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Our Favorite Spring Nail Shades

Spring is here and around our office we couldn’t be more excited. Soon we’ll be able to shed our jackets, see greener landscape out our windows and enjoy a patio lunch. There’s nothing like feeling refreshed.

I polled our the fabulous girls behind our website and social media team to find out how they’re rejuvenating their nail colors for these brighter days. Our favorite colors right now include some gold tints and pastel hues.

Our Favorite Spring Nail Shades #SallyBeauty Our staff picks (L to R): Stardust Blush, In A Lilly Bit, Thistle Do Nicely,
Spring In My Step, Amazon Amazoff, Luxe, Rockin’ Renaissance


“My obsession with all things rose gold this spring knows no limits, which is why I’m loving Stardust Blush from the FingerPaints Shredded Chromes collection. It hits all the musts on my list – the perfect shade, a sparkly finish and a fantastic formula.” – Lindsey, Social Media Manager


“Currently my favorite Spring color is China Glaze In A Lilly Bit. It’s a lighter shade of purple that’s almost neutral, but still pastel.” – Donna, Social Media Content Coordinator


“China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely has just the right amount of sweet coral to welcome spring, and a hint of fiery red to give winter the boot.  It’s the perfect accessory for any spring outfit without looking like a walking Easter egg.” – Kayla, eCommerce Merchandise Coordinator


“My current nail crush is OPI Amazon Amazoff – it’s the definition of a perfect teal with a hint of shimmer.  It adds a pop of color to my usual all black attire, and is a constant reminder of my Hawaiian vacation in a few months!” – Kirsten, eCommerce Site Merchandiser


“You can’t go wrong with Spring In My Step from the City Flourish Collection! The name itself gives a shout out to the season. It’s a great neutral color that complements nicely the bright hues I plan on donning this spring.”
Cami, Email Deployment Coordinator


“My go-to nail shade is Orly Naughty in the winter months. As the weather turns warmer and my wardrobe starts to include shades of coral and blue, I turn to Orly Luxe. This shimmery, warm, metallic shade is the perfect accent for the brighter shades of Spring.” – Shana, eCommerce Site Merchandise Manager


“I’m really into the nude colors this spring.  I love to pair them with FingerPaints Rockin’ Renaissance.  It’s a pale pink textured glitter that goes well with most nude colors or by itself.” – Susan, Sr. Search Marketing Manager


We want to see your Spring manis! What colors make your day brighter? Share a pic with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



Top 5 Valentine Nail Art Tutorials


Top 5 Valentine Nail Art Tutorials from #SallyBeauty

Every girl wants to look their best on Valentine’s Day, single or not! To make your outfit pop this year try a simple nail art design. There’s lots of inspiration on our Pinterest board but we’ve grabbed our top five tutorials for you below:

1. DIY heart with craft punch
Valentines Tutorial 1

2. Color blocking
Valentines Tutorial 2

3. Okay, this one is a Christmas design but it’s so fun!
Valentines Tutorial 3

4. Glitter makes everything better
Valentines Tutorial 5

5. Tainted love
Valentines Tutorial 4



FingerPaints Neon

fingerpaints_handI love wearing bright, neon shades in the summer but I miss them in the winter. This look is a great way for you wear the bright shades you love, but winterize them! It’s incredibly easy to do and I’ve even given you a step by step guide,  so it’s fool-proof! Think of it like a twist on a neon French mani!

Oh, and did I mention that FingerPaints relaunched their entire nail lacquer brand? Available in store February 1st is a completely revamped palette, and professional quality formula. Don’t worry, we kept some of your favorite shades, but now you can buy them in a better formula that is one stroke coverage, high shine, and long-wearing! We know you will be impressed!

The upgraded precision brush is also perfect for creating the straight lines and precision you need for this look.


WHAT YOU WILL NEED: FingerPaints Nail Color in Paper Mache, (white), Black Expressionism (black), Leonardo’s Lime (green), Inkblot Blue (blue), Pink Perspective (pink), Pop Art Purple (purple) and FingerPaints Top Coat in Clear.

STEP 1: Starting with your left hand, apply 1 stroke of Paper Mache along the far left side of the nail (The left when you are looking at your own hands). Repeat this step on the left side of every nail on the left hand only.

