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NEW Blond Brilliance Products

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I am so excited to reintroduce the new and improved Blond Brilliance!  They reformulated and repackaged the Blond Brilliance Highlighting Kit  and UV Lightener , as well as added some new and exciting products to the line, which I’ll get to soon!

But first, a little about the Blond Brilliance line. It features the next generation in lightening technology and revolutionary care.  The formulas contain a luxurious mix of cocoa seed butter, mango seed butter, sunflower seed oil, papaya extracts, and acai extracts that help moisturize, soften, smooth, nourish, and condition the hair during the chemical process.

So now the new additions!  They are a Heat Activated Lightener that can highlight the hair in minutes with use of your flat iron, a speedy Express 9 level lightener for lightning fast lifting, an Ombre Kit to achieve this stylish look with ease, Crème Oil Infusion Developers in 5 , 15 , 25 and 35  Volumes, and a gorgeous mix of toners and lathering/conditioning toners to keep those blondes looking brilliant!

With summer right around the corner I know you’ll want to check out The Ultimate Blond Experience – Blond Brilliance!


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Ion Color Brilliance Ammonia Free Permanent Color is here to amaze you!

IMG_3495I am so excited to announce that Ion Color Brilliance Ammonia Free Permanent Crème Hair Color is now available! This is, by far, the world’s most advanced formulation of ammonia free permanent crème hair color to date!

It is free from ammonia, ethyl alcohol, parabens, mineral oils, formaldehyde derivatives, silicones, fragrances and paraphenylenediamine (PPD). It features unrivaled Italian technology, which allows for deep penetration into the hair strand with significantly less damage. The line has 24 shades of 100% fade resistant permanent hair color with up to 3 levels of lift. The pH level dissipates throughout processing, locking in the microscopic color molecule. This results in intense, long-lasting shine

For Marisol, we created this soft, beautiful brunette look by weaving fine sections of hair, alternating 2 separate formulas. Formula #1 is 9AG+32 Volume Ammonia Free Developer at a ratio of 1:2.  Formula #2 is 7CV+32 Volume Ammonia Free Developer at a ratio also of 1:2.  We used diagonal sections, working from left ear to right ear.  For the soft, “money piece” up top, we foiled a few pieces against the part to create diffusion.

Marisol’s base color was then applied between the foils.  The base formula is 5CV+18 Volume Ammonia Free Developer at a ratio of 1:1.  We processed according to her texture and porosity.  End result? Fabulous, conditioned, glorious hair, made possible by Ion Color Brilliance Ammonia Free Permanent Crème Hair Color!

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Blend it up to Perfection with Ion Demis!

Ion Demi Permanent Color Blending Technique #SallyBeauty Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Color is the most versatile color out there.  Cover gray, tone highlights or enhance natural hair, you name it and demi can most likely do it.

One of my  favorite Demi Techniques is the Three Part Blend, which can be can be used with any color formula.  For this you have two different shades, which are combined to make the third formula.

Part the hair into three sections; however you desire.  Apply Formula 1 (the lightest shade option) to Section 1, then apply Formula 2 (the darkest shade option) to Section 2.

To make Formula 3, pour the remaining mixture of Formula 2 into Formula 1.  Then Formula 3 is created and applied to section 3.

What this technique will provide is a soft transition from a lighter shade to a deeper shade.  A great way to create salon quality dimension in the comforts of your own home!

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Beyond the Zone Temporary Color Mousse

mousseBeyond The Zone Colour Mousse is designed for temporary use, but can become permanent dependent on hair condition and texture. It creates temporary vibrant color that is easy to apply with no mixing required. A strand test is always recommended prior to application, especially if hair is porous or previously chemically treated with lighteners, permanent waves, chemical hair relaxers or hair color.

It features a new delivery system via drip-free foam application in new fun shades. Applies as easy as any other mousse with a pop of color. Just pump enough product on the palm of your hand and work it into the area of the hair desired.

It’s temporary color in 5 fun shades, in a mousse application that is easy to use, and leaves the hair soft and manageable with no residue. It will last 2-6 shampoos. Be sure to use gloves when applying to avoid any staining!

For quick and easy temporary color application, with no sectioning, mirrors or combs needed.

- Easy-to-apply foam

- Temporary Color

- No mixing required

- No ammonia

- No peroxide

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Be refreshed in 3 minutes with Ion Color Brilliance Temporary Color Masque

Ion CB Conditioners Group Rendering_Update2Whose hair could use a quick touchup? I think most of us would answer “yes” to that question! We all need a refresher, but we don’t always have the time to do a full color. That’s where Ion Color Brilliance Temporary Color Masque comes in.

