Spring Break Must-Haves

0303144060One of my favorite times of year is when you get to shake off that drab winter feeling, and get ready for Spring Break. It’s a time were you get to relax, have fun and let go. I even relax when it comes to my hair care routine. Think about it…pools, beaches, fun in the sun, who has time for styling? Not to mention, when traveling you can’t bring everything with you, nor would you want to!

So here’s a quick list of my top products for effortless Spring Break styling.

Beyond the Zone Protein Cocktail  is a little drink for your hair, and a multi-purpose product. Use it as a detangler and conditioner after exposure to the pools or a day at the beach. For those of you who have fresh hue, spraying on this cocktail before exposure to chlorine will keep the pool from leaving your hair that dreaded eerie, green shade.


Beyond the Zone’s The Scruncher combines a 3-in-1 use which makes it perfect for saving space in your bag.  To use, you can spray on hair to scrunch, before braiding for undone beach waves, or as a spritz for fly-aways and messy ponytails.

Had a fun night with no time to spare on your hair the next day? No problem, just use Beyond the Zone’s Fresh Fix to quickly refresh, restyle, and add shine and softness to last night’s look. This is my little secret weapon for quick styling on-the-go. No one will ever know it was effortless!

Happy Spring Break 2014!



hydra oilI am so excited about a fabulous new product! Introducing…(drum roll)…Hydra–Oil!

This new skin care oil is designed to diminish the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and other skin discolorations. I am really starting to tell a difference in my skin tone after I put it on. My skin is looking much more smooth and even.

This multi-use oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and it not only helps target problem areas but also keeps skin smooth and hydrated. It also helps fight signs of aging. Who isn’t a fan of that?

Hydra-Oil has a low viscosity, so it is very lightweight. This allows for easy absorption into the skin, delivering the powerful vitamins quicker. This formula is also fragrance-free and allergen-free, and smells really great without all of those extra additives.

My favorite part is that it doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue, making it the perfect skin care solution for all skin types including my sensitive skin. I use mine in the morning before I put on my makeup, and then again at night after I wash my face. I just put some on my fingers and massage it in a circular motion on my face and neck.

You can use it as a spot treatment for darker areas or skin spots, or just a light layer where you need some extra moisture. Hydra-Oil is in stores now and I promise you will not regret adding this into your skin care routine.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Blend it up to Perfection with Ion Demis!

Ion Demi Permanent Color Blending Technique #SallyBeauty Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Color is the most versatile color out there.  Cover gray, tone highlights or enhance natural hair, you name it and demi can most likely do it.

One of my  favorite Demi Techniques is the Three Part Blend, which can be can be used with any color formula.  For this you have two different shades, which are combined to make the third formula.

Part the hair into three sections; however you desire.  Apply Formula 1 (the lightest shade option) to Section 1, then apply Formula 2 (the darkest shade option) to Section 2.

To make Formula 3, pour the remaining mixture of Formula 2 into Formula 1.  Then Formula 3 is created and applied to section 3.

What this technique will provide is a soft transition from a lighter shade to a deeper shade.  A great way to create salon quality dimension in the comforts of your own home!

abbie copy

Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions #SallyBeauty

 There are several methods to achieve long hair, but few people know the benefits of tape-in hair extensions. Tape-in extensions are great for getting you through a bad haircut, add density to fine hair or add length for a special occasion.  Not to mention long locks are an instant confidence booster.

Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions:

      • Seamless – Lay flat against your scalp for a more smooth look
      • Undetectable – Less noticeable when you wear ponytails, are more active or when the wind blows
      • Long-Lasting – Semi-permanent so once they’re installed, they can last for up to 8 weeks Lightweight – This is especially important for thinning or fine hair
      • Re-usable – You can remove and reapply the same set several times


We recommend trying Satin Strands Premium 100% Remy Human Hair Tape-In Extensions. You can shampoo, curl, flat iron, wear a pony tail and even color them while they maintain silky smooth. Like any hair extension, we recommend having them installed by a professional stylist.


Enter our giveaway for your chance to win a Stain Strands prize package valued over $300! This contest has ended.


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Pin It To Win It: Satin Strands Hair Extensions

We’re excited to announce a Pin It To Win It Contest! Satin Strands tape-in hair extensions will instantly add volume and length to your hair. These are 100% premium quality human hair that are available in a collection of unique and rich shades that blend well with almost any natural hair color. Satin Strands hair can help you can create a luxurious style for an affordable price.

#SatinStrands Hair Extension Pin It to Win It Giveaway by #SallyBeauty

How to Enter:

  1.  Follow Sally Beauty on Pinterest.
  2. Complete a virtual makeover on SallyBeauty.com
    • Click share to pin your completed look to Pinterest
    • Use #SatinStrands Pin It To Win It in the description
  3. Email your pin to social@sallybeauty.com by February 28, 2014

The grand prize:
Each winner will choose their color and receive three sets of tape-in extensions,  shampoo, detangler, conditioner and hair brush from Satin Strands!

The winner announcement:
3 lucky winners will be notified by email on Monday, March 3.

UPDATE: All winners have been emailed! Check your inbox!

