Ion Folding Diffuser

When I travel I don’t take my hair dryer because there is usually one at the hotel. Convenient, huh?! Well not so much.

Curly hair people problem # 345 – you must use diffuser when blow-drying to avoid frizz head.

My dryer at home comes with a diffuser, but I can’t just take it off, pack it with my stuff and hope it will fit whatever dryer they have at the hotel.  So I found the best solution – a super convenient, will fit most dryers, and completely travel friendly, foldable diffuser from Ion.

This nifty little product will collapse flat to throw in my bag and take with me wherever I go. I may not be able to pack my favorite dryer, but I will combat frizz head with my new travel Ion diffuser!

The Ion Universal Folding diffuser is available in hot pink and black.

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