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Are you using the right brush?

I’m sure you’ve been to the Sally Beauty brush section and looked at the wide variety we carry. So have I and well…how’s a girl (or guy) to know which brush is the right brush??? There are just so many! From big to small, round to square, metal, wood, soft and not so soft and the list goes on. Overwhelming, isn’t it? Keep in mind that this is an important tool for styling your hair and using the wrong brush can actually cause damage to your hair or scalp.  Don’t stress, though. I’m here to help. Here’s a quick guide to brushes:

The Vent Brush as the name implies, has vents that allow the air to flow through. This is used for brushing while air drying. It is also used to detangle the hair when it is wet. People with thick hair, or easily tangled hair, should use this type of brush. One of my favorites is Ion Titanium Vented Ionic Brush.

A Cushion Brush is useful for smoothing hair and also good for detangling. This type is recommended for straight to wavy hair of any length since it will leave the hair sleek and smooth. This one is also popular among the guys since it has a nice cushiony feel.  Beautique Tahiti Wood Cushion Brush is a great one!

The Thermal Brush is a more versatile brush. This type is usually a round brush with stiffer bristles. It has a metal frame that conducts heat from the dryer to help mold the hair while using. For straight hair, this brush helps create volume and smooth. For curly hair, it is used to straighten out the curl while blow drying.  Keep in mind that the longer hair, the bigger the barrel of the brush should be. Beautique Thermal Ceramic Brushes are excellent.

There are also other specialty brushes such as the Teasing Brush, whose main job is just that – to tease the hair and create volume. Spornette Little Wonder Tease Brushes are a popular choice among stylists.

I learned the hard way what type of brush is best for curly hair. It took me some trying and testing with all these different brushes to figure out that curly hair gets detangled with a vent brush while it’s wet, and nothing else should touch the curls once it has dried. Unless of course I want the straight look, then it’s the thermal brush for me.

Let me know what are your favorite Sally Beauty brushes to use and help get your gorgeous looks!