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The nail file with a little extra bite…

A precious dog in a Christmas wreath – what could be cuter?

These nail files are available exclusively at your local Sally Beauty Supply.

And that’s not just any dog – it’s YouTube sensation Smitty!

Have you seen his video? In a doggy trance, watching dogs on TV?

Smitty’s proud owner is Brad, a graphic artist at the Sally Beauty support center in Texas. Brad photographed and Christmas-ized Smitty for the design.

The nail files come in packages of two — one Smitty, and the other a different Christmas design.

Just about everyone I know will be getting one of these nail files for Christmas this year. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for every dog lover on your list.

Argan Heat

Argan Oil has been on the ‘Hot’ list for a while, and for good reason! This stuff is great for any and every type of hair. But, if you have hair that’s fine, thin, and lifeless, you’re probably thinking the last thing you need is more oil. I don’t blame you. I thought the same thing. Then I gave it a try. Yes, on my thin, fine hair. It’s getting a little cold outside which means my skin and hair are getting a little dry, not mention the hair STATIC! And just for the sake of trying something new, I went all out on the Argan.

Because my hair is so flat and boring, the first thing I do after popping out the shower with wet hair is run a dab of Beyond the Zone Thickening Cream through my damp locks. (If your hair is thin, fine, or all the above, this product is a must have). Then, I use the Argan Heat Thermal Round Brush and Argan Heat Dryer to dry my shoulder-length tresses.

Now let’s be real – thermal round brushes are not always the easiest to use on yourself. Even with all my practice, I’m not so great. My solution? Just use them to dry the most important pieces of your hair: bangs, crown, or even just the roots or the top layer or two for that added volume. From there, use a paddle brush.

I immediately saw and felt a difference in my hair. There was some shine I hadn’t seen in a while, and it was so soft to the touch. No doubt due to the Argan Oil infused brush and dryer!

After my hair is good and dry, I part it in about 6 layers, starting at the bottom of my head. (You may need more if you have thicker hair.) Taking small strands from that bottom layer, I use the Argan Heat Tapered Wand to gave myself some beautiful spiral-y waves.

This takes practice, so here are some tips, and remember to always use a heat glove:

1)    If you are curling the left side of your head, use your right hand and go over your head so that the wand points down. Do the opposite for your right side.

2)     Wind your curls away from your face.

3)     The smaller the strands, the more defined the curl.

4)     Twist the strand of hair before wrapping it around the barrel for more of a “beachy” look.

After finishing I run my fingers through my ringlets to loosen them up and voila! Red Carpet hair done on my bedroom floor! Because the barrel of the Argan Heat tapered iron is also infused with Argan Oil, my curls were healthy, shiny, bouncy, and static-free!

So go ahead! See what soft, shiny, healthy hair feels like.

Plugged In Hard Candy

Who doesn’t love candy? When I think of Christmas, I remember going to my grandparents’ house, and how they always had all this weird candy that I had never heard of or seen. They had the swirled and striped candies in all different colors and shapes – red and blue ribbons, the yellow, orange, and white

swirled circles, the long green and blue ones. I never knew what they would taste like either, so it was always like a roulette game – hit or miss whether I liked them. Now it’s a treat when I actually find that type of candy, because it brings back all of my memories.

Those types of candies were the inspiration for this holiday season’s Plugged In Hard Candy appliances. The swirl of black or blue and white give the illusion of an old fashioned hard candy. There are two 1” flat irons, a cone wand, a hair dryer, and two paddle brushes. They’re guaranteed to bring back my memories of choosing which candy to try, without the risk of the bad taste.

BeLiss Pro Titanium Curling Iron

A product thumbnail of BeLissPRO Titanium Curling Iron 1"So I think everyone deserves a GREAT curling iron in their arsenal of styling tools. I use one just about every day, and over the years I thought my cheap drugstore versions were doing just fine.  Then I started to use some professional quality curling irons and realized what I had been missing. 

My latest is the new BeLiss Pro Titanium Curling Iron. It features a soft touch handle that feels great in my hands and an easy to use temperature dial that has more than enough settings to do everything I need (from a light curl to smooth out the ends, to seriously tight and bouncy curls). 

The Sol-Gel Titanium finish on the barrel gives it a smooth glide so it’s easy to style my hair.  And this morning I got super smooth hair using my BeLiss curling iron with the new Beyond the Zone Hair Primer, which I used instead of a conditioner to detangle and smooth my hair before drying.

What’s your favorite styling tool?

Weekend Blowout

Most of the time my weekends are jammed packed with activities and spending time with family and friends. I usually end up throwing something on, a quick touch up on the makeup, and my hair almost always end up in a ponytail, a bun or the full on curly head.

This weekend by some twist of fate, I actually had time to do my hair. I decided to set my hair straight a.k.a. blow it out and straighten it. So I gathered all my tools and got to it.

I used my trusty Ion Digital Dryer with negative ions to minimize the frizz, a few hair clips to hold the hair sections, a detangler that doubles as a sectioning comb and a round boar bristle brush. I worked a generous amount of Ion Anti-Frizz Serum to all of the damp hair. This also helped to untangle the hair.

I parted my hair into sections using duckbill clips, so I could work on small sections at a time. I grabbed the round brush, turned on the dryer, and slowly slide the brush down as I blew air directly onto the hair section. I repeated this step section by section until all my hair was dry. It will go slowly at first but as you gain practice working with both the brush and the dryer at the same time, it will get easier.

