HOW TO : Sleek Nails

Sleek Nails STEP5

This simple, modern nail design will get your fingers noticed…just enough. Perfect for adding a little understated, hip oomph to a work outfit and sophisticated enough to accompany a fancier occasion.

Prime your nails with a base coat.

Sleek Nails STEP1

Apply a neutral-color polish all over nail. We used OPI Samoan Sand.

Sleek Nails STEP2

With a nail detailing brush, draw a diagonal line across each nail with a dark color. We used OPI Black Onyx.

Sleek Nails STEP3

Now fill in the top half of your diagonal slice.

Sleek Nails STEP4


Let color dry, apply a top coat and you are all set.

Sleek Nails STEP5


This design will work year round and how to fun to play with different color combinations. Let us know what colors you have put together!


Hair Extensions 101

If you’re anything like me, the hair extensions aisle can be a little overwhelming. Yaki? Remy? Weft? I-tips? What do these words even mean? It’s enough to make a girl’s head spin! We know the options can seem endless, so I wanted to share some basic information that may be helpful if you’re looking to “accessorize” your look with new locks!

Hair extensions are most often seen in one of the following forms:

  • Wigs – Quickest method used to change up your look. More permanent alternatives like lace-fronts may be bonded around the hairline.
  • Weave – Usually sold as single strands in bulk or fusion (this is where I-tips come in) or wefts (tracks). This is the most permanent type of hair extensions as these can be bonded to or braided then sewn-in to natural hair.
  • Hairpiece – Instantly adds volume and length and are easily attached and removable. Most popular examples are drawstring ponytails, ponytail wraps, any ponytail clips.

Types of hair:

  • Synthetic – holds style very well but may not last as long as human hair. Heat styling not recommended.
  • Human Hair – mostly closely mimics our natural hair. Easy to maintain and may be styled with heat.
  • Blended Hair – a mixture of synthetic and human hair blended together. Heat styling may be limited.
  • Virgin Hair - has had no chemical processes applied to it. This is the only hair extension that we recommend coloring.
  • Remy - the cuticle is intact, and that all hair strands are facing the same way. Try running your fingers up a strand of your own hair, from end to root. Feels pretty rough, doesn’t it? Remy ensures that you have smooth, healthy-looking extensions that feel great to the touch.
  • Yaki - hair that has undergone a chemical process that makes it look and feel similar to hair that has been relaxed

Other factors to consider:

  • Shade selection – you may choose something closer to your natural hair color or add a splash of color to punch up your look.
  • Determine the best length – weaves and hairpieces typically come as short as 8 inches and go up to 30 inches or more depending on where you purchase. Wigs may be available in even shorter lengths.
  • Hair texture and style – there certainly is no shortage of options! From straight to kinky and everything in between (curly, wavy, etc).

Always seek the help of a professional stylist when deciding the best hair extensions and maintenance system.

Regardless of whether you sew it, braid it, bond it or just put it on, make your hairstyle a “mane attraction”!


HOW TO : Classic Darling Nails


Put a bow on it! This adorable nail design idea is simple and so perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Play with your own version of colors and adornment. We went with classic deep red and a gold bow topped off with a gem stud. Here’s how to get this look on your tips…

Paint your nails a solid color.


Using a detailing dotting tool, add a dot to the center of each nail.


Next, draw an “X” shape across your nail, lines meeting at the dot.


Use your detail brush to paint in two opposite spaces in  your “X.”


With tweezers, place a nail art stud in the center of your design, on top of the dot you created at the beginning. Once dry, apply top coat to secure your design.


The combos of colors and 3D nail art accessories are endless. Have fun!


HOW TO : Classic Darling Hair

How to style preppy hair

A classic hair style means playing up a natural look. It’s darling, it’s flirty, it’s basic with purpose.  Here is how to get these bouncy, wavy curls, sealed with a bow…

Pin hair up so you can work in sections. As we taught in our curling iron tips & tricks and flat iron tips & tricks, working in small sections with heat tools will always yield the best result!

Preppy Hair STEP1

Use the BeLissPro Curl Genius to get easy, perfect bouncy curls. Place a small section of hair in chamber. Tool will beep when curl is ready for release. Watch the video on the product page to see this tool in action.

Preppy Hair STEP2a Preppy Hair STEP2

Curl entire head of hair. TIP : using smaller sections of hair will yield tighter curls, larger sections of hair will yield looser curls.

Preppy Hair STEP3

Give curls a light spray to help them last longer. Sally Beauty has lots of great firm hold hair spray options to choose from.

Preppy Hair STEP4

Now that you’ve set your curls, use your hands and fingers to fluff and shape.

Preppy Hair STEP5

All that’s left is the bow on top! Choose your favorite bow, clip or headband and you are all set!

Preppy Hair STEP6a

How to style preppy hair

Be sure to take a peek at our full classic darling style tutorial to complete the look!

Don’t miss out on the Limited Edition Cherry Red BeLissPro Curl Genius. Comes with a complimentary leopard print storage bag!

Red BeLissPRO Curl Genius


HOW TO : Sleek Hair

Sleek Hair STEP6b

So you need something simple, yet sophisticated. How about a perfect, sleek pony? Here is how to master a perfectly parted ponytail – a style you can wear to work that still looks chic enough for happy hour later!

Find your center part. This is best done with a comb. One easy way is by using the comb’s tail as show in the photo below. Part hair at a perfect center for a streamlined look.

Sleek Hair STEP1

Give your hair a good brushing. We recommend using a brush with natural bristles.

Sleek Hair STEP2

Using your flat iron, smooth out entire head of hair from roots to tips. Check out our Flat Iron 101 and Flat Iron Tips & Tricks to get the most from your flat iron experience.

Sleek Hair STEP3

Use your hands to smoothly pull your hair back into a low pony. Don’t use your fingers to smooth back, use your palms. That will create a smoother look.

Sleek Hair STEP4

Secure your pony with a simple hair tie. Basic black always works. Or you could use a color to match a detail in your outfit.

Sleek Hair STEP5 Sleek Hair STEP6a

Sleek Hair STEP6b

Don’t miss our tutorial on how to get this overall sleek daytime look with makeup, too.