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I tend to stick with the same eye shadow shade for years, which is kind of crazy considering I work for a beauty company and probably have every shadow under the sun. I will mix it up for nights out or if I’m feeling particularly adventurous that day, but for the most part it’s the same shade every day.

For awhile I stuck to a nice shimmery sage color, but I’ve found a new go-to in the Femme Couture Velvet Eye Colour in Velvet Smoke (pictured).┬áIt’s a really interesting shade with hints of grey, brown and a tiny bit of purple. It’s neutral enough for day wear, but not too brown on me. When I wear brown eye shadow everyone asks me, “Are you okay today?” I guess brown makes me look sad?

Anyway, my question in all of this is, how often do you switch up your eye shadow? Do you have a go-to shade? If so, what is it?

Please take a moment to vote and tell us your shade in the comments!

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  • Faye

    March 8th, 2013


    Hi, my name is Faye. In my teen years, I use to stick with the same shade of eyeshadow. My eyes were blue at the time and blue eyeshadow was the color I wore all the time. My eye color has changed since I have gotten older. They are green with brown specks around the center. I wear different shades like brown, green, tan, gold and coral. These colors seem to show off my eyes well.

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