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Gift Guide For The Ladies

I don’t know about you, but when I’m doing my holiday shopping I live for gift guides! I always find cute presents for my family and friends that I would never have thought of, and if I’m being honest here – a gift (or three) for myself.

Check out our suggestions for the ladies on your list. Maybe you’ll find something you wouldn’t mind finding under your own tree. Tis the season for giving, right?


1. Femme Couture Eternal Color Self-Adjust Blush
2. Femme Couture Lip Luster Lip Gloss 
3. DCNL Crystal Flower Mini Combs
4. Selfie Pink Brush
5. Hot Shot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron
6. FingerPaints Glitz Manicure Kit
7. Femme Couture Fake Lash Mascara
8. Vintage Glam Glamorous Hair Essential Kit


1. Femme Couture Glossy Prime Wear Long Lasting Lip Creme
2. So Gorgeous Pump Up the Volume Gift Set
3. FingerPaints Black Wrap Watch
4. Femme Couture Color Made Easy Shadow Effects Trio
5. Femme Couture Eye Drama Liquid Glitter Eyeliner
6. Jilbere Limited Edition Rock ‘n Studs Flat Iron
7. Jilbere Limited Edition Rock ‘n Studs Hair Dryer
8. FingerPaints Limited Edition Patent Leather Manicure Kit



1. Palladio Liquid Eyeliner 
2. OPI Wrapped Wild for the Holidays Gift Set
3. Femme Couture Moon Glow Shimmer Shadow
4. Precision Beauty Eyelash and Brow Set
5. Andrea Accents lashes
6. Ion Keratin Heat Styling Cream
7. CHI Elite Chevron Metallic Flat Iron 

HOW TO : Classic Darling Hair

How to style preppy hair

A classic hair style means playing up a natural look. It’s darling, it’s flirty, it’s basic with purpose.  Here is how to get these bouncy, wavy curls, sealed with a bow…

Pin hair up so you can work in sections. As we taught in our curling iron tips & tricks and flat iron tips & tricks, working in small sections with heat tools will always yield the best result!

Preppy Hair STEP1

Use the BeLissPro Curl Genius to get easy, perfect bouncy curls. Place a small section of hair in chamber. Tool will beep when curl is ready for release. Watch the video on the product page to see this tool in action.

Preppy Hair STEP2a Preppy Hair STEP2

Curl entire head of hair. TIP : using smaller sections of hair will yield tighter curls, larger sections of hair will yield looser curls.

Preppy Hair STEP3

Give curls a light spray to help them last longer. Sally Beauty has lots of great firm hold hair spray options to choose from.

Preppy Hair STEP4

Now that you’ve set your curls, use your hands and fingers to fluff and shape.

Preppy Hair STEP5

All that’s left is the bow on top! Choose your favorite bow, clip or headband and you are all set!

Preppy Hair STEP6a

How to style preppy hair

Be sure to take a peek at our full classic darling style tutorial to complete the look!

Don’t miss out on the Limited Edition Cherry Red BeLissPro Curl Genius. Comes with a complimentary leopard print storage bag!

Red BeLissPRO Curl Genius


HOW TO : Sleek Hair

Sleek Hair STEP6b

So you need something simple, yet sophisticated. How about a perfect, sleek pony? Here is how to master a perfectly parted ponytail – a style you can wear to work that still looks chic enough for happy hour later!

Find your center part. This is best done with a comb. One easy way is by using the comb’s tail as show in the photo below. Part hair at a perfect center for a streamlined look.

Sleek Hair STEP1

Give your hair a good brushing. We recommend using a brush with natural bristles.

Sleek Hair STEP2

Using your flat iron, smooth out entire head of hair from roots to tips. Check out our Flat Iron 101 and Flat Iron Tips & Tricks to get the most from your flat iron experience.

Sleek Hair STEP3

Use your hands to smoothly pull your hair back into a low pony. Don’t use your fingers to smooth back, use your palms. That will create a smoother look.

Sleek Hair STEP4

Secure your pony with a simple hair tie. Basic black always works. Or you could use a color to match a detail in your outfit.

Sleek Hair STEP5 Sleek Hair STEP6a

Sleek Hair STEP6b

Don’t miss our tutorial on how to get this overall sleek daytime look with makeup, too.


DIY Style File: Every Day Sleek & Sophisticated Look

Sleek and Sophisticated Tutorial

We’re back with installation #2 of our DIY Style File series! This look is all about timelessness and versatility. You can effortlessly take it to the office, the PTA meeting or girls night.

The signature piece here is the straight and low pony. The secret: use a flat iron to straighten hair and a smoothing hairspray like Beyond The Zone Smooth Criminal. This way, when you pull hair back into the low-slung ponytail, you’re not fighting with any natural waves or bumps.


Because your hair is pulled back and away from the face, your eyes and lips will be on center stage. Have fun with that!

Line your eyes with Femme Couture Liquid Eye Liner in Black and finish out with a small wing corners. Apply Ardell Natural Lashes once the liner is completely dry. Tip: Use tweezers to apply for more precise placement. Check back next week for the full eye makeup tutorial!


You’ll want to add a hint of color and shine to your lips. It’s okay to go a bit bolder in color choice with these Femme Couture Shiny Color Crayons. They’re like a cross between a gloss and a stain, so the color won’t be over-the-top. Bonus: they’re also extra moisturizing.



And for a twist on safe basic beige nails, add slanted black tips. So simple and such a quick way to dress up your everyday look without a lot of effort.



DIY Style File: Every Day Classic Darling Look


Welcome to our first DIY Style File! We’re excited to share easy, fun ways to find your own DIY style.

Start first, by picking a fun bold-patterned blouse and layer with a cozy sweater in a softer, subtler color to add depth and contrast.

Next, you’ll need to add the same attention to layering and depth but this time, for your eyes. The Femme Couture Smoky Nude Palette will do the trick for a luxe velvety soft look with just the right amount of drama for day wear. You can even add some fake lashes for extra umph. We like these Ardell Natural Eye Lashes. Don’t forget the brows. Try Beautique Brow Pencil in Brunette. The full tutorial on eyes will be posted next week. Be sure to check back for details!


Because the eyes are the focal point for this daytime look, keep lips soft and natural. Try Femme Couture Matte Lip Creme in Honey Nude.


Probably our favorite part of this look is the hair because we absolutely LOVE using the BeLissPRO Curl Genius. I am serious when I tell you it has changed my life! I have purchased just about every type of curling implement known to man – hot curlers, tapered irons, basic curling irons, foam rollers, etc. Either I don’t have the patience to deal with the time it takes or I end up burning my fingertips when I get to the back part of my hair (which I have dubbed “no-man’s land”). Anyway, I can curl my entire head of hair in 10 minutes or under. Seriously. Curl after perfect curl. Plus, it’s just fun to watch how it works!



As you can see, anywhere you can put a bow on it, you should. From the hair, the bag and – our favorite – the nails! Again, be sure to come back for the full tutorial. You won’t want to miss it!


If you try any of the DIY Style File techniques, we’d love to see them! Be sure to use #DIYStyleFile #SallyBeauty when you post to Twitter or Instagram.

Any suggestions for future looks you’d like to see featured? Let us know that, too!