Warm Colors For A Cool Fall…featuring : NEW! Clairol Pro Flare™

Ready for Fall hair?  We are.  Sally’s is now exclusively carrying a new line by Clairol which we are over the moon about.  And we’re not just saying that.  We tested it and the results were stunning.  Meet our newest line of hair color : Clairol Pro Flare™.

Clairol Pro Flare

A hair coloring line of one-step, vibrant-toned permanent crème hair colors using Omega Gloss Technology.  The results are gorgeous color, shine and oh-so-touchable hair.
Some features include :

 • 26 intermixable shades in 4 shade families
• High-precision dye molecules for the most vivid color
• Built-in conditioning agents to smooth the hair surface
• 100% Gray Coverage and Built-in gloss

But the proof is in the process!  Renee used Clairol Pro Flare™ to get her Fall ‘do up to snuff.  With stubborn grays and summer-worn hair,  this new product was put to the test.  Below, see how Renee took her hair from grey roots and tired color (left) to a freshened look (right).

before & after

Before and After with Clairol Pro Flare

steps 1 & 2

How to Dye Hair PT1

steps 3 & 4


How to Dye Hair PT2

steps 5 & 6

How to Dye Hair PT3

SUPPLIES : mixing bowl, coloring brush, cape, gloves.
Renee picked these items at Sally’s :
Ion mixing bowl, Ion brush, black reusable gloves, designer shampoo cape

SUPPLIES: 1 box of color, 1 bottle developer
Renee chose 4B Color and Level 20 Developer

• 20 volume : ideal for gray coverage + provides 1 to 2 levels of lightening
• 30 volume : vibrant results on dark hair + provides 3 to 4 levels of lightening

TIP : Put on gloves and cape before getting started

Use entire tube of color with an equal amount of developer, a 1 to 1 ratio.
Use your brush to mix them up completely.

Sectioning hair allows easier access to roots. You want the dye to sit on roots longer than the rest of hair. Paint roots section by section, using the sharp end of your brush to fold over strands revealing fresh roots until entire head of roots is covered with dye.

Leave on approximately 10 minutes.
(A strand test is recommended to determine best time for you)

Using your brush and gloved hands, completely cover all of your hair with dye.
Once complete, let sit for 20-35 more minutes.
Results will depend on your individual hair type, condition and strand test.

We recommend a small amount of conditioner, then style as usual…

Happy Clairol Pro Flare customer

Wow! This is truly a product you can use at home and get professional results.
Renee’s new color is stunning!

Back To School Locker Essentials

You’ve headed back to school and your bag is full of books. Don’t forget to pack some products to keep in your locker! Nothing is worse than a shiny forehead or a 2 o’clock pimple. We’ve picked out some back to school beauty lifesavers to keep you looking fresh all day.

 Back To School Locker Essentials #SallyBeauty

1. Oil Blotting Tissues

Half way through the day when your face gets a little oily, the Palladio Rice Paper Blotting Tissues are truly miracle workers. These unique tissues have a matte side to blot away the shine, and a powered side to for a little touch up. Sometimes these are all you need for a quick refresh!

2. Concealer

It’s after lunch and you’ve just looked into the mirror …that red bump growing on your face is all you can see. Don’t worry! Grab your Palladio Herbal Stick Concealer and apply for easy, buildable coverage. The stick is extremely hydrating and enriched with herbs and vitamins to reduce the redness and help protect your skin.

3. Powder

After you’ve blotted away the shine sometimes you just need a little more powder for coverage. Femme Couture Matte Mattifying Powder can do just that. The long-lasting formula helps with the shine while leaving your skin looking clean and fresh.

4. Lip Crayon

You won’t have to worry about frequent touch ups with the Femme Couture Shiny Color Crayon. Glide your favorite shade on in the morning and you won’t need to reapply until after lunch.

5. Hair Treatment

Got the frizzies that won’t go away? Whether it rained or your hair just seems unmanageable, a drop of Mystic Divine Nourishing Oil will eliminate that frizz, add shine and smooth your hair without weighing it down. A little goes a long way, but this stuff will keep you from looking like a frizz ball.

6. Nail File

Don’t let a broken nail ruin your day. I don’t know about you, but it’s all I can focus on and if I don’t have a file handy I keep picking at it trying to make it less noticeable. Don’t be like me! Keep a spare file in your locker for such occasions. Beauty Secrets Black Cushion Nail Files are double sided with different grits and work well on gel or natural nails.



5 Fall Hairstyles

School has started and stores are already carrying our favorite pumpkin spice flavored things. Fall must be around the corner. There’s always lots of new trends each season but thankfully the days of picture perfect hair are becoming a thing of the past. We’ve rounded up our 5 favorite hairstyles for fall 2014 that are easy to pull off!


1. Low pony tail

Probably the easiest of all the featured styles. Simply pull back a freshly blown out mane into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Add some loose waves and twist sections for added flare.

2. Messy up do

Messy braided updo
Messy up dos can also be done when you’ve overslept and running out of time. Have a few extra minutes? Braid the back for guaranteed compliments all day.

3. Braids, braids, braids

Add a braid to any style! Loose messy braids are just as glamorous as sleek perfect ones. Can’t achieve a long ponytail braid? Do a half-up do or braid around your crown.

4. Pop of color

Pop of ombre color
Turn your ombre or balayage hair into something different by adding a pop of color.

5. Hair accessories

Boho hair accessory. A string of golden leaves. Half up hair with the string used as a sort of headband
Let the accessory be the focus! There’s no need for fancy do’s whether it’s bold chains, chunky headbands or a simple clip.


Let us know which style you’re most likely to pull off!





*All photos via Pinterest

Get the Look: Provocative Plum


The moment I pack away my swimsuits for the upcoming cooler weather, I immediately start thinking about how I can update my look. My hair gets light in the summer from the sun and chlorine, and I like how my dark hair contrasts with my no longer sun-kissed skin.

This fall shades of purple are super hot, and I think I’ve found the winner in my search for new color in this Provocative Plum technique. It’s a fun way to update your look for the new season, and I like how it’s edgy but still subtle.

For this color process, you will use two different formulas – one to highlight and one to apply for all over color.

Here’s the breakdown:

Formula One: AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener  and AGEbeautiful 20 Volume Developer

Formula Two: 2 oz. AGEbeautiful 4V Dark Plum Brown Permanent Hair Color mixed with 2 oz. AGEbeautiful 10 Volume Developer

  1. Select 1/4″ or smaller pieces that you want to brighten and apply Formula One to the mid-lengths and ends
    to create highlights, covering each piece with foil. We recommend around the face, bangs, and top of the crown.
  2. Once the last piece is complete, allow it to process for 25 minutes.
  3. Rinse Formula One completely and towel dry your hair.
  4. Apply Formula Two to your entire head and process for 30 minutes.
  5. Rinse, shampoo, and condition.

Get The Look

Get The Look #FemmeCouture #SallyBeauty



Femme Couture is our exclusive cosmetic line and they’ve just release 44 new items! Their high-quality, advanced formulas along with professional make-up artist tools offer infinite combinations with professional results. This model’s look is easily obtainable with the 5 products below!

Get The Look

1.  Get Primed face primer

2. Get Radiant complexion enhancer

3. Color-Made-Easy Smoked Forest eye shadow

4. Fake Lash Blackest Black mascara

5. Primeware Diamond Color Cosmic Cherry lipstick