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Is there anything more relaxing than a pedicure? I love going to the spa and sinking into the massage chair, while someone pampers my feet. But, to me, a pedicure is a once in awhile indulgence. I only get them a few times a year and paint my own toes the rest of the time. I even have a cute Heel to Toe Inflatable Pedicure Bath that I use at home to soak while watching my favorite shows. It’s not the same but it keeps me happy between appointments.

I do, however, have some friends who go every month without fail to get pedicures. To them, it’s a necessary part of their beauty routine, like getting their roots touched up or a trim.

What about you? How often do you get pedicures? Are they a special treat or something that is part of your normal beauty maintenance?

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    March 15th, 2013


    My Sally’s job experience. Even before ever working at Sally’s it was always my dream to work there, my mother always shopped and the over all experience of being surrounded by products, fascinated me. Make up and people excite me, being able to help other I feel is my destiny. My first job at eighteen was a great experience at GUESS, my manager there taught me so much about customer service her grace patience, and hardworking traits were three things idolized and picked up most about her. Given the opportunity to work at Sally’s was such a thrilling and exciting moment for me to grow and learn the steps I need to have a good foot in the door to build myself up as a hard worker. Thus after 8 weeks I was written up and given a correction of action for failing to sign a read and initial clipboard that is assigned as our daily duties. I was unclear about what that was, however I took the consequences because on my part it was poor employee judgment. During this time my hours were being cut back dramatically, which was bittersweet because at anytime I am not at work I am school until 5:30pm. However, from that point on every time I had shown up to my shifts Wednesday and Saturdays I was coming in to work with a new written up every time. My second on was for showing an “unacceptable performance on the POS” because I was short. I close every shift therefore it is my responsibilities to count down the til log the money into the computer and distribute the money into the safe. Being that this is my first experience handling money counting it is not quite a skill of mine, though with the practice I’ve had during this company I’ve managed to count a lot faster and a lot more effective. According to 1-6 I was short $14.96 and the money was never found, 1-30 I was short $28.25 and the money was never found the very next day on 1-31 I was short 19.05 and the money was apparently never found. I’ve had a few times were customers try and take advantage of situations with me, however to my knowledge every customer has received their exact amount of changed according the POS. My next written up was presented to me two shifts after the occurrence in front of the executive manager Heather. On 2-23 I was given keys on a Saturday to bring in that following Monday which I have requested not to do because I attend school. According to the corrective action “I failed to secure company funds in safe”, this is not something I fully agree with despite it all I signed, thought of it as a rough patch that I just needed to fix. Aside from these series of misunderstandment, I take pride in my job. I work hard; I do the best of my abilities. When I am work I am 100% there and do my absolute best to give the customers 1000% satisfaction as well as attend to my daily duties.

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