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Winter products

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 3.06.44 PMBaby it’s cold outside, and this Texan is NOT used to it!

I’m not a girl who hates winter – I like having actual seasons – but this one has been unusually cold for us and it’s taking a toll on my skin, nails and hair. I’m looking dry, feeling itchy, and I’m oddly red from the cold wind. Something must be done! So, a trip to Sally Beauty this weekend to stock up on all the winter essentials is in order.

Here’s what’s on my shopping list:

1. Orly Argan Oil Cuticle Drops  - My cuticles are a mess from being out in the cold, and shoving them into gloves. Argan Oil is a little miracle worker, and I like this brand for its nice, clean scent.

2. TIGI Pro Reconstructing Treatment Mask  - Raise your hand if your hair is dry, dry, dry! My ends could definitely use some TLC, and having some moisture back in my hair will help with the frizzies. I like to apply it, and then pop on a shower cap to concentrate the heat. I find it helps it absorb and really work.

3. Queen Helene Olive Oil Masque  - I love Queen Helene products. They are classic and have stood the test of time for a reason! I use the mint masque on my t-zone several times a week to help with blackheads, but I like this olive oil masque for when my skin is feeling extra dry and flakey.

4. Heel to Toe Cucumber Heal Treatment - Can’t forget about my feet! They need some lovin’, too, after tromping around in boots all day. This treatment works like a charm and smells delicious.

What products help you get through the long, cold winter?


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Express pedicure

A product thumbnail of Heel to Toe Pedicure Foot FileI love wearing my sandals and flip-flops during the summer, but the sun and fun do not make my feet look pretty, which is why I love the Heel To Toe Spa Pedicure products. In four easy steps I can keep my feet looking and feeling great all summer long!

  1.  I start my express pedi by using the Pedicure Foot File and go at my dry spots. A nail technician once taught me that I’ll get more of the dry skin off by filing the foot dry, and I think it really works!
  2. I relax for a few minutes while my toes soak in the Invigorating Foaming Foot Soak.
  3. Exfoliate again with the Exfoliating and Polishing Foot Scrub (I’ll even use this on my lower legs for extra softness there, too). Rinse off and pat your feet and legs dry.
  4. Slather on the Conditioning Leg and Foot Lotion to finish. This lotion soaks in fast, so I don’t even need to put socks on, just wait a couple minutes and go.

That’s it! Now, I’m ready for some new sandal shopping and summer fun!

Orly Argan Oil Cuticle Drops by ORLY
TIGI Pro Reconstructing Treatment Mask by TIGI
Queen Helene Olive Oil Masque by QUEENH
Heel To Toe Spa Cucumber Heel Treatment by HL2TOE