Once all of the hair is dried, add another small amount of anti-frizz serum and work it through the hair. Your hair will not be sleek straight, but will have some volume. If you want the sleek look, run a flat iron after the blow dry.

I was quite happy to be sporting a something other than my regular lazy weekend hair.

What does your weekend hair routine consist of?    

The Future of Styling Tools

A product thumbnail of Jilbere Nano Silver Jumbo Taper IronWe have been witness to many technological evolutions in our time. We’ve gone from the 8 track to mp3 players, the tube to 3D TV screens, and pin curls to the hairsetter, to name just a few.

Many futuristic and innovative styling tools can be found at Sally Beauty, including the Ion I-PAK Flat Iron and Ion Digital Dryer, which utilize the latest in new technology. Curls your thing? We have all sorts of different tools to create spiral curls and deep waves, like the GVP Clipless Curling Wand, Power IQ Taper Iron with clip or the Power IQ Deep Waver. Can you imagine what fun tools will exist in the future? It’s exciting to think about!

Which of the latest technologies are you most grateful for? What new style solution invention do you wish existed? 


Favorite Hair Dryers

A product thumbnail of Ion Titanium Platinum Digital Dryer With MemoryI thought it would be fun to poll a couple of my coworkers on what their favorite dryer is. Here’s what they had to say!

Alexia: I love my Ion IPak Argan Dryer!  I have fine, naturally straight hair so I have to blow dry it every morning. I use GVP’s Thermal Styling Spray to help protect and set, then use my IPak dryer with high heat and low airflow to get maximum volume. I follow up with GVP’s Super Spray (Compare to Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray) and curl with my Argan Heat 1” curling iron. And while I traveling I never go anywhere without my Ion Dual Voltage hair dryer! My favorite things about it – it folds to save space, has great airflow for a travel dryer, an on/off Ion button for super volume, AND it’s dual voltage so it goes to Hong Kong and China with me!

Alex: My hair is thick and naturally wavy, so when I blow dry it I want it to be silky smooth and straight. Most dryers leave my hair poufy and frizzy, but my Super Solano X Professional Xtreme Hair Dryer  leaves my hair just the way I want it. It dries my hair faster and is quieter than any other I’ve owned. Because my hair is so long, the extra-long power cord is such a great asset. It gives me that flexibility I need to move the dryer around while I‘m doing my hair. I use the air concentrator attachment and my large Ion Thermal Ceramic styling brush to achieve that “just out of the salon” look. To finish it all off I quickly run my Ion Mini Gator flat iron through my hair and I’m good to go!

Kelmy: I don’t usually dry my hair with a blow dryer, but when I do, I make sure it gives me great results as when I let my hair air-dry. I have the Ion Digital Dryer. It’s super modern and has lots of settings to get me just the right amount of air flow and heat. If I want to dry my hair straight, I crank up the heat a little more and lower the hair flow to reduce the frizz. I use an Ion Pro Shine Round Brush to straighten my curls as my hair dries. The boar bristles also reduce the frizz and add shine at the same time. If I just want to set my natural curls, here’s what I do:

• I add some mousse to my wet hair
• Comb it through with a wide tooth comb
• Attach the diffuser, which is included with the dryer
• Boost the air flow a little and set it with medium heat

In few minutes I am out the door with non-frizzy, bouncy ringlets.

Which is your favorite hair dryer from Sally Beauty?

Hot on the Trail of New Technology

When I see old photos like this one of my baby sister asleep under the hair dryer, I realize how fortunate we are to now have new, improved hair dryer technology on our side.

What used to take an hour or more of uncomfortable time under a hot dryer (so hot that you had to use tissue paper to cover your ears) can now be  achieved in a fraction of the time.  And hair dryers today have become so advanced that there is new technology that infuses your hair with ingredients that will improve the health and texture of your hair.

Here are two of my favorites.

One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer

A product thumbnail of One 'n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer

Ion I-Pak Infusion Dryer

A product thumbnail of Ion I-PAK Infusion Vapor Dryer

Do you have new and improved ways of achieving your current hair style?

Who Needs Roses?

Who needs a “Valentine” when you have your parents to voluntarily give you goodies and gifts? Not me! My parents have always been my Valentine throughout elementary, junior high, high school and college. One thing for sure is, they will never break your heart, and do not expect anything in return – only unconditional love.

Last year, my mother called me (as usual) to say “Happy V-Day” and to inform me that she had deposited $100 into my bank account. I was ecstatic! I knew that I did not want to make an impulse purchase, so I thought about it and decided to go to Sally Beauty to purchase a GiGi waxing kit. I was tired of paying $10 for a lip or brow wax each time I needed it.

Waxing might not sound like the most romantic of Valentine’s gifts but it has been THE BEST investment ever. I spent less than $70 for all of the supplies I needed and still had $30 to blow! Not to mention, you can easily spend $70 on a handful of salon visits. I have had my GiGi waxing kit for almost a year now, so when you do the math I definitely came out on the winning side. I brag about it all the time. =)

So who needs roses on Valentine’s Day? They die in a week! Tell your lover (or your parents) that you know exactly what you want for V-day this year!

Blow dryer basics + a question for you…

A product thumbnail of One 'n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer1. Towel dry and detangle first! Blow drying a dripping wet head just adds time and creates frizz.

2.Hold the dryer above your head and point it down the hair shaft to keep the cuticles smooth, and dry one area at a time.

3. Keep the dryer about six inches from your hair to avoid damage from concentrated heat.

4. Use the cool setting after your hair is dry to set your style and reduce static.

That’s it!

Now tell us about YOUR awesome blow dryer and what you like about it!