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Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 3.06.44 PMBaby it’s cold outside, and this Texan is NOT used to it!

I’m not a girl who hates winter – I like having actual seasons – but this one has been unusually cold for us and it’s taking a toll on my skin, nails and hair. I’m looking dry, feeling itchy, and I’m oddly red from the cold wind. Something must be done! So, a trip to Sally Beauty this weekend to stock up on all the winter essentials is in order.

Here’s what’s on my shopping list:

1. Orly Argan Oil Cuticle Drops  - My cuticles are a mess from being out in the cold, and shoving them into gloves. Argan Oil is a little miracle worker, and I like this brand for its nice, clean scent.

2. TIGI Pro Reconstructing Treatment Mask  - Raise your hand if your hair is dry, dry, dry! My ends could definitely use some TLC, and having some moisture back in my hair will help with the frizzies. I like to apply it, and then pop on a shower cap to concentrate the heat. I find it helps it absorb and really work.

3. Queen Helene Olive Oil Masque  - I love Queen Helene products. They are classic and have stood the test of time for a reason! I use the mint masque on my t-zone several times a week to help with blackheads, but I like this olive oil masque for when my skin is feeling extra dry and flakey.

4. Heel to Toe Cucumber Heal Treatment - Can’t forget about my feet! They need some lovin’, too, after tromping around in boots all day. This treatment works like a charm and smells delicious.

What products help you get through the long, cold winter?


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Mystic Divine

SBS-024009_HE_012714 copyI am so excited to share more awesome products from Mystic Divine Creations! I can’t stop raving about these styling products!

The headliner of this group is definitely the Creations Smoothing Elixir , this stuff is a miracle in a bottle for girls who need to control or smooth out frizzy locks!

Here’s the science behind it: The thermal activating copolymers in the formula wrap each strand to seal and smooth the cuticle when heat is applied locking in smoothness and warding off frizz.

To test, I wanted to try this on my friend who went natural last year, who has coarse, spiral-like curls.

She wanted to straighten her curls for a special event she was attending, and wondered if there was anything she could do that didn’t involve permanently straightening with chemicals. I knew I had to show her the Smoothing Elixir.

I washed, conditioned and treated her hair with Mystic Divine Nourishing products and then applied a little bit of the Creations Smoothing Elixir  to each section before blow-drying with a round brush. The real test was stepping outside in hopes that frizz wouldn’t reappear.

The verdict? The results were amazing! Not only was her hair smooth, but it was shiny, lightweight and had lots of body. She had smooth, manageable hair until her next wash. After it was styled, I also used a bit of this to tame fly-aways and edges on dry hair. Got to love a multi-tasking product!


Be refreshed in 3 minutes with Ion Color Brilliance Temporary Color Masque

Ion CB Conditioners Group Rendering_Update2Whose hair could use a quick touchup? I think most of us would answer “yes” to that question! We all need a refresher, but we don’t always have the time to do a full color. That’s where Ion Color Brilliance Temporary Color Masque comes in.

It revives and deeply conditions color treated hair, which allows temporary color deposit without harsh chemicals! You can use in between permanent or demi-permanent hair color applications to keep color vibrant and lustrous. The Masque also can be used immediately after a permanent wave or chemical relaxer, and can also be used on natural hair to enhance shine.

This brilliant new product is not mixed with peroxide and does not contain ammonia.  Squeeze directly out of the tube and apply to the hair while wearing gloves.  This formula can process for 3 minutes or up to 25 minutes for the maximum enhanced deposit (always strand test to determine individual timing!).  Will last 2-5 shampoos (depending on the porosity of your hair!).

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New formula for FingerPaints

bee-things_SallyBeauty_FingerPaints_Fed_ad_120413February will bring some exciting things for FingerPaints!

How about a new formula, over 50 new colors and a new look?!

A total of 95 shades of rich, intense color with spectacular shine, supreme durability, and exceptional coverage, all in a flawless, one-coat application. Yes! I am talking creams, glitters, neons and special effects!

