Meet the Gang

Showcasing the men and women behind the scenes at Sally Beauty

Stacey Jones is senior brand manager of professional goods and hair color.

Stacey’s work with research, design, and hair color products takes her all over the world, most often to Italy and Switzerland. She also manages the team of educators, and is in charge of the test salon where new products and techniques are evaluated.

What do you love about your job?

The creative aspect. There’s a lot of creativity behind the science of beauty products, determining what we want the product to accomplish and how to get there. I also enjoy directing artwork and photography shoots for the packaging and promotional imagery supporting my brands.

How do you spend your free time?

I love being outdoors, anywhere! I’m a passionate gardener. I also love the water, whether it’s a pool or the ocean. I enjoy it all, from skiing to scuba diving.

Give us an amazing fun fact about yourself.

I have a passion for cars. I worked at a car wash and I took auto tech in high school. I can rebuild a carburetor without any trouble.

What is your favorite product available at Sally Beauty?

Ion Color Brilliance. I think it’s the best hair color in the industry, and I love the rich, emollient feel to my hair after rinsing.

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