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DIY Style File: Every Day Sleek & Sophisticated Look

Sleek and Sophisticated Tutorial

We’re back with installation #2 of our DIY Style File series! This look is all about timelessness and versatility. You can effortlessly take it to the office, the PTA meeting or girls night.

The signature piece here is the straight and low pony. The secret: use a flat iron to straighten hair and a smoothing hairspray like Beyond The Zone Smooth Criminal. This way, when you pull hair back into the low-slung ponytail, you’re not fighting with any natural waves or bumps.


Because your hair is pulled back and away from the face, your eyes and lips will be on center stage. Have fun with that!

Line your eyes with Femme Couture Liquid Eye Liner in Black and finish out with a small wing corners. Apply Ardell Natural Lashes once the liner is completely dry. Tip: Use tweezers to apply for more precise placement. Check back next week for the full eye makeup tutorial!


You’ll want to add a hint of color and shine to your lips. It’s okay to go a bit bolder in color choice with these Femme Couture Shiny Color Crayons. They’re like a cross between a gloss and a stain, so the color won’t be over-the-top. Bonus: they’re also extra moisturizing.



And for a twist on safe basic beige nails, add slanted black tips. So simple and such a quick way to dress up your everyday look without a lot of effort.



Halloween Beauty: Become a Disco Diva

I love this so-cool-it’s-hot retro look. Follow these 4 easy steps and then add bellbottoms, a flirty top and some large gold hoops. Outta sight!


1. Probably the most important part of this look is the super sizzlin’ smoky eye. Swipes of gold metallic will accentuate your foxy gaze.

Here’s a great palette to start from:

* Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzer Twice Baked
* Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Eye Shadow Chai Latte
* Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Eye Shadow Fools Gold
* Eye Drama Liquid Glitter Eyeliner Honey Dust

2. Finish your dramatic disco eye with a pop of glam using Ardell Gisele Black Runway Eye Lashes

3. To counterbalance the bold smokey eye, keep the lip color subtle, but go BIG on glossy. Try Palladio Retractable Lip Liner Coffee and Lip Luster Lip Gloss Copper Frost.

4. Every Disco Diva has hair to remember. These side-wrap buns with a spritz of Streaks N Tips Temporary Highlight Spray Gold Dust are far out.

Have fun dancing the night away. You know the hustle, right?



Halloween Beauty: Become a Zombie

Get this killer beauty look



Start with the special effects

  1. Begin your makeup with primer, concealer, foundation and Femme Couture® Matte Mattifying Powder.
  2. Use Femme Couture® Lip & Cheek Stain in Rosie Red and Ultra Smooth Gel Eyeliner in Black on and around your eyes and chin.
  3. Add Sally Girl™ Mini Baked Eye Shadow in Brick House to your eyelids and crease (even Zombies need some sparkle!) Use a fan brush with the cheek stain and gel eyeliner to create dramatic streaking.
  4. Combine layers of Real Colors Hydra Gloss in N.Y.C. Ya and Shock It To Me, then add Palladio Herbal Eyeliner Pencil in Black to your lips and blend.




Work on the dead head

  1. Prep your hair with Vintage Glam Texturizing Powder, then tease with Tool Structure Tease Layers Rattail Comb for an messy, undead look.
  2. Spray on Streaks N Tips Temporary Color Highlight Spray in Icy White to frame your face.
  3. Finally, hold it all in place with Beyond The Zone® Frozen Stiff Ultimate Hold Hair Spray.



Polish it off

Even the undead thirst for a great mani! We started with a base of China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Recycle and then used Seduce Me to add some “blood” drops to the tips.



Halloween Beauty: Become an Ice Princess

My husband and I have a bet this year as to how many little Ice Princesses we’ll find roaming the streets on Halloween night, trick-or-treat totes firmly in hand.  I think we could see a new record for most popular girl’s costume for the under-12 set.  Every little girl I know in kindergarten has had her mind made up for at least a year, including our own daughter!

But why should the little ones have all the fun?  Wrap yourself in sparkly tulle and organza and use these tips to create a spectacular Halloween look that will have your friends, family and guests absolutely frozen with awe!

