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Ion Folding Diffuser

When I travel I don’t take my hair dryer because there is usually one at the hotel. Convenient, huh?! Well not so much.

Curly hair people problem # 345 – you must use diffuser when blow-drying to avoid frizz head.

My dryer at home comes with a diffuser, but I can’t just take it off, pack it with my stuff and hope it will fit whatever dryer they have at the hotel.  So I found the best solution – a super convenient, will fit most dryers, and completely travel friendly, foldable diffuser from Ion.

This nifty little product will collapse flat to throw in my bag and take with me wherever I go. I may not be able to pack my favorite dryer, but I will combat frizz head with my new travel Ion diffuser!

The Ion Universal Folding diffuser is available in hot pink and black.

Friday Fashion Poll

Ever since Miley Cyrus tweeted the infamous picture of her sporting a new bleached undercut, the style has been gaining in popularity. Personally it always reminds me of Parenthood (late 8os movie, not the T.V. show) when the teenage daughter shaves the underside of her head in rebellion. I agree with her mother – NOT a good look.

But what do I know? A lot of people seem to L-O-V-E undercuts, and trend forecasters are calling it the next best thing. What about you? Will you take the plunge?

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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FingerPaints Candy Coated

Have you tried the new FingerPaints Candy Coated collection? I love how it looks with a full nail of beads, but I thought I’d mix it up and try doing a few patterns with the beads. The trick to this is nail glue. It really helps the beads stick in the pattern. I also found using tweezers to manipulate the beads was helpful.

These are a few designs I came up with that you can try at home, along with the classic all over bead look. We’d love to see any of your designs, so feel free to upload your pictures to our Sally Beauty Facebook.

Clariol Professional Color

It’s a new year, and I was ready for a brand new look last night!  I love my friend Gwynedd’s brilliant red hair, but as a natural blonde I wasn’t quite sure how to get the look.  Luckily, Clairol Professional crème permanente offers a full range of shades so I can have fresh, vibrant new color with great conditioning and healthy shine from its SOY4PLEX technology. 

We started with 1 oz of Clairol Professional crème permanente 7RN + 1 oz of Clairol Professional crème permanente 6RR, punched it up with a ¼ oz of Clairol Professional Warm Mix Tone, and mixed in 2 ¼ oz of 10-volume Clairol Professional crème permanente developer. 

The result was a warm, beautiful, vibrant red color that left my hair soft and shiny.  I’m well on my way to tackling my list of New Year’s resolutions with confidence thanks to my brand new look!   Happy New Year!

Friday Fashion Poll

In our recent Sally Beauty Best Tressed® survey we asked the question, “What’s your go-to nail color?” Almost half of those polled chose pale pink as their favorite (43.9%), followed by French manicures (22.5%), dark and mysterious colors (19.7%), and fire engine red (13.9%).

If I’d taken the survey I probably would have chosen “dark and mysterious” since we were limited to the four options, but in reality my go-to color is an Orly teal shade that was in one of their special collections a few years back. When I’m digging through my ever-growing collection of polish and can’t make a decision, this bottle is the one I inevitably grab. Teal isn’t what you would normally think of as a go-to shade, but for me it’s perfect.

What about you? What’s your go-to polish color? Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Go-to Polish Shade

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NEW! Ion Thickening Solutions

A product thumbnail of Ion Thickening Solutions KitIon must have heard my prayers, because they have created a system that caters to ladies like me who don’t have a lot of hair.  The new Ion Thickening Solutions strengthens your fine or thinning hair to prevent breakage, promotes a healthy scalp, and increases volume.

I have tried several thickening/volumizing systems, but could never commit because I disliked the fragrance, it was drying, I couldn’t use it on my color treated hair, or it just didn’t work.

What really interested me was the clinical research that went behind this line and the results: 76% of users noticed an increase in fullness and volume, and 68% of users noticed a thickening effect after use. I was like, “Sign me up!”

I know you will love this line of products because not only is my hair voluptuous, it smells de-lish, feels baby soft, is color-safe. Thank you, Ion!

New Year, New You!

At the beginning of a new year, we all resolve to live differently.  We vow to treat ourselves better, work harder, and kick our vices to the curb.  As for me, it’s day 15 and I haven’t done much yet.

