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Date Night Hair with Younger TV

Like the look? Get it with these products:

Tips & Tricks by Michael O’Rourke

Today we’re featuring the hottest ways to get the “Cool Girl” look from guest blogger and celebrity stylist,  Michael O’Rourke.


Wild Locks That Rock! 
Here in Malibu (the home of Rock Your Hair and so many celebrities) we are all about messy, tousled hair! Especially as the weather heats up and we start hitting the beach! Scrunch Girls With Curls Curl Creme into your dry hair to enhance your natural curls or waves. For some oomph in your crown, tease with Bombshell Big Hair Powder and finish off with Spray it Clean Dry Shampoo for volume, texture and to stave off humidity.


Hot Curls That Rock!
With awards season wrapping up out here on the left coast, we think it is safe to say 90% of the celebs rocked the show with gorgeous soft curls. To get their look, on freshly washed and dried hair (try Moisture Madness Shampoo and Conditioner for soft healthy hair that isn’t weighed down) use Hot Curls Thermal Curl Spray on each section before curling with a 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron. Hot Curls will protect your hair from heat and ensure your curls last! Set Curls with Spray it Big Volumizing Hair Spray and get ready to ROCK!


Pixie Power!
So many celebs are rockin’ a pixie cut this season and we love it! I’ve always been partial to short hair, just make sure to style with Bombshell Big Hair Powder for Texture and Volume and use Mega Volume Hair Spray to keep your rockin locks in place!


Pump Up Your Fine Hair!
We know the problem of limp fine hair only gets worse in the spring and summer! Your hair tends to wilt like week old grocery store roses!

Try this strategy to get those lifeless locks rockin!

Use a light moisturizing shampoo (like Moisture Madness shampoo for color treated hair) and leave out the conditioner. Instead use Rock Your Hair Leave-In Conditioner on towel dried hair. Next spray Size a Matters Big Volume Root Lift on your roots in sections and gently massage in. Finally, spray Get a Lift Volumizing Spray from roots to end before you blow dry with a round brush. Finish off with Bombshell Big Hair Powder on the crown and set with Spray it Big Volumizing Hair Spray for a movable style or Mega Volume Hair Spray for hair that will stay just where you spray it!

6 Ways to End Split Ends

The inevitability of split ends can be a bit of a bummer. Whether you’re rockin’ long locks or a sassy short style, you’re bound to come face to face with your share of split ends—especially if you use any kind of heat styling or chemical services. So, yeah, hello … that’s most of us.

While it’s true that the only way to rid yourself of these nuisances is to get a trim, there are some awesome products out there you can use between snips to improve your ends and prevent more splitting.


end of split ends

Proclaim Coconut Oil Anti-Breakage Products

Uniquely formulated with coconut oil and vitamins to nourish, moisturize and protect weak, compromised hair.

One ’n Only Argan Oil 12-in-1 Daily Treatment

All-in-one lightweight leave-in treatment that provides 12 benefits in one bottle.

Clairol iThrive Systems

NEW iThrive™ instantly improves and protects your hair against future damage.

One ‘n Only Argan Oil Infused Combs

Our anti-static combs are heat resistant and create more volume and fewer tangles.

Zotos 180PRO Hair Care

Our revolutionary hair care system targets hair’s worst breaking points and repairs hair abuse.

GVP Tea Tree Oil Products

Tea Tree Oil shampoo stimulates the scalp to help promote healthy hair, while the conditioner combines invigorating tea tree oil to promote shiny, healthy locks.







Boho Chic

It’s festival season! Grab your feathers and embrace your inner flower child.

Here’s how to rock Boho Chic festival hair:


Step 1:
Prep hair with a heat protector, concentrating on the mid-shaft through your ends.

Step 2:
Pull back the top half of your hair and secure with a clip. Grab a 1″ to 1 1/2″ section of hair and twist.

Step 3:
Wrap the twisted section of hair around a curl wand, leaving the ends free for a more undone bohemian look.

Step 4:
Gently loosen waves with fingers and lightly mist on a salt spray for added texture.

Step 5:
Pull a 2″ section of hair from the nape, and prepare to get colorful.

Step 6:
Festival style is all about fun pops of color. Get the look without the commitment by using something like L’Oreal Liquid Chalk. For this look we colored three different sections with Pop Pink, Blue Hue and Very Violet.

Step 7:
Starting at the part, add two small braids on each side, and pull the braids around to the back and secure with bobby pins.

Step 8:
Set your style with a finishing hair spray.

5 Grab ‘n Go Travel Essentials

5 grab 'n go travel essentials

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Argan Oil – Travel Size

Face Secrets 5-Piece Brush Set

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