Halloween Look:  Ice Princess

First, let’s start with makeup.  To create a cool, porcelain complexion, remember that your primer, concealer, foundation and/or powder should be a shade or two lighter than usual.  You’ll want a vivid blue eyeshadow for your lid and crease – try Femme Couture® Eternal Color Intense Silky Shadow in Sapphire.  Then add something frosty, like Sally Girl™ Mini Magic Eyeshadow in Enchanted as a highlight on your browbone, just underneath each eyebrow.  Finish off your glacially regal stare with blue eyeliner and mascara.  Try Palladio Precision Eye Liner in Electric Blue, then Ardell Ombré Lashes in Blue.  Now, just add some light pink blue to your cheeks, and a little white eyeshadow to your forehead and around your eyes (a fan brush is perfect for this), and your face is complete!

For your royal hairdo, a simple braid will do, but here are a few tricks that will ensure the final result is extra cool:

First, brush your hair to one side, and use bobby pins to keep it in place.  Now, curl several pieces at the top of your head and around your face (including bangs, if you have them).  If you’re headed to a full night of Halloween revelry, be sure to use a tool that gives maximum curl retention, like the Ion™ Titanium Pro Curling Iron.  Draw attention to your ‘do by clipping in long strands of colored synthetic hair to the beginning of the braid – make sure it’s heat-resistant, like Sassy Colors Clips in Royal Blue.  Make sure that color shows through as you braid!  Now, finish off with a bit of sparkle by adding DCNL Flower Rhinestone Spinners.

Ice Princess Tips & Tools

There’s no need to conceal those magical fingers on Halloween night!  Give yourself the perfect manicure with China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Frostbite, then add FingerPaints® Nail Color in Amazing Glaze for super-frosty tips.

And, you’re ready to head out and freeze (or thaw, depending on your mood) the hearts of your Halloween subjects.  Have fun!

Are you planning to transform into an Ice Princess for Halloween, or do you know someone who is?  Be sure to tell us all about your plans in the comments below!  We’d love to hear from you.

“Give that Summer Hair a Break PART 3″ HOW TO : Glamorous Fall Updo

We call this one “The Ivana.” A classic, glamorous updo perfect for so many occasions –  holiday events and dances, a ladies luncheon, weddings, showers, or rock this classic look with a casual everyday outfit to kick things up a few notches! Also a perfect hairdo for second day hair or air-dried, no-product, freshly washed hair – this look gives your hair a break.

Surprisingly easy to pull off, it just takes a little know-how. Melissa walks us through it, below.

You will need : comb, brush, Magic-Grip hairpins, hair accessories of choice (we used the Pink Botanical Head Wrap)

Ivana hair supplies

Okay, let’s go! First, if you are using a head wrap or full band like we are, put that around your neck before you begin.


Next, grab your comb and start teasing – a really good tease. Start with a section near the front of your head. You are going to tease a “mohawk” down the middle. Drag your comb from near the top of the section of hair to the base, creating a FIRM tease.

Ivana pt2

We MEAN it…REALLY FIRM. Get your tease on. It should stand up on its own like the photo on the left below! Next, work your way back on the top of your head, section by section until a little past halfway down the back of your head.


Once you have a nice, stiffly teased mohawk, pull ALL your hair up into what we affectionately call, “the troll doll.” Ha! The smooth outside hair will be surrounding the inside teased mohawk hair.


With your brush, smooth up the outside hair. GUIDE the hair with the brush – don’t force it. You want the tease to remain. TIP : Use your brush at an angle like the photo below right, while smoothing.


Fold the hair down at the top of your head and grab a Magic Grip hairpin. Insert the pin to secure the ‘do, as shown below.


You may need to use a few pins.


When your hair feels nice & secure, you can use your hand to pull the bump forward, use bobby pins to secure any strays, etc. Pull up our headband and you are all set!


It was exciting to learn this classic look isn’t very hard to pull off. Thanks to stylist Joshua Rossingol who taught us how to make these “Give that Summer Hair a Break” updos come to life!

IVANA thanks Joshua

During the shoot, all the ladies ooh’ed and ahh’ed as the methods were shown then Melissa and Rosaura were able to do them on their own heads. And, of course, we all went home to try them on our own! Click HERE and HERE to see the other two in this series. Have fun trying these ‘dos!