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Friday Fashion Poll – Sultry eyes or Red Lips?

redeyeIt case the flowers, hearts and chocolates floating around have escaped your attention, today is Valentine’s Day – the holiday you either love, hate or think is made up. It inspires quite strong feelings, doesn’t it?

My feelings on the “Day of Love” change from year to year. It’s nice when I have a Valentine, but when I don’t, I think it’s a good excuse to get made-up and hit the town with the girls. Or let’s be real – stay in with some comfy pjs and a romantic comedy.

Tonight I’m unattached and the ladies and I are headed out for dinner and fun. I’m pretty set on my outfit, but can’t decide which route to go with my makeup. Sultry eyes or red lip? Remember the rule of thumb – eyes or lips, never both at the same time. Of course there are exceptions, but rebel I am not, andI’m going to play it safe and stick with one.

If I go with eye-popping red lips, I will wear my favorite Femme Couture Prime Wear Lipstick in Blushing Red . It has a nice gloss to it without being crazy shiny, and the built-in primer keeps it from bleeding and fading.

For sultry eyes, there is nothing handier than the Femme Couture Velvet Eye Color Quad in Mystery . It has every shade you need to nail this look. If eyes win tonight, I’ll pair the shadow quad with some black liquid liner and big Ardell lashes .

So, who should win? Eyes or Lips?


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A sultry makeup look for NYE

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past year and plan for the New Year.  It’s also the time to look your best, right?

The sultry look is still the HOTTEST and most asked about ‘How to’ look.  The best part about it is the ability to go from soft to bold all by layering.  Femme Couture offers all that and more to complete this look.

Steps to achieve: (Remember it is all about layering to be as sultry as you want!)

  1. On the brow bone apply brow highlighting pencil smudging with your finger.
  2. Apply Pearl eye shadow  on entire lid and about ¾ the way up.
  3. To intensify, apply Black Diamond  to the crease (layer for a bolder look).
  4. Use finger to smooth and blend shadow.
  5. Line upper lash line with Jet Felt-Tipped liquid liner .  Apply in one smooth stroke moving from inner to outer corner of the eyelid ending with an upward cat tail.
  6. For staying power and more definition sweep Black Diamond eye shadow across liner.  This creates the smoky look.
  7. For an extreme bold look, use Opulent Onyx eyeliner to line underneath the eye beginning from outside corner moving toward the inner. Or, for a softer sultry look, using an eyeliner brush apply Black Diamond eye shadow underneath the eye.  Use your finger to blend and soften.
  8. Finish the look by adding Midnight Black Monster XXL mascara  to lashes to create monstrous volume.

Whatever your New Year’s Eve destination, send out 2013 looking your HOTTEST!


Comic Cutie

pop art girlsmStep 1: Determine where you want your color and outline those areas with a white pencil . This will make the color pop, as well as help guide you.  Conceal lips and eyebrows with a concealer that matches your skin tone and set with a translucent powder.

Step 2: Apply the main color areas. On the eyes, pat a bright shadow onto the main lid. Next, apply varying shades of blue eye shadow with small definer brush to fill and accentuate the tears. For the lips, use a bright red lip liner to create the shape and fill in the lips. Don’t be afraid to go outside your natural lip lines. This is a cartoon look, so make them big and curvy! Leave open spots for the highlight areas and fill those in with a white pencil.

Step 3: Using a felt tip liquid eye liner , create all expression lines, outline the lips and tears as well as fill in the eyebrows (These will help sell your expression!).

Step 4: Apply dots all over face with a white pencil, add a fun wig and you are finished!

Happy Halloween!


Beyond Belief BB Cream with SPF

bb creamBeyond Belief BB Cream is back and better than ever! Now with Broad Spectrum SPF 15, our two most popular shades, Light and Medium are here to stay!

BB Cream is a great time-saving product that acts as a primer, concealer, foundation, and moisturizer for a perfect finish. It’s a 5-in-1 multi-benefit cream that now prevents sunburn!