There’s also a new brush! The brush was specially designed to work with FingerPaints new premium formula to maximize application. It’s the best brush and best formula out there! You are going to love the smooth application and streak free finish. Are you excited yet? I am!

Run to your local Sally Beauty and pick up a bottle! For the month of February FingerPaints is Buy 1 nail color Get 1 nail color FREE!!! And while you are there, check out the Rock My World collection!


Marula Nature

Sally Beauty just launched a NEW line of Marula Oil products called Marula Nature™.  I love researching new ingredients that can help my hair, and learning about the journey some of these ingredients have taken from the time they are harvested to the time they end up bottled in my favorite hair care products.

I did my research, and found that Marula Oil is one of the most stable and nutrient-rich oils in the entire world.  It’s found in southern Africa, and the Marula tree has been used by Africans for thousands of years.  It’s rich in protein and high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, and is ideal to care for dry, moisture-deprived hair – which is PERFECT for these dreadfully cold winter months.

My personal favorite product is the 100% Pure Marula Oil.  This product can be used to revive dry hair AND dry skin. The best part?  Not only are these new products absolutely amazing and put much-needed moisture into my hair, but with each purchase of Marula Nature products, a contribution is made back to the very communities that harvested every seed kernel and every drop of Marula Oil used in the products.  I love this stuff!


Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about Marula Nature and their fantastic products!


Ion Hair Color for Men

mens before and afterWe don’t focus a lot on men’s product on this blog (sorry, guys!), but today it’s all about the males! This month we launched the new Ion 5 Minute Pro-Age Gray Blending Liquid Permanent Hair Color for Men Only .  This is a great product that provides a more distinguished look to the maturing man. It blends away the salt and pepper to gradually fade away gray.  Here are the benefits -

  • - Gray Blending in 5 minutes
  • - No line of demarcation; color gradually fades away
  • - No Ammonia
  • - No PPD
  • - Deposit only formula targets only gray (Do not use on hair that is more than 70% gray)

What guy wouldn’t want to look 5+ years younger in only 5 minutes?

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Friday Fashion Poll

I have a confession to make. I have not painted my toes since August, and I didn’t even have to remove the old polish – it chipped and grew itself all off. How horrifying (and gross)!

The problem is, as soon as sandal season is over I tend to forget about making my feet look pretty. They go from slippers to close toed shoes, to slippers again when I get home from work, so I rarely look at them. I love having my toes painted, but when it’s cold I have a hard time being motivated to do anything about it. I’d much rather cuddle up with another cup of hot chocolate, than break out the polish.

What about you? Do you keep up with pedicures during the winter, or do you let them slide like me?

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Winter Pedicures

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Six Favorite Products Under $10

donnasfavsAs we’re still kicking off the new year and waiting for the cold weather to end, I wanted to share six of my favorite beauty products. My style is fun and a little rock ‘n roll, and these products can help you achieve the spring 2014 look that resembles what was hot in the 1990’s. Think metallics, iridescence, pastels, collared shirts and cropped jackets.

Bonus: they’re all under $10 with your Beauty Club Card.

The most important product I use every day is the Femme Couture Flawless Touch Facial Primer. Every morning after I wash my face and apply moisturizer, this creamy goodness goes on next. It smooths my skin and makes my makeup last all day.

To contour my face and add color, the Femme Couture Velvet Bronzer and Blush duo is a great two-in-one product. It comes in a variety of shades and I like Brownie the best.

I’m a big fan of eye shadow and one of 2014’s most wanted makeup colors is a bright cobalt blue, that’s why I choose Palladio Mystique. I already have the perfect outfit in mind to wear it with!

Nothing adds better glam than the new OPI line by Gwen Stefani. Gold, studs and glitter? I’m in.