It revives and deeply conditions color treated hair, which allows temporary color deposit without harsh chemicals! You can use in between permanent or demi-permanent hair color applications to keep color vibrant and lustrous. The Masque also can be used immediately after a permanent wave or chemical relaxer, and can also be used on natural hair to enhance shine.

This brilliant new product is not mixed with peroxide and does not contain ammonia.  Squeeze directly out of the tube and apply to the hair while wearing gloves.  This formula can process for 3 minutes or up to 25 minutes for the maximum enhanced deposit (always strand test to determine individual timing!).  Will last 2-5 shampoos (depending on the porosity of your hair!).

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Ion Hair Color for Men

mens before and afterWe don’t focus a lot on men’s product on this blog (sorry, guys!), but today it’s all about the males! This month we launched the new Ion 5 Minute Pro-Age Gray Blending Liquid Permanent Hair Color for Men Only .  This is a great product that provides a more distinguished look to the maturing man. It blends away the salt and pepper to gradually fade away gray.  Here are the benefits -

  • - Gray Blending in 5 minutes
  • - No line of demarcation; color gradually fades away
  • - No Ammonia
  • - No PPD
  • - Deposit only formula targets only gray (Do not use on hair that is more than 70% gray)

What guy wouldn’t want to look 5+ years younger in only 5 minutes?

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Clear in the New Year

305086_SO_021813Ion Color Brilliance Brights offers a Clear Shade Diluter that can be added to any of our eight Brights Vibrant shades to create a subdued shade for a more multi-dimensional effect.

Just add 2 oz of Clear Shade Diluter to 1/4 oz of any Ion Color Brilliance Brights shade. Adjust your mixing ratio accordingly for a shade unique to you!

You may also use the Brights without the Clear Diluter near the scalp, and then mix the same shade with Clear Diluter in one or two separate mixtures for a multi-dimensional ombre effect on the mid-lengths and ends. Be sure to strand test every 5-10 minutes.

Don’t forget to following up with the Ion Color Brilliance After Color Treatment to close the cuticle and lock those beautiful Brights shades deep inside the hair!

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Ring in the New Year with Jamz and Bombz!

blueLooking to ring in 2014 with fierce hair without making a permanent commitment?  Try Beyond the Zone Jamz Semi-Permanent , and Beyond the Zone Bombz Temporary Color !

There are so many amazing shades to choose from including: Purple Passion, Wild Red, Air Head Pink or Rock On Blue.

For Jamz, pre-lighten hair with Beyond The Zone Radical Bleach Kit to a pale yellow blonde using desired application method. Process according to directions, rinse thoroughly, and towel dry.

Pour desired amount of Beyond the Zone Color Jamz Semi-Permanent Hair Color into a non-metallic bowl. With gloved hands, apply pinkdirectly to the hair using a tint brush or comb. Do not apply to the scalp. Process 10-20 minutes depending on desired intensity.

For more intense, longer-lasting color, heat may be used. After processing, rinse until the water runs clear.

For Bombz, shake can of Beyond The Zone Color Bombz Temporary Hair Color. Apply temporary hair color spray to dry, styled hair, holding the can at least 12″ from hair. Be sure to protect or cover clothing from over spray! Remove excess color on skin with damp cloth. To set the Bombz, apply Beyond the Zone Hair Spray of your choice over colored area.

Fabulously fun and immediate vibrant color without the commitment!

Both are on sale in December, just in time for holiday parties and NYE!


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Friday Fashion Poll

la-lh-pantone-color-year-2014-radiant-orchid-001Pantone recently released their pick for 2014′s Color of the Year, and the winner is Radiant Orchid!

What do you think? Will you be incorporating more of this fuchsia-esque color into your wardrobe this year, or do you think Pantone missed the mark?

So is it a do or don’t? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Also be sure to check out our Pantone board on Pinterest for some Radiant Orchid inspiration!

Previous years’ Pantone Colors:

2013 Emerald
2012 Tangerine Tango
2011 Honeysuckle

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Missing your Miss Clairol?

clairolEveryone has been inspired lately by hot vintage looks hitting the runways and the big screen.  Now you can get this look, too.  Clairol Professional has just launched Classic Collection, a new permanent liquid hair color line inspired by the tonal results of the original Miss Clairol color line!

With 16 essential shades across 4 tonal pillars, Classic Collection includes true-to-tone neutrals, green-based brass-busting ashes, and soft gold neutral shades.  Best of all, the line has the same excellent gray coverage that you’ve come to know and expect from your Miss Clairol! This classic formula now includes a modern technology that delivers reflective shine and incredible deep conditioning, so you can have that classic look with a modern feel!

Be sure to look for your favorite shade on shelf now.  You can even find it under your favorite classic name.  Yes, Moonhaze, Spring Honey, and Autumn Mist are back!

Stock up in September!  All shades of Classic Collection will be Buy One Get One Free at Sally Beauty.


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