Add color to your updo

It is that time of year again where there are plenty of opportunities to dress up and plenty of photos. Prom, Graduation, weddings – you name it! And you better believe I love looking good and standing out in the crowd.

Finding the right dress is hard enough, but a great accessory to never forget is your hair. Thumbing through Pinterest I found some great looks with multi-colored braids, twists and updos.  I don’t have a lot of hair and don’t want to commit to a wild color, so I checked out some of the fun color extensions at Sally.

Sally Beauty sells a couple of great clip-in styles. Sassy Colors and Glitz synthetic pieces have a variety of colors like pink, blue, magenta and burgundy. Some of them even have gems so I can add a little sparkle to my look.

The Design Length Snap Its are clip-in human hair that easily snaps in to add strips of color to a bun or ponytail. Since they are human hair, I can even curl them to add different color tendrils around my face.

Use one color or mix it up with two. You could even color coordinate with your dress! Standing out has never been so easy or so fun!megan

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