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Get the Look: Provocative Plum


The moment I pack away my swimsuits for the upcoming cooler weather, I immediately start thinking about how I can update my look. My hair gets light in the summer from the sun and chlorine, and I like how my dark hair contrasts with my no longer sun-kissed skin.

This fall shades of purple are super hot, and I think I’ve found the winner in my search for new color in this Provocative Plum technique. It’s a fun way to update your look for the new season, and I like how it’s edgy but still subtle.

For this color process, you will use two different formulas – one to highlight and one to apply for all over color.

Here’s the breakdown:

Formula One: AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener  and AGEbeautiful 20 Volume Developer

Formula Two: 2 oz. AGEbeautiful 4V Dark Plum Brown Permanent Hair Color mixed with 2 oz. AGEbeautiful 10 Volume Developer

  1. Select 1/4″ or smaller pieces that you want to brighten and apply Formula One to the mid-lengths and ends
    to create highlights, covering each piece with foil. We recommend around the face, bangs, and top of the crown.
  2. Once the last piece is complete, allow it to process for 25 minutes.
  3. Rinse Formula One completely and towel dry your hair.
  4. Apply Formula Two to your entire head and process for 30 minutes.
  5. Rinse, shampoo, and condition.

Repair Summer Damage


We’ve reached the point of the summer where I am just completely OVER IT. It’s hot, the days are long, my skin is dry, and my hair is fried. Even swimming has lost its appeal because I know that the chlorine and sun will do nothing to help the fuzzy nest that currently sits atop my head. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about the heat other than wait for cooler weather, but I can repair the damage I’ve done to my hair this summer.

Here’s my plan to fix my hair using my favorite miracle worker – argan oil.

First I will slather my head with the One ‘N Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask, and cover it with a plastic shower cap to sleep in. The cap will hold the heat in, which makes the product penetrate deeper, and I like to give it a full eight hours to do its thing. Sleeping like this takes a little getting used to, but if I can survive a childhood spent sleeping in hard pink rollers, I can do anything. To speed up the process, use your Argan Heat dryer on low.

Pro tip: Don’t use your fanciest pillow case, because the shower cap can slip during the night and no one wants a greasy pillow.

Not only did the chlorine and sun fry my hair, it also sucked the color right out of it. This actually isn’t too much of a bummer because fall is around the corner and I want to add some depth and red to my normally brown hair. My color pick? One ‘N Only Argan Oil Permanent Hair color in Dark Copper Brown. It’s a beautiful, rich shade and since it contains argan oil, it will help moisturize while it colors.

To keep my hair looking great after the treatment and color, I plan on using the oil treatment daily before I dry and style my hair, and throughout the day to smooth any frizzies.

Bonus: Argan oil makes your hair smell delicious.

Anyone else ready for fall?