AGEbeautiful Expert Coloring Technique from Mike Petrizzi

Subtle Violet/Raspberry/Merlot Stained Glass Asymmetrical
Ideal for level 2-4 virgin hair

What better time than the New Year to try something brand new with your hair color? Mike Petrizzi, colorist extraordinaire and Artistic Director for Zotos Professional’s AGEbeautiful brand, is always coming up with fresh new coloring techniques designed to flatter over-40 tresses. Here he shares his latest creation, inspired by the “V” shape of AGEbeautiful’s best-selling 3V shade, darkest plum brown. This multi-dimensional look delivers rich, vibrant, violet-hued color with a subtle stained glass veil of merlot and raspberry.

If you resolved to give your locks new life in 2013, this professionally developed technique is the perfect way to follow through. An added bonus? You’ll be more likely to stick to your resolution to get in shape when you can show off a hot new hair color at the gym.

What you’ll need

Mix the following AGEbeautiful products together to create the necessary formulas:


Formula 1 for Area 1:
2 oz – 3V AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui-Creme Color
2 oz – 10 Volume AGEbeautiful Permanent Crème Developer

Formula 2 for Area 2:
1 oz – 3V AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui-Creme Color
1 oz – 30 Volume AGEbeautiful Permanent Crème Developer

Formula 3 for Area 3:
½  oz – 3V + 1 oz 5R AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui-Creme Color
1½ oz – 30 Volume AGEbeautiful Permanent Crème Developer

Coloring Technique

Divide hair into the following sections before coloring, and secure with clips:

1.  Begin by creating Area 2 by sectioning from temple to crown. Secure with a clip.
2.  Area 3 is sectioned out directly below Area 2, take a slightly smaller “V” shape that   will meet the bottom of Area 2 at the crown.
3.  Begin by applying Formula 3 root to end of Area 3.
4.  Clip neatly away from the other areas.
5.  Repeat this approach with Formula 2 in Area 2.
6.  You can section out these areas with Saran Wrap or foil to keep them protected from Area 1.
7.  Finish your application by applying Formula 1, roots to end of Area 1.
8.  Allow 45 minutes to process.

Mike Petrizzi

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