Graff*Etch Hair Art Pencils

GraffEtch photo 3 Graff*Etch hair art pencils  are specially formulated for filling in barber design with bold, vivid color.  Color-in hair art takes design to a new creative level.  Color, blending colors and enhancing design makes hair art come alive. It’s a true art form and an artistic way for a barber/stylist to attract a new clientele and expand their business.

Hair art patterns are etched onto the scalp with a trimmer, fine details can be created with a razor. Often the design is pre-drawn in with a Graff*Etch pencil before it is carved out. This is especially helpful for spacing letters when a logo is created.  Color can be applied to short hair, the scalp and the face & body.   The rules of color wheel apply, colors blend easily to create additional shades. Graduate the colors for a rainbow or 3D effect.  Use the pencils to hi-lite & contour or add depth and angles to a beard & hair line.

Graff*Etch pencils are very different from ordinary eyeliner pencils. The colors are vibrant & long lasting, waterproof and easily remove with soap. They will not drip if you sweat.  Graff*Etch was created for newly shaved sensitive skinThey are fragrance free, non-allergic, Paraben and petroleum free The Graff*Etch pencils have the proper combination of texture, richness of color, and ease of application. Plus there is a convenient pencil sharpened as part of each pencil cap.

The concept is taking off just like tattoos and body art. One of my barber friends, Samuel Semi of Unlimited Kuts Barber Shop in Mississippi can duplicate any picture on the back of your head. The creativity and talent of the barbers & stylists is absolutely fabulous and limitless.

Application Tips:
1. Temperature affects application. Ideally pencils should be applied at room temperature.  If the pencil core is cold, warm it up in your hands before applying or draw a few lines on the back of your hand before using.  Conversely, do not leave your pencils next to a hot trimmer or any other heat source.
2.  Each pencil comes with a built in sharpener so when sharpening, do a half turn to a full turn and & pull straight out to check the core.  Do not keep twisting or you are just chewing up the pencil and wasting it.
3.  After color is completed, lightly spray with spritz or hair spray to seal color & hold.

Graff*Etch pencils are sold in an 8 piece pencil pack. Currently there are 2 different packs available. A total of 16 colors; the original colors and the Neon / Hot colors.  The original color pack contains the primary colors – red, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, light blue and black.  The Neon/Hot pack contains neon pink, green & orange; hot pink & purple, brown, metallic gold & silver.

Graff*Etch  can be ordered online at and in  select Sally Beauty Stores.

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Graff*Etch Hair Pattern Pencils by GRAFFT
Graff Etch Neon Hot 8 Piece Pencil Pack by GRAFFT
Graff*Etch Hair Pattern Pencils by GRAFFT