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Repair Summer Damage


We’ve reached the point of the summer where I am just completely OVER IT. It’s hot, the days are long, my skin is dry, and my hair is fried. Even swimming has lost its appeal because I know that the chlorine and sun will do nothing to help the fuzzy nest that currently sits atop my head. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about the heat other than wait for cooler weather, but I can repair the damage I’ve done to my hair this summer.

Here’s my plan to fix my hair using my favorite miracle worker – argan oil.

First I will slather my head with the One ‘N Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask, and cover it with a plastic shower cap to sleep in. The cap will hold the heat in, which makes the product penetrate deeper, and I like to give it a full eight hours to do its thing. Sleeping like thisĀ takes a little getting used to, but if I can survive a childhood spent sleeping in hard pink rollers, I can do anything. To speed up the process, use your Argan Heat dryer on low.

Pro tip: Don’t use your fanciest pillow case, because the shower cap can slip during the night and no one wants a greasy pillow.

Not only did the chlorine and sun fry my hair, it also sucked the color right out of it. This actually isn’t too much of a bummer because fall is around the corner and I want to add some depth and red to my normally brown hair. My color pick? One ‘N Only Argan Oil Permanent Hair color in Dark Copper Brown. It’s a beautiful, rich shade and since it contains argan oil, it will help moisturize while it colors.

To keep my hair looking great after the treatment and color, I plan on using theĀ oil treatment daily before I dry and style my hair, and throughout the day to smooth any frizzies.

Bonus: Argan oil makes your hair smell delicious.

Anyone else ready for fall?