Hint: The white bottom layer is optional, but it really helps make the neon shades pop!

step2STEP 2: Now using the other nail colors, apply a second stroke of color on top of the white. To recreate the look in the photo follow this pattern: On the left hand, going left to right starting with your pinky, use Pop Art Purple, Pink Perspective, Inkblot Blue, Leonardo’s Lime, and a second coat of Paper Mache on your thumb. Do the opposite for your left hand.

STEP 3: Apply Black Expressionism to all nails, over the entire nail, except you want to leave a little slice of color. Think of it as a reverse french  effect.

STEP 4: Use FingerPaints Top Coat in Clear to lock in nail design and make color pop!



FingerPaints A Pair Affair by All Lacquered Up


I am so excited to show you our latest collection – A Pair Affair by All Lacquered Up. Sally Beauty had the great pleasure of working with Michelle Mismas on this collection, and I think you will love these duos:

Our Tips are Tealed & Bare No Secrets

Sage It Ain’t So & A Grape Catch

You Yacht To Know Better & Sarong So Right

Here’s what Michelle has to say about the collection, “When it comes to nail color, I’ve never been a matchy-matchy person. I figure life is too short and I have too many nail polishes to wear just one shade at a time. So with this collection, I wanted to create three sets of on-trend duos that work for mani-pedi combinations, multi-colored manicures and nail art. The nail polishes and names represent my love of color and playful sense of humor.”

They can of course be worn separately, but I think the way they pair together for nail art and accent nails is fabulous.

Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite duo!



Friday Fashion Poll

Do you have a signature manicure style? For instance, do you always wear some sort of nail art, or do you stick to neutrals?

Mine changes up depending on my mood. I love wearing glitters, but if I’m busy I will wear cremes so I don’t have to deal with removing stubborn glitter. I rarely wear nail art except for an accent nail once in a while. And, you will almost never see me in reds, pinks and taupes. Too conservative for these tips!

What about you? What’s your manicure style? Does it change according to mood and season?

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Signature Manicure Style

  • Neutrals (pinks, reds, taupes) (31%, 15 Votes)
  • Glitters (23%, 11 Votes)
  • Cremes (17%, 8 Votes)
  • Nail Art (17%, 8 Votes)
  • Bare (12%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 48

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lindsey w title

Neon Nails

Nails-page8For this look we took two of the hottest nail trends (neon colors and white polished nails) and combined them for a fun, easy manicure. Let’s get started!

Supplies needed:
Neon polishes (I used the Orly Brights Collection. In stores now!)
White polish
Artist striping tape (Found in any art supply store.)
Top coat

Step 1:
Paint each nail a different neon shade of your choice. Neon polish is thin by nature, so this could take several coats to get it as opaque as you want. Let dry completely.

Step 2:
Arrange striping tape in whatever pattern you desire. It’s easiest to do this one nail at a time.

Step 3:
Paint an even coat of white polish over the tape. As soon as the nail is covered, remove the tape. It leaves cleaner lines when you take it off while the polish is wet. Repeat for each nail.

Step 4:
Swipe a coat of your favorite top coat and enjoy these gorgeous, trendy nails!

lindsey w title

FingerPaints Gel Polish – Nail Art

Have you tried the new FingerPaints Soak off Gel Polish? I’m in LOVE with the color selection and how long it lasts! Goodbye chips!

For my latest gel polish manicure, I wanted to mix things up with a simple nail art design. Here’s how to do it:

1. Prep nails by washing them thoroughly, and buff with a 180 buffer to remove shine. Push back cuticles with a plastic pusher and wipe nails with FingerPaints Gel Polish Soak-Off Gel Cleanser to remove oils and dust.

2. Apply FingerPaints Gel Polish Chip-Free Bonder to the tips of your nails. Skip this step if you’re doing a pedicure.

3. Apply a thin layer of FingerPaints Gel Polish Soak-Off Base Coat to fingers and cure in the LED lamp for 30 seconds.

4. Thin layers are the key to success with gel polish, so make sure all your layers are nice and light! Apply a layer of the pink gel polish and cure in the lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a second layer of the pink and cure for an additional 30 seconds.