I also love funky hair, so lavender semi-permanent color? I’ll take that, too. Pastels are always popular in the spring. Pick your most-flattering color and try it on your hair. I only dye my tips, but an Argan Oil treatment is great to tame the frizz and add shine, while protecting and repairing stressed hair.

You can find all of these in your local Sally Beauty Supply store or online at

What do you think of the spring 2014 trends? Are you going to rock pastel hair?

Femme Couture Flawless Touch Facial Primer | Femme Couture Velvet Bronzer and Blush Duo Velvet Brownie  |Palladio Silk FX Eyeshadow Palettes Mystique | Gwen Stefani by OPI Love. Angel. Music. Baby. | Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color Lavender | One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment



FingerPaints Neon

fingerpaints_handI love wearing bright, neon shades in the summer but I miss them in the winter. This look is a great way for you wear the bright shades you love, but winterize them! It’s incredibly easy to do and I’ve even given you a step by step guide,  so it’s fool-proof! Think of it like a twist on a neon French mani!

Oh, and did I mention that FingerPaints relaunched their entire nail lacquer brand? Available in store February 1st is a completely revamped palette, and professional quality formula. Don’t worry, we kept some of your favorite shades, but now you can buy them in a better formula that is one stroke coverage, high shine, and long-wearing! We know you will be impressed!

The upgraded precision brush is also perfect for creating the straight lines and precision you need for this look.


WHAT YOU WILL NEED: FingerPaints Nail Color in Paper Mache, (white), Black Expressionism (black), Leonardo’s Lime (green), Inkblot Blue (blue), Pink Perspective (pink), Pop Art Purple (purple) and FingerPaints Top Coat in Clear.

STEP 1: Starting with your left hand, apply 1 stroke of Paper Mache along the far left side of the nail (The left when you are looking at your own hands). Repeat this step on the left side of every nail on the left hand only.

Hint: The white bottom layer is optional, but it really helps make the neon shades pop!

step2STEP 2: Now using the other nail colors, apply a second stroke of color on top of the white. To recreate the look in the photo follow this pattern: On the left hand, going left to right starting with your pinky, use Pop Art Purple, Pink Perspective, Inkblot Blue, Leonardo’s Lime, and a second coat of Paper Mache on your thumb. Do the opposite for your left hand.

STEP 3: Apply Black Expressionism to all nails, over the entire nail, except you want to leave a little slice of color. Think of it as a reverse french  effect.

STEP 4: Use FingerPaints Top Coat in Clear to lock in nail design and make color pop!



Ion Thickening

thickborder1With the craziness of the holidays, I will be honest that I haven’t done much with this mop on my head. I have rocked the “messy bun/loop” a.k.a. the “I gave up and did this to get out of the house on time” look one too many times this season. As one of my MANY New Year’s resolutions, I plan on actually styling my hair while protecting it.

In comes in Ion® Thickening Solutions new styling line-up to save the day. There is a Thickening Renewal Primer , Thickening Mousse  and Thickening Boost Spray .

I use the primer on damp hair before blow drying, as this will strengthen and protect my hair from heat while adding light volume. I also spray the thickening boost spray on my roots prior to blow drying to give my hair the lift it needs but this can also be used all over to lightly thicken strands.

For days that I want extra thickness and volume in my style, I use Ion® Thickening Mousse. All of these products have been awesome in creating the look and feel of thicker, fuller hair and now they are yours to try at Sally Beauty Supply!



Orly Argan Oil Cuticle Drops by ORLY
TIGI Pro Reconstructing Treatment Mask by TIGI
Queen Helene Olive Oil Masque by QUEENH
Heel To Toe Spa Cucumber Heel Treatment by HL2TOE
Mystic Divine Creations Smoothing Elixir by MYSTCD
Mystic Divine Creations Smoothing Elixir by MYSTCD
Ion 5 Minute Permanent Liquid Hair Color for Men Medium Brown by ION
Ion Thickening Renewal Primer by ION
Ion Thickening Mousse by ION
Ion Thickening Boost Spray by ION