I like that it doesn’t give me the shiny appearance that I usually get from using a sunscreen product. Instead, I get a very natural appearance that doesn’t look too “made-up.” Perfect for the days I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a lot of make-up, but also don’t want to leave the house without a little something on my face!

Find this great product in the skincare section of your local Sally Beauty!



Friday Fashion Poll

How old were you when you first started wearing make-up?

I distinctly remember the first time I wore lipstick. I was in sixth grade, and it was a frosty apricot I “borrowed” from my older sister’s Caboodle. I foolishly thought it was subtle enough that my mother wouldn’t notice, but of course she did and made me wipe it off before we went to church. Kids think they’re so sneaky, don’t they? There is nothing subtle about frost!

The next year when I went to middle school, is when I was finally able to start wearing make-up regularly. And boy did I wear it! Think lots of grocery store waxy blue eyeliner and bright pink lipstick, which was of course reapplied during every passing period at my locker mirror. I went back that year to visit an old elementary school teacher and the first thing she literally said was, “I see you discovered lipstick.” #embarrassing

What about you? What was your first experience with makeup? We’d love to hear your stories!

How old were you when you started wearing make-up?

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National Lipstick Day

July 29th is National Lipstick day.  Can you believe there is a whole day dedicated to those irresistible tiny tubes of beautiful color?  It couldn’t have come at a better time, since lipstick has rapidly been regaining popularity in recent months.  It’s hard to open a magazine or flip on the television without noticing a bold new lipstick trend.  While they were once waxy and drying, lipsticks are now available in a variety of different textures, finishes, and colors.  You can find endless lipstick inspiration at your local Sally’s store in the Femme Couture line.  Try the tips below to liven up your lips!

Play up a new Texture

Matte lipstick is here to stay.  This trend has been everywhere for the past few seasons, but it has proven to be versatile enough to have some lasting power.   A matte lip can add serious drama to your look, but it can also be more subdued than an over-the-top glossy pout. Femme Couture’s five new matte shades are launching in August under the long-loved Ultra Hydrating Lip Color line.  Unlike other matte lipsticks that can be dry and chalky, these glide on smoothly and leave lips moisturized.

Give your lips a dazzling Finish

Another way to mix up your lipstick look is with a shimmery finish.  Femme Couture’s Prime Wear Diamond Color line is made up of 8 shades of glimmering gorgeousness!  Since they’re from the Prime Wear line, they have the primer built in for longer-lasting color.  They’re also moisturizing, shiny, and give just the right amount of shimmer.  My favorite shade for day is Desert Diamond, which enhances my natural lip color and gives just the right amount of shimmer.  For evening, I love to play up the drama with Shimmering Sangria, a sophisticated deep wine shade with gold shimmer.  These will hit stores on August 1st as well.

Indulge in a Pop of Color

The biggest trend we’ve seen in the warmer months for the past few years has been the bold, bright lip.  And I’m not talking about runways and fashion magazines here…this trend has gone mainstream.  So stop making excuses and try it!  The bright lip is perfect for any occasion, from Sunday brunch to a fun night out on the town with the girls.  These lipsticks are in stores now, but just like summer, they won’t be around forever–grab them while you can!


Femme Couture Shiny Color Crayons and Giveaway

141499_GiveAwayBanners_300x250V2I recently went out to lunch with my mother, and after we finished eating I asked if  I could borrow some lip gloss.  She handed me her purse and I was shocked to find no fewer than twelve lip products in the designated side pocket. Twelve.

There were lipsticks, stains, glosses, chapsticks, lip balm pots, and everything in between.  I don’t think that’s normal…at least not for carrying in your bag on a day-to-day basis.   I myself tend to be a lip gloss devotee because I like a little more glamour than lip balm but feel that lipstick is a bit high-maintenance.  On special occasions, I do the gloss-over-lipstick-over-balm routine, but I refuse to tote all of those products around with me.

