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Blow Dryers 101

Most of us have a blow dryer for a while. So, when it’s time to invest in a new one – staring at the wall of choices can be intimidating. Not to worry, let’s break down what all the options and variations actually mean for your hair.

FINE & THIN HAIR Those with finer and/or thinner hair are going to want blow dryers with adjustable heat settings. WHY? The option to take heat way down or all the way to cool will help prevent damage on more delicate hair. Here are a few we are fond of,  available at Sally Beauty:

Best dryers with variable heat settings

Left to Right : Ion Anti-Frizz Ionic, Jilbere, Hot Shot Tools

THICK & COARSE HAIR For thicker and/or coarser hair you are also going to want blow dryers with adjustable heat settings as well as more powerful air flow. WHY? The opposite of fine hair – thicker hair will be able to take more heat for longer amounts of time before causing heat damage. Because there is more hair to work with, a hair dryer with stronger air flow will cut down your drying time. Here are some options :

The Best Hair Dryers for Thick Hair

Left to Right : Ion One TouchOne n’ Only, Jilbere Professional

ALL HAIR TYPES Ionic, Ceramic and Tourmaline Technologies plus a Cool Blast option. WHY? Ionic technology uses negative ions to smooth cuticles, lock in moisture and break down water droplets for faster drying time. Ceramic and Tourmaline technologies also reduce drying time and both help eliminate frizz. A Cool Blast will cool off your hair and help it set.  Try these:

Best Ionic, Tourmaline and Ceramic Hair Dryers

Lef to Right : CHI Air, CHI Elite, Ion Travel


We’ve got you. Here’s a simple guide to the verbiage you will see associated with various hair dryers…click graphic to open it full size and drag it to your desktop to save for later!

Hair Dryer Terminology

Once you’ve found the perfect dryer or two for you, you’ll want to keep them in tip top shape. Review the tip below to keep your tool functioning at optimum for as long as possible.

CLEAN YOUR FILTER! That is pretty much THE tip for hair dryer maintenance. If you don’t keep the filter clean, your dryer will overheat and die a slow or quick death. Always allow your dryer to cool completely and unplug it before performing maintenance. Some will have a removable filter. If so, remove and use a brush to gently clear away dust. If the filter is not removable, use a brush on the outside of the filter. We recommend a filter cleaning once a month to protect the motor’s life.

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