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FingerPaints Nail Polish

FP-ROCK-MY-WORLDThere has been a lot excitement this month over the NEW FingerPaints!  Have you checked it out yet? We are talking new formula (best one out there!), new look, a ton of new colors, and a new brush that was specially designed to work with the new formula. We are talking smooth, flawless one-coat application on most colors.

Check out the rich, heavily pigmented creams, the seriously packed glitters, the shimmers, glass flecks, pearls, you name it! Even the range of colors is something to get excited about!

In February FingerPaints is Buy 1 Get 1 Free (sorry, excludes soak-off gel polish)!!! Get an oldie but goody, a new color or a combination of both! We would love to hear what you think about the new formula.

If you have a chance, jump over to the FingerPaints Nail Color Facebook page and look at the swatches that have been posted and watch for giveaways!! (We love giveaways).


New formula for FingerPaints

bee-things_SallyBeauty_FingerPaints_Fed_ad_120413February will bring some exciting things for FingerPaints!

How about a new formula, over 50 new colors and a new look?!

A total of 95 shades of rich, intense color with spectacular shine, supreme durability, and exceptional coverage, all in a flawless, one-coat application. Yes! I am talking creams, glitters, neons and special effects!

There’s also a new brush! The brush was specially designed to work with FingerPaints new premium formula to maximize application. It’s the best brush and best formula out there! You are going to love the smooth application and streak free finish. Are you excited yet? I am!

Run to your local Sally Beauty and pick up a bottle! For the month of February FingerPaints is Buy 1 nail color Get 1 nail color FREE!!! And while you are there, check out the Rock My World collection!


FingerPaints Neon

fingerpaints_handI love wearing bright, neon shades in the summer but I miss them in the winter. This look is a great way for you wear the bright shades you love, but winterize them! It’s incredibly easy to do and I’ve even given you a step by step guide,  so it’s fool-proof! Think of it like a twist on a neon French mani!

Oh, and did I mention that FingerPaints relaunched their entire nail lacquer brand? Available in store February 1st is a completely revamped palette, and professional quality formula. Don’t worry, we kept some of your favorite shades, but now you can buy them in a better formula that is one stroke coverage, high shine, and long-wearing! We know you will be impressed!

The upgraded precision brush is also perfect for creating the straight lines and precision you need for this look.


WHAT YOU WILL NEED: FingerPaints Nail Color in Paper Mache, (white), Black Expressionism (black), Leonardo’s Lime (green), Inkblot Blue (blue), Pink Perspective (pink), Pop Art Purple (purple) and FingerPaints Top Coat in Clear.

STEP 1: Starting with your left hand, apply 1 stroke of Paper Mache along the far left side of the nail (The left when you are looking at your own hands). Repeat this step on the left side of every nail on the left hand only.

Hint: The white bottom layer is optional, but it really helps make the neon shades pop!

step2STEP 2: Now using the other nail colors, apply a second stroke of color on top of the white. To recreate the look in the photo follow this pattern: On the left hand, going left to right starting with your pinky, use Pop Art Purple, Pink Perspective, Inkblot Blue, Leonardo’s Lime, and a second coat of Paper Mache on your thumb. Do the opposite for your left hand.

STEP 3: Apply Black Expressionism to all nails, over the entire nail, except you want to leave a little slice of color. Think of it as a reverse french  effect.

STEP 4: Use FingerPaints Top Coat in Clear to lock in nail design and make color pop!



FingerPaints A Pair Affair by All Lacquered Up


I am so excited to show you our latest collection – A Pair Affair by All Lacquered Up. Sally Beauty had the great pleasure of working with Michelle Mismas on this collection, and I think you will love these duos:

Our Tips are Tealed & Bare No Secrets

Sage It Ain’t So & A Grape Catch

You Yacht To Know Better & Sarong So Right

Here’s what Michelle has to say about the collection, “When it comes to nail color, I’ve never been a matchy-matchy person. I figure life is too short and I have too many nail polishes to wear just one shade at a time. So with this collection, I wanted to create three sets of on-trend duos that work for mani-pedi combinations, multi-colored manicures and nail art. The nail polishes and names represent my love of color and playful sense of humor.”

They can of course be worn separately, but I think the way they pair together for nail art and accent nails is fabulous.

Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite duo!



FingerPaints Gel Polish – Nail Art

Have you tried the new FingerPaints Soak off Gel Polish? I’m in LOVE with the color selection and how long it lasts! Goodbye chips!

For my latest gel polish manicure, I wanted to mix things up with a simple nail art design. Here’s how to do it:

1. Prep nails by washing them thoroughly, and buff with a 180 buffer to remove shine. Push back cuticles with a plastic pusher and wipe nails with FingerPaints Gel Polish Soak-Off Gel Cleanser to remove oils and dust.

2. Apply FingerPaints Gel Polish Chip-Free Bonder to the tips of your nails. Skip this step if you’re doing a pedicure.

3. Apply a thin layer of FingerPaints Gel Polish Soak-Off Base Coat to fingers and cure in the LED lamp for 30 seconds.

4. Thin layers are the key to success with gel polish, so make sure all your layers are nice and light! Apply a layer of the pink gel polish and cure in the lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a second layer of the pink and cure for an additional 30 seconds.

5. Apply the orange polish at an angle to the tips of your nails and cure for 30 seconds in the LED lamp.

6. Then using the FingerPaints Gel Polish Soak-Off Top Coat, apply a thin layer and cure for 30 seconds. The top layer will be a little sticky, so remove that using the FingerPaints Gel Polish Soak-Off Gel Cleanser on a lint-free pad.

7. Lastly, massage a generous amount of FingerPaints Gel Polish Cuticle Oil to your cuticles. Use this daily to keep your manicure looking fresh.

Have you tried the new gel polish yet? What do you think?

FingerPaints Wild About Spring

Colors from left to right:
Owlin’ At the Moon
Fishin’ For Fun
Are You Hoppy?
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Hoppy Go Lucky
I Spy-der

The FingerPaints Wild About Spring collection is in stores March through April. They retail for $5.29 each. Which one will you be wearing this spring?

FingerPaints Candy Coated

Have you tried the new FingerPaints Candy Coated collection? I love how it looks with a full nail of beads, but I thought I’d mix it up and try doing a few patterns with the beads. The trick to this is nail glue. It really helps the beads stick in the pattern. I also found using tweezers to manipulate the beads was helpful.

These are a few designs I came up with that you can try at home, along with the classic all over bead look. We’d love to see any of your designs, so feel free to upload your pictures to our Sally Beauty Facebook.

FingerPaints Holiday of Wonders

Check out the new FingerPaints collection – Holiday of Wonders! It’s in stores now through the end of December, and retails for $5.29.

Which one will you be wearing this holiday season?

Hollydazzle, Midnight Sleigh Ride, Merry Mistletoe, Santa’s Magic, Sparkle and Snowflake, Elves Bells.

FingerPaints Fall Collection

It might be hard to believe that this oppressive heat will ever go away, but fall will be here before we know it! 

To celebrate the coming of cooler weather, I wanted to share the new FingerPaints Fall Collection – Fall of Surprises. It will be in stores starting in August!

What color will you be sporting?

Fall Of Surprises! (copper glitter)
Fall-ing For You (teal/blue)
Plum Startled (purple)
Gourd Or Bad? (bar multi glitter)
Be-leaf It Or Not! (sage)
Take It Or Leaf It (taupe)

FingerPaints Spring Collection

The FingerPaints spring collection, Gumdrops and Lollipops, is in stores tomorrow and already available online! Will you be sporting these candylicious colors this season?