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Highlighting and Contouring 101

Contouring is a makeup technique used to accentuate your best features while minimizing flaws. The light foundation makes features pop, while the darker makes them look smaller. Follow our steps to complete this look!

Highlighting and Contouring 101. How To Accentuate Your Best Features While Minimizing Flaws. #SallyBeauty


Products needed for this look:



1. Start with a clean face.

2. Using a foundation brush, apply the light shade of foundation in the following areas:

  • Under the eye
  • Above the brow
  • Down the bridge of nose
  • On Chin and Fore Head

3. Using a separate foundation brush, apply the darker shade of foundation to the following areas:

  • Outer perimeters of face
  • Under cheek bones
  • Sides of nose

4. Using the Duo Fibre, buff out darker areas using a circular motion. Buff the color along the hairline and past the jawline to diffuse any hard lines.

5. Use a sponge to blend the light areas into the dark. Rock the sponge back and forth where the 2 colors meet for a flawless finish.

6. Add blush and finish with translucent powder to set.





Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions #SallyBeauty

 There are several methods to achieve long hair, but few people know the benefits of tape-in hair extensions. Tape-in extensions are great for getting you through a bad haircut, add density to fine hair or add length for a special occasion.  Not to mention long locks are an instant confidence booster.

Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions:

      • Seamless – Lay flat against your scalp for a more smooth look
      • Undetectable – Less noticeable when you wear ponytails, are more active or when the wind blows
      • Long-Lasting – Semi-permanent so once they’re installed, they can last for up to 8 weeks Lightweight – This is especially important for thinning or fine hair
      • Re-usable – You can remove and reapply the same set several times


We recommend trying Satin Strands Premium 100% Remy Human Hair Tape-In Extensions. You can shampoo, curl, flat iron, wear a pony tail and even color them while they maintain silky smooth. Like any hair extension, we recommend having them installed by a professional stylist.


Enter our giveaway for your chance to win a Stain Strands prize package valued over $300! This contest has ended.


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Marula Nature

Sally Beauty just launched a NEW line of Marula Oil products called Marula Nature™.  I love researching new ingredients that can help my hair, and learning about the journey some of these ingredients have taken from the time they are harvested to the time they end up bottled in my favorite hair care products.

I did my research, and found that Marula Oil is one of the most stable and nutrient-rich oils in the entire world.  It’s found in southern Africa, and the Marula tree has been used by Africans for thousands of years.  It’s rich in protein and high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, and is ideal to care for dry, moisture-deprived hair – which is PERFECT for these dreadfully cold winter months.

My personal favorite product is the 100% Pure Marula Oil.  This product can be used to revive dry hair AND dry skin. The best part?  Not only are these new products absolutely amazing and put much-needed moisture into my hair, but with each purchase of Marula Nature products, a contribution is made back to the very communities that harvested every seed kernel and every drop of Marula Oil used in the products.  I love this stuff!


Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about Marula Nature and their fantastic products!


B1G1 Nail Polish Offer

I have a bit of a confession to make. I am a major nail polish hoarder. It’s bad, y’all.

My nail polish collection is completely out of control! I can honestly say that I still have the gold polish I wore to my high school prom…in 2001. I’m sentimental and a bit lazy, which when combined means you end up keeping super old polish, even though it has separated and you’ll never wear it again.

I have made a deal with myself. If I clean out my bathroom drawers and pitch all expired polish, I’m allowed to take advantage of the B1G1 polish sale Sally Beauty is running this weekend. After all, my drawer will look empty without all those old bottles so I HAVE to fill it up again. It’s my duty! ;)

So what’s the oldest polish you have in your collection? Can you beat (almost) 13 years?
















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Holiday Giftables

christmasComing up with gift ideas for every person on my list can sometimes be hard to do, but while browsing my local Sally Beauty I found a lot of cute ideas for stocking stuffers that would also make great additions to other gifts that just need a little something extra. These are a few of my favorite finds:

* Bath Secrets Sleeping Mask [Product 'SBS-491083' not found!] comes in three cute patterns and would be a great addition to a spa gift basket!

* The Beyond Belief Shimmer Spray  leaves behind a golden shimmer on skin, and makes a perfect small stocking stuffer (or to use yourself for a little sparkle at holiday parties).

* Sally Girl Snowman polishes are also a cute find with some great sparkly shades!

* Beauty Secrets has a lot of cute stuff, too! I personally love the Shaped Mini Nail Clippers that are either in the shape of a candy or a snowflake with a little keychain to keep handy.

* The Beauty Secrets Dog and Cat files will be loved by the dog and cat lovers in your life. In 5 different patterns these files (each in a set of 2) come with a file shaped like a dog or cat in a holiday sweater and a coordinating file.

* Beauty Secrets Scented Nail Polish remover is limited edition and a unique present for polish lovers! It comes in two scents – Pumpkin Spice [Product 'SBS-163171' not found!] and Vanilla Spice and each leaves a soft scent behind after removing polish.

* Of course, the Beyond Belief Holiday lotions are back in four fabulous scents! Pomegranate Fig [Product 'SBS-655528' not found!] and Wishful White [Product 'SBS-655532' not found!] have returned from year’s past, and Holiday Berry Cream and Cinnamon Vanilla Twist are new this year! I love to keep a few of these around for those times that I realize I need a small gift at the last minute.

