Autumn Nail Art



The rich, jewel tones and high-shine metallic in the FingerPaints Masquerade Affair collection lends itself to the mystery of the luxe masks and overall decadent flair of a masquerade ball.

Sparkling finish and dense pigmentation of “Ball Gown Glamour,” “Dance Til Dawn” and “Queen for a Night” give the polish such depth that, when dotted on the nail, it looks like actual gemstones.

Paired with the burnished metallic background of “Masked Beauty,” it’s as though the gem-like dots are resting on a layer of gold leafing. Opulent and exotic this gilded design is the perfect complement to the luxurious fabrics and textures for fall.

Autumn Nail Art by All Lacquered Up


Read Michelle’s full review of the FingerPaints Masquerade Affair line on All Lacquered Up.
Visit a Sally Beauty store to purchase this sparkling new Fall line.
Images courtesy of All Lacquered Up.

Mani Monday

Sally Beauty Look of The Month


Featuring Orly Smoky Collection

Orly’s new Smoky Collection is so on point for fall. It includes two muted and moody cremes and two multi-tonal shades packed with glitter and shimmer. The look we created for September features an easy-to-do accent nail, that can be achieved with something as simple as tape.

Manicure Supplies:
Orly Blend
Orly Darkest Shadow
Orly Smoked Out
Adhesive tape
Manicure stick


step 1:
Paint nails with Orly Blend. Make sure it’s completely dry before moving on to step 2.
step 2:
Apply thin strips of tape on accent nail, pressing down along the sides with an orange wood stick. 
step 3:
Alternate stripes of Darkest Shadows and Smoked Out
step 4:
Peel tape off before polish has a chance to dry for crisp lines. Finish with a topcoat.

Highlighting and Contouring 101

Contouring is a makeup technique used to accentuate your best features while minimizing flaws. The light foundation makes features pop while the darker foundation shades to contour.
Below are the steps to complete this look!

Highlighting and Contouring 101. How To Accentuate Your Best Features While Minimizing Flaws. #SallyBeauty


Products needed for this look:


1. Start with a clean face.

Contouring STEP 1

2. Using a foundation brush, apply the light shade of foundation in the following areas:

• Under the eye
• Above the brow
• Down the bridge of nose
• On Chin and Fore Head

Contouring STEP 2

3. Using a separate foundation brush, apply the darker shade of foundation to the following areas:

• Outer perimeters of face
• Under cheek bones
• Sides of nose

Contouring STEP 3

4. Using the Duo Fibre brush, buff out darker areas using a circular motion.
Buff the color along the hairline and past the jawline to diffuse any hard lines.

Contouring STEP 4

5. Use a sponge to blend the light areas into the dark.
Rock the sponge back and forth where the 2 colors meet for a flawless finish.

Contouring STEP 5

6. Add blush and finish with translucent powder to set.

Contouring STEP 6

Have fun getting your gorgeous on!



Easy Fixes for Sun-Damaged Hair

by Geri Brin, founder of Fab Over Fifty

Summer may be the time when the “livin is easy,” and you love to laze on an oversize float in the pool, enjoy a well-deserved vacation at the beach, or improve your rusty backhand. But, when the fun and relaxation is over, your hair is going to need a nice rest. After all, chlorine, salt water, sun and sand didn’t do your tresses any favors. Besides, you’ve probably been a bit lax about following your usual hair care routines.

I always give my hair a September “vacation,” to get it back in shape in time for the busy fall season. My three-step revitalization program is easy to follow and won’t consume oodles of time or money.

FIRST, treat your hair to some really effective products that promise to restore the bounce, shine and natural oils that it lost while you were sunning, swimming, and running after tennis balls. Here are three I like:

Hask Placenta No-Rinse Instant Hair Repair Treatment




The Hask Placenta No-Rinse Hair Repair Treatment instantly restores life, luster, moisture and manageability to hair that’s been abused by heat, bleach or color. The mild, protein-and-nutrient-rich formula penetrates the hair instantly to hold moisture for long periods.

try with these products:  SBS-264881  GVP Pro 1800 Dryer GVP Pro 1800 Dryer Online Price: $39.99 Sale Price: $32.99 SBS-264849  GVP Black Ceramic Flat Iron 1" GVP Black Ceramic Flat Iron 1" Online Price: $59.99 Sale Price: $42.99 HELEN2  Helen of Troy Gold Series Spring Curling Iron Helen of Troy Gold Series Spring Curling Iron Prices From: $34.99 - $39.99 Log in with Beauty Club Card: $29.99 Last Visited  ONEONL17  One 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo One 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo Prices From: $4.19 - $22.49 Log in with Beauty Club Card: $3.69 HASK1  Hask Placenta No-Rinse Instant Hair Repair Treatment Hask Placenta No-Rinse Instant Hair Repair Treatment Prices From: $2.39 - $5.79 Log in with Beauty Club Card: $2.09 One 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo



One ‘n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo. Argan oil is all the rage in beauty right now. One of the world’s rarest oils, its moisturizing properties help to renew and nourish hair that’s been dried and damaged by chemicals, excessive heat from styling and environmental factors. This gentle, hydrating shampoo provides color protection and can be used every day. Your hair will be shinier, have more moisture and be more manageable.

Ion Overnight Repair



I always love product that I can leave in my hair overnight.  After all, a good night’s sleep does our bodies good. Apply Ion Overnight Repair and you’ll wake up to smoother, softer, more manageable hair. The deep penetrating, strengthening formula absorbs instantly and won’t leave a residue on your pillow.




SECOND, stay away from your hair dryer for as many days as possible since high heat from the unit (over 120 degrees) can burn hair follicles, which causes trauma and may ultimately result in thinning hair. Summer heat and chemicals already did their damage.  Why take it any further?

You’re probably thinking you’ll never be able to walk out of the house without styling your hair with the dryer… I promise, there are other ways to do it.

Go Curly

• For soft, flexible curls, try Curlformers. You’ll be finished in about a 1/3 of the time as regular curlers.

• To create a spiral look, go with Super Rollers by Hair Art that will create tight or loose curls, depending on the size you buy and the length of your hair. Wrap a section of your hair around the rod, wind the rod until it’s close to your scalp and twist to secure.


Tame unruly tresses or just add a little flare with fun & fashionable clips, pins or hairbands, like:

This DCNL Tortoise Flower Auto Clip


These DCNL Black Diamond Line Bobbies


Or a Beaded Ponytail Holder


THIRD, put your hair in a stylish updo. Check out some of our Fall favorites here.

Hope your hair recoup goes well! Your tresses will appreciate it…


Second Day Hair


Did you know washing your hair every single day can dry out your scalp and stress your hair? Each time you shampoo, the soap is stripping away natural oils causing the scalp to overproduce more oil to compensate. It may take an adjustment period for your oil production to regulate but once it does an every-other-day or every-three-days wash does the trick.

But how to manage hair in-between washes?

You can revive your hair instantly with So Gorgeous Volumizing Dry Shampoo, which combats dirt and oil, and adds a little texture and lift to strands.

Rocking a voluminous ponytail is the perfect solution for a no-wash day.
Here’s how to obtain the style:

  • Spray dry shampoo on the roots in all your problem areas. Let dry and blend with your fingertips or brush.
  • Use a teasing comb to add volume to the crown, while spraying short bursts of our So Gorgeous Shaping Spray to help hold the tease
  • Using a brush, gently smooth out hair and create your pony tail
  • Finish the style with a light misting of So Gorgeous Shaping Spray