Terms and conditions apply


Bye, Bye Time-Consuming Blow-Dry!

swift perfectionWe all could use more time in our lives to focus on the things that matter most, and spending a lot of time drying your hair should not be one of them. Well now you can save some time in your day with So Gorgeous Swift Perfection.

The So Gorgeous Swift Perfection line contains specialized ingredients that help wick away the excess moisture that can make blow-drying time consuming. For you girls out there with thick hair, this is the perfect solution to taking back your mornings!

The Swift Perfection Sulfate-Free Shampoo  and Conditioner  gently cleanses and lightly hydrates your hair for optimal preparation when styling.

Use the Swift Perfection Fast Dry Spray prior to blow-drying to protect your hair and get out the door quicker! These items are so light that you can layer them with any of your favorite styling products without weighing down your style.




FingerPaints Nail Polish

FP-ROCK-MY-WORLDThere has been a lot excitement this month over the NEW FingerPaints!  Have you checked it out yet? We are talking new formula (best one out there!), new look, a ton of new colors, and a new brush that was specially designed to work with the new formula. We are talking smooth, flawless one-coat application on most colors.

Check out the rich, heavily pigmented creams, the seriously packed glitters, the shimmers, glass flecks, pearls, you name it! Even the range of colors is something to get excited about!

In February FingerPaints is Buy 1 Get 1 Free (sorry, excludes soak-off gel polish)!!! Get an oldie but goody, a new color or a combination of both! We would love to hear what you think about the new formula.

If you have a chance, jump over to the FingerPaints Nail Color Facebook page and look at the swatches that have been posted and watch for giveaways!! (We love giveaways).


Friday Fashion Poll – Sultry eyes or Red Lips?

redeyeIt case the flowers, hearts and chocolates floating around have escaped your attention, today is Valentine’s Day – the holiday you either love, hate or think is made up. It inspires quite strong feelings, doesn’t it?

My feelings on the “Day of Love” change from year to year. It’s nice when I have a Valentine, but when I don’t, I think it’s a good excuse to get made-up and hit the town with the girls. Or let’s be real – stay in with some comfy pjs and a romantic comedy.

Tonight I’m unattached and the ladies and I are headed out for dinner and fun. I’m pretty set on my outfit, but can’t decide which route to go with my makeup. Sultry eyes or red lip? Remember the rule of thumb – eyes or lips, never both at the same time. Of course there are exceptions, but rebel I am not, andI’m going to play it safe and stick with one.

If I go with eye-popping red lips, I will wear my favorite Femme Couture Prime Wear Lipstick in Blushing Red . It has a nice gloss to it without being crazy shiny, and the built-in primer keeps it from bleeding and fading.

For sultry eyes, there is nothing handier than the Femme Couture Velvet Eye Color Quad in Mystery . It has every shade you need to nail this look. If eyes win tonight, I’ll pair the shadow quad with some black liquid liner and big Ardell lashes .

So, who should win? Eyes or Lips?


lindsey w title

Top 5 Valentine Nail Art Tutorials


Top 5 Valentine Nail Art Tutorials from #SallyBeauty

Every girl wants to look their best on Valentine’s Day, single or not! To make your outfit pop this year try a simple nail art design. There’s lots of inspiration on our Pinterest board but we’ve grabbed our top five tutorials for you below:

1. DIY heart with craft punch
Valentines Tutorial 1
Source: SellzCuteThings.blogspot.com

2. Color blocking
Valentines Tutorial 2
Source: PolishYouPretty.com

3. Okay, this one is a Christmas design but it’s so fun!
Valentines Tutorial 3
Source: thewonderforest.com

4. Glitter makes everything better
Valentines Tutorial 5
Source: BeingGenevieve.com

5. Tainted love
Valentines Tutorial 4
Source: SoNailicious.com



Beyond the Zone Temporary Color Mousse

mousseBeyond The Zone Colour Mousse is designed for temporary use, but can become permanent dependent on hair condition and texture. It creates temporary vibrant color that is easy to apply with no mixing required. A strand test is always recommended prior to application, especially if hair is porous or previously chemically treated with lighteners, permanent waves, chemical hair relaxers or hair color.

It features a new delivery system via drip-free foam application in new fun shades. Applies as easy as any other mousse with a pop of color. Just pump enough product on the palm of your hand and work it into the area of the hair desired.

It’s temporary color in 5 fun shades, in a mousse application that is easy to use, and leaves the hair soft and manageable with no residue. It will last 2-6 shampoos. Be sure to use gloves when applying to avoid any staining!

For quick and easy temporary color application, with no sectioning, mirrors or combs needed.

- Easy-to-apply foam

- Temporary Color

- No mixing required

- No ammonia

- No peroxide

abbie copy

Beyond The Zone Protein Cocktail by BTZ
Beyond The Zone The Scruncher by BTZ
Beyond the Zone Fresh Fix Hair Refresher Spray by BTZ
Ion Demi 7W Medium Warm Blonde by ION
So Gorgeous Swift Perfection Shampoo by SOGORG
So Gorgeous Swift Perfection Conditioner by SOGORG
So Gorgeous Swift Perfection Fast Dry Spray by SOGORG
Femme Couture Glossy Lip Creme Blushing Red by FEMME
Femme Couture Velvet Eye Color Quad Mystery by FEMME
Runway Eye Lashes by ARDELL