What are some of your favorite gift ideas to give (or receive) from Sally Beauty?


Beyond the Zone Fight the Power Anti-Static Spray

antistaticWith arctic temperatures on their way, the inevitable problem will soon be back…static hair!

Typically this time of year, we all find ourselves bundled up in scarves, sweaters and hats that can cause the frictional feud with your hair; not to mention the presence of dry winter air that only instigates the situation.

I remember the days of my resourcefulness when I searched the travel section for a very popular “static removal” spray (meant for clothing and not very appealing in scent I may add). My hopes were to fix my static on the go, but let’s face it – clothing spray isn’t made for hair and my results were less than great.

Well, fast forward to the future and I am thrilled to have that option with Beyond the Zone Fight the Power Anti-Static Spray. This mini is perfect for keeping in my purse, combatting those crazy fly-aways and gravity-defying ends! It has a light hold to help keep hair in place and it smells ah-mazing!

Grab a few for your desk, car and purse so you’ll never be caught this winter with crazy Einstein electric hair!


Inspiration can be found in the most random of places

photoI dashed out at lunch today to run a few errands, one of which took me to a fabulous little market place. I filled my basket with cookies and red wine (you know, the must-haves) and proceeded to the register to pay.  As I unloaded my goodies I noticed what looked like a star peeking from behind the sales associate’s ear. I stared. Yup, full on stared.

She turned her head and it was confirmed, she had her own little mini milky way nestled in her stylish messy up-do. How fun, how pretty…how did she do it? So in exchange for a compliment, she gave me a brief tutorial.

The stars were simply foam cutouts that you can find at any craft store hot glued to regular old bobby pins. It looked as though she had painted the stars with a shimmery bronze paint giving them a beautiful vintage vibe. I continued to rave about her creation and asked if I could snap a quick pic, which she graciously agreed to. I left with my cookies and a little bit of inspiration.

Thank you, super friendly sales associate! You can bet I’m stocking up on bobby pins this weekend.


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Mystic Divine Hair Care

mysticFrizzy and damaged hair is one of the most common issues for us ladies. Over the years, my hair care routine has evolved and changed but I can say that it is only getting better. I have recently introduced Mystic Divine™ into this daily routine and have seen some great results! Using the original items in the line have been amazing, but their new items have made it even easier to keep my hair in tip-top-shape!

I tried the new Mystic Divine™ Nourishing Leave-in and this has definitely left my hair feeling soft and hydrating without being too heavy. I then used the Mystic Divine™ Creations Styling Lotion  to add light body to my hair and protect it while blow-drying my style. To finish, I sprayed a light misting of the Mystic Divine™ Nourishing Dry Oil Spray  to keep my ends smooth and add light shine. This product is a great alternative for those looking for a lighter version of the Mystic Divine™ Nourishing Oil Treatment as this spray goes on light and dries quickly.

At the end of the day, I have a smooth, healthy- looking style that isn’t weighed down! I highly recommend that you give these products a try and you can only find them at Sally Beauty Supply!


Beyond Belief Facial Cleansing Brush

brushIf you’re looking for a way to make your skin look and feel cleaner, give the new Beyond Belief Facial Cleansing Brush  a try!

Featuring two different rotating attachments, it’s the perfect way to give a little oomph to your cleansing routine. The super soft bristled brush can be used with any cleanser, feels great and makes me feel like my skin is getting really clean!

The foam pad applicator is great to apply my lotion or mask, or can be used with my cleanser for an extra soft cleansing. Adding this brush once a day has been an easy way to enhance my cleansing routine and my skin is thanking me!


Femme Couture Pop of Color

141501_7-15-13_FemmeCouture_NeonLipstick_Social_Banner_Social_Banner_SS1_ASSummer is fully underway in Texas, where I live.  The thermometer stays right around 100 degrees and no matter what you do, you can’t escape the heat. In the middle of summer, when heavy foundations and layered shadows just seem too contrived and complicated, I always find myself looking for ways to mix up my beauty routine.

This year, my favorite look is a natural face, a little mascara, and a fun, bright lipstick.  You can’t open a magazine without seeing this look on celebs and models, and it’s much easier to pull off than you think!

I love Femme Couture’s Limited Edition line of Prime Wear Brights.  They come in 6 gorgeous colors and are only $6.99 this month, so you have no excuse not to try the bright lip trend.  Bright lipsticks work well on all skin tones and effortlessly pull together your look.

Best of all, these are made in the Prime Wear formula, which has lip primer built in for lasting color.  My favorite is “Florescent Fuchsia”, which is a vivid purple-pink shade.  You can put a little on for subtle color or layer it on for a brighter effect.  Bright lips are appropriate for all occasions—they’re great for a date, a summer barbeque, on vacation, or even running errands.

These shades are only available in July, so be sure to snatch them up before they’re gone!


Beyond Belief Shimmer Mist by BEYBEL
Mystic Divine Creations Styling Lotion by MYSTCD
Mystic Divine Nourishing Dry Oil Spray by MYSTCD
Beyond Belief Facial Cleansing Brush by BEYBEL