One thing I have done is given myself (and my makeup routine) a makeover.  I have always been a little self-conscious about my skin.  Whether I wake up to find a breakout, excessive redness, or new wrinkles that have appeared out of nowhere, I am always at a loss as to how to conceal my flaws and make myself look natural. However, I have recently discovered some amazing products for creating a flawless face and a fresh, healthy glow.  Femme Couture has launched a new line of products that make my routine easy and fast.  Their “Get Flawless” 8-in-1 Foundation is a true gem.  It saves time by acting as a primer, concealer, moisturizer, foundation, color corrector, and more.  It leaves my skin looking A product thumbnail of Femme Couture Velvet Bronzer and Blush Duo Velvet Brownieperfect, which is really saying something.  I also picked up a Bronzer/Blush Duo from their new “Velvet” collection, which comes with two perfect shades for faking some color.  I finish off my look with the “Get a Glow” Finishing Powder, which gives just the right amount of subtle shimmer to highlight my non-existent cheekbones.  I’ve noticed that when your skin looks good, you don’t need to put on much else!  I add a little mascara and finish my morning routine in no time…and actually feel good about the way I look!

If you’re anything like me, you may not have signed up for a new gym membership yet, but maybe all you need is a little confidence to kick-start your year!

Friday Fashion Poll

I’m a major fall/winter girl and love nothing more than that first crisp autumn day, but this year I’m already craving all things spring. Which is obviously a problem since it’s only January! I may have a long way to go until I can break out bare legs and flirty skirts, but for now I’m dreaming about spring and fun beauty trends.

There are lots of great trends that we’ll be exploring during the upcoming Fridays, but I thought I’d throw out a few today and see what you think. Some like strong brows have been around for awhile, but with all the crazy colors that have been super popular, I was a little surprised to see nude, pale pinks and white nails on the radar.

What about you? What spring trends are you looking forward to? Anyone else suffering from spring fever?

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Multi-tasking Beyond Belief

I love a product that multi-tasks, so I’m happy to share my newest Beyond Belief find – Vita C+ Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15.

This lotion helps fight the signs of skin aging, while also helping to prevent sunburn. It goes on smoothly and it’s nice to be able to put on my moisturizer and sunscreen at the same time, especially since sunscreen is a step that I usually skip.

I don’t like how greasy most sunscreens feel and that they make me look shiny throughout the day, but I haven’t had that problem with this moisturizer. Plus, I love the light citrus-y fragrance! This one is definitely getting added to my permanent skin care regimen!!

What’s your favorite multi-tasking product?

AGEbeautiful Expert Coloring Technique from Mike Petrizzi

Subtle Violet/Raspberry/Merlot Stained Glass Asymmetrical
Ideal for level 2-4 virgin hair

What better time than the New Year to try something brand new with your hair color? Mike Petrizzi, colorist extraordinaire and Artistic Director for Zotos Professional’s AGEbeautiful brand, is always coming up with fresh new coloring techniques designed to flatter over-40 tresses. Here he shares his latest creation, inspired by the “V” shape of AGEbeautiful’s best-selling 3V shade, darkest plum brown. This multi-dimensional look delivers rich, vibrant, violet-hued color with a subtle stained glass veil of merlot and raspberry.

If you resolved to give your locks new life in 2013, this professionally developed technique is the perfect way to follow through. An added bonus? You’ll be more likely to stick to your resolution to get in shape when you can show off a hot new hair color at the gym.

What you’ll need

Mix the following AGEbeautiful products together to create the necessary formulas:


Formula 1 for Area 1:
2 oz – 3V AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui-Creme Color
2 oz – 10 Volume AGEbeautiful Permanent Crème Developer

Formula 2 for Area 2:
1 oz – 3V AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui-Creme Color
1 oz – 30 Volume AGEbeautiful Permanent Crème Developer

Formula 3 for Area 3:
½  oz – 3V + 1 oz 5R AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui-Creme Color
1½ oz – 30 Volume AGEbeautiful Permanent Crème Developer

Coloring Technique

Divide hair into the following sections before coloring, and secure with clips:

1.  Begin by creating Area 2 by sectioning from temple to crown. Secure with a clip.
2.  Area 3 is sectioned out directly below Area 2, take a slightly smaller “V” shape that   will meet the bottom of Area 2 at the crown.
3.  Begin by applying Formula 3 root to end of Area 3.
4.  Clip neatly away from the other areas.
5.  Repeat this approach with Formula 2 in Area 2.
6.  You can section out these areas with Saran Wrap or foil to keep them protected from Area 1.
7.  Finish your application by applying Formula 1, roots to end of Area 1.
8.  Allow 45 minutes to process.

Mike Petrizzi