5. Apply the orange polish at an angle to the tips of your nails and cure for 30 seconds in the LED lamp.

6. Then using the FingerPaints Gel Polish Soak-Off Top Coat, apply a thin layer and cure for 30 seconds. The top layer will be a little sticky, so remove that using the FingerPaints Gel Polish Soak-Off Gel Cleanser on a lint-free pad.

7. Lastly, massage a generous amount of FingerPaints Gel Polish Cuticle Oil to your cuticles. Use this daily to keep your manicure looking fresh.

Have you tried the new gel polish yet? What do you think?

FingerPaints Candy Coated

Have you tried the new FingerPaints Candy Coated collection? I love how it looks with a full nail of beads, but I thought I’d mix it up and try doing a few patterns with the beads. The trick to this is nail glue. It really helps the beads stick in the pattern. I also found using tweezers to manipulate the beads was helpful.

These are a few designs I came up with that you can try at home, along with the classic all over bead look. We’d love to see any of your designs, so feel free to upload your pictures to our Sally Beauty Facebook.

Movember Nails

To help support Movember and its mission of supporting men’s health, I thought it would be fun to paint a moustached face on one hand and a coordinating pattern on the other hand. I think they go very well together. Hope you do, too!

Let’s get started!


Nail Polish Remover
Stripe Rite Black Striping Polish
Polish Remover Pads
Wax paper
Clear Base Coat
Clear Top Coat
Sally Girl Pure White
Dotting Tool or Toothpick

Remove your old polish, file and buff your nails. Apply a clear basecoat and let dry.

Step 1: With the Sally Girl Pure White polish, paint the entire nail. You will probably need two coats. Let dry.

Step 2: Using Stripe Rite black striping polish, beginning in the lower third of the nail in the center, paint one half of the mustache. The shape is a little like a “leaf”. Then paint the other half the same way.

Next, drip a few drops of the black polish on piece of wax paper. With the large end of a dotting tool, make two dots for eyes. And, using the striping brush, paint two eyebrows above each eye.

Step 4: Before painting this step, be sure the eyes are completely dry. Drip a few drops of white polish on the piece of wax paper. With a smaller dotting tool, paint a white dot in the center of each eye to make glasses. Let dry.

For an alternate look on the other hand, paint your nails black with a thin white stripe across the tip. Let dry.

To finish, apply two coats of topcoat to all nails and let dry.

I think this design is a great way to support such an important cause. I hope you enjoy painting them as much as I did.

Until next time…keep those nails covered.

Summer Citrus Nail Art

When I think of summer, I think of warm, lazy days, sitting in the shade of a big tree and drinking a cool fruit drink. Now, doesn’t that sound nice? Well, since that scene seldom happens, I thought that we could at least paint our nails in slices of those wonderful summer citrus colors. Let’s get started.

Nail Polish Remover                                      
Dark Green Striping Nail Polish
Polish Remover Pads                                    
Medium Orange Nail Polish
Clear Base Coat                                               
Dark Orange Nail Polish
Light Lime or Yellow Nail Polish                
White Striping Nail Polish
Medium Lime Nail Polish                            
White Polish                     
Clear Top Coat

Remove your old polish, file and buff your nails. Apply a clear basecoat and let dry.

Step 1:
Paint your entire nail in Light Lime or Yellow nail polish. You will probably need two coats. Let dry.

Step 2:
About half way up the nail, paint a slightly curved “v” in white polish and finish painting the tip in white. Let dry.

Step 3:
With White Striping polish, paint white “section” lines and a white “center “ on the tip of the nail for the lime and orange. Also, with Dark Green Striping polish, paint a thin dark green line, following the outside of the lime and using the dark orange polish, a line outside the orange. This will indicate the rind.

Step 4:
Create dark highlights against the white inside edge of the lime using the Dark Green Striping polish, and the orange using the Dark Orange Striping polish. If you get paint on the white outline, no problem, that’s what the White Striping polish is for. Just make any necessary touch-ups, add a few white highlights to the center of the lime and orange and you are finished.

Now, sit down and relax with a nice cool citrus drink. You deserve it!