Luckily for us, these are modern times–there’s no need to hoard or limit yourself to one type of product.  The new Shiny Color Crayon from Femme Couture  is a girl’s best friend.  These twist-up lip crayons are easy to apply like a chapstick, moisturizing like a lip balm, deliver color like a lipstick, and leave the perfect shine like a lip gloss.  They also come in every color you could need, from the bright red “Cherry” to the subtle “Barely Blushing”.

Carrying twelve lip products in your purse at a time?  Not acceptable.  Snatching up all six covetable shades of the Shiny Color Crayon? Totally understandable.

Want to win one? Enter on Facebook between now and 8/4/13 at 11:59PDT to be entered for a chance to win the shade of your choice. 20 will win!




Friday Fashion Poll

iStock_000009024020SmallIn my family, we were taught to ALWAYS tell someone when they have lipstick on their teeth, even if they’re a stranger. No one, and I mean no one, wants to walk around not knowing they have a little something on their teeth.

But, considering how many times I’ve checked myself in a mirror after a conversation and been horrified to see I have lipstick smeared everywhere

What about you? Do you let people know when they have something on or in their teeth, or do you just let it slide?

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Telling strangers they have lipstick on their teeth

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Femme Couture Get Waterproof Mascara Topcoat

waterproofI don’t really bother with waterproof mascaras anymore.  Most of them aren’t truly waterproof, and even if they are, I always find that I don’t like the texture of them.   For a girl like me who doesn’t feel “put together” unless I have mascara on, the absence of waterproof mascara in my life is a little limiting in the summer.

One of my favorite summer memories is from a trip I took to the beach last year.  My friends and I took tons of photos, but every single one of us has raccoon eyes in all of our beach pictures.  This year, I plan on looking amazing in my photos by using the Femme Couture “Get Waterproof” Top Coat.

It’s genius—you can use whatever mascara you want all summer long and just top it off with a clear, reliable, heavy-duty top layer before you go someplace where you’ll be in danger of getting splashed!  This tiny tube is a lifesaver for vacations, pool days, or even for movie dates to see romantic tear-jerkers.  It’s only available this month, so stock up!


Beyond Belief BB Cream

Have you noticed the BB Cream craze? It’s seems like they are popping up all over!

BB Creams (the BB stands for beauty balm) have been popular in Asia for years and now are popular here in the States. These multi-tasking wonders combine skincare and cosmetics to create an all-in-one product.  Have you tried one yet?

I got a chance to try the new Beyond Belief BB Cream, which is a 5-in-1 Skin Perfector. It primes, perfects, hydrates, corrects, and conceals, which really means I don’t have to use a separate moisturizer, primer, concealer, and foundation when I use it.  I told you that BB Creams were multi-tasking wonders!

Not only does this save me so much time in the morning, but I love that I am able to get a smooth finish with only one layer of product! The Beyond Belief BB Cream comes in three shades: Light, Medium, and Medium-Dark. Each shade blends easily, so I was able to make it look even and blend with my skin tone. After applying, I just move on to applying my powder cosmetics.

Beyond Belief BB Cream will be in your local Sally Beauty store starting in March (that’s this Friday!), so be sure to try it out and let us know what you think about BB Cream!

Femme Couture Glossy Lip Creme Blushing Red by FEMME
Femme Couture Velvet Eye Color Quad Mystery by FEMME
Runway Eye Lashes by ARDELL
Femme Couture Perfect Arch Brow Highlighter by FEMME
Femme Couture Eternal Color Intense Silky Shadow Pearl by FEMME
Femme Couture Eternal Color Intense Silky Shadow Black Diamond by FEMME
Femme Couture Eternal Color Felt Tipped Jet Eyeliner by FEMME
Monster Lash XXL Midnight Black by FEMME
Beautique Eye Pencil White by BTIQUE
Palladio Herbal Liquid Eyeliner Black by PLADIO
Femme Couture Shiny Color Crayon Cherry by FEMME