 6:
Festival style is all about fun pops of color. Get the look without the commitment by using something like L’Oreal Liquid Chalk. For this look we colored three different sections with Pop Pink, Blue Hue and Very Violet.

Step 7:
Starting at the part, add two small braids on each side, and pull the braids around to the back and secure with bobby pins.

Step 8:
Set your style with a finishing hair spray.

5 Grab ‘n Go Travel Essentials

5 grab 'n go travel essentials

ION Dual Voltage Ionic Travel Dryer

GVP Orchid Metallic Mini Flat Iron

Argan Oil – Travel Size

Face Secrets 5-Piece Brush Set

ChinaGlaze Road Trip Collection

Weather-proof your hair


This weather is really cramping my style. I either resemble a drowned rat, or my hair could power a lightbulb with all the static electricity running through it. Neither are good looks, let me tell ya.

It’s that weird time of year where winter keeps coming back to rear its ugly head ONE LAST TIME like the villain in a scary movie, and the rain just won’t stop. The struggle is real, y’all.

Because I’m a girl in need of serious help, I polled a few stylin’ friends for their tried and true weather-proofing tricks since they always have the best ideas.

Here are my favorites:

  • Put down the flat iron and embrace your natural texture, because The Curl cannot and will not be stopped when it rains. A good curl cream will give you soft definition without the dreaded “crunch.”
  • Ponytails are a girl’s best friend, and don’t have to be boring. Dress it up by wrapping a section of hair around the base of the ponytail to cover the hair band, and secure the end with a bobby pin. Or, add a mesh chignon for a classy-looking bun.
  • Uh oh. You just took off your scarf and coat, and now your hair is crackling and reaching for the stars. Don’t worry! Just rub a few drops of pure oil between your palms, and smooth over your strands. The oil will calm the static and help replenish lost moisture.
  • Speaking of moisture, you need a lot of it since heaters and the cold will zap you dry. One of my friends swears by co-washing, which means you use a conditioning cleanser instead of shampoo. Her favorite is the As I Am Coconut CoWash, which is always one of our Top Pinned products. It’s gentle, removes buildup and keeps hair looking lush and healthy.

Staff Picks : Beautiful Finds At Beautiful Prices Part 2

143074_2_13_15_Staff Faves_Kirsten_650X650.jpg

1. Orly Naughty
I love the shade of Orly’s Naughty. It’s a nice, subtle change from my usual black, but still extremely dark.

2. OPI Top Coat
The world’s best top coat without a doubt! My manicure lasts Sunday to Sunday before it starts to chip.

3. Ion Titanium PRO Curling Iron 1 1/2 Inch
The Ion Titanium PRO Curling Iron 1 ½ Inch creates perfectly imperfect waves in my fine hair. The titanium gives my curl extra staying power, too.

4. Palladio Retractable Eyeliner Pure Black
This is the best eyeliner I have found for lining the inside of my eyes. It’s hard to find a liner that doesn’t smear onto my contacts, so I’m glad I discovered this it.

5. Femme Couture Matte Mattifying Powder
Oil control at its finest – no more shiny face for me!  This powder works great on top of bb cream, foundation, or moisturizer.