Sassy Natural Virgin Remy Human Hair

virginremyIn the midst of a very HOT Texas summer, I needed a change! So I decided I wanted to go “natural” but I knew I wasn’t quite ready to tussle with my kinky coils in this summer heat.

With a little help from, I discovered new  Sassy Natural Virgin Remy Human Hair . I opted for the super long 24” hair, because I wanted something different and exotic. I had it installed by my local hair stylist who was very impressed with the quality of this hair.

You may be asking “what exactly is Virgin Remy Hair?” The term “Virgin” implies the hair has not undergone any process, and is free of chemicals like hair color, relaxer, and silicones. Remy is natural hair with cuticles intact and aligned in one direction.

I know it sounds like there are a lot of terms, but simply put – this is really high quality hair because it is both Virgin and Remy!

My stylist used about two and half bags of hair to help achieve a sassy beach wave inspired look. Once I saw myself with my new ‘do I immediately loved it! The hair was so lustrous and thick!

Over the course of about four weeks I maintained it by braiding at night, which helped to keep its natural wave. I always make sure to keep a comb or brush handy for any tangles or slight shedding. After all, hair this long and bouncy is bound to blow in the wind and get a few snags! :)

I also recommend using a styling cream or light oil to help reduce tangles without weighing it down. Sally Beauty has several of these products to choose from. I also faithfully went to my hair stylist to shampoo and thoroughly condition my luxurious locks which helped make styling at home much more manageable.

As I continue growing out my relaxer I plan to purchase more Sassy Natural Virgin Remy hair. The package says the hair can be colored, bleached or permed so I think I will have my stylist apply a spicy new color to help me transition into a new look for the fall season!


  • James Jordan

    September 8th, 2013


    Oh! No wonder they look great because they are all natural. I assume the quality is great as it resembles natural human hair. Another evidence that it is of high quality is that it is being styled differently for many times but it can still be used readily every time.

  • DDJ

    October 15th, 2013


    This hair is the worst hair that I’ve worked with. It tangles constantly and looks like a birds nest. I worked so hard sewing these in. I don’t know if my client got a bad batch of hair but she is out of quite a bit of money.

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Sassy Natural Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions Natural Dark Brown 24 Inch by SASSY