Argan Heat

Argan Oil has been on the ‘Hot’ list for a while, and for good reason! This stuff is great for any and every type of hair. But, if you have hair that’s fine, thin, and lifeless, you’re probably thinking the last thing you need is more oil. I don’t blame you. I thought the same thing. Then I gave it a try. Yes, on my thin, fine hair. It’s getting a little cold outside which means my skin and hair are getting a little dry, not mention the hair STATIC! And just for the sake of trying something new, I went all out on the Argan.

Because my hair is so flat and boring, the first thing I do after popping out the shower with wet hair is run a dab of Beyond the Zone Thickening Cream through my damp locks. (If your hair is thin, fine, or all the above, this product is a must have). Then, I use the Argan Heat Thermal Round Brush and Argan Heat Dryer to dry my shoulder-length tresses.

Now let’s be real – thermal round brushes are not always the easiest to use on yourself. Even with all my practice, I’m not so great. My solution? Just use them to dry the most important pieces of your hair: bangs, crown, or even just the roots or the top layer or two for that added volume. From there, use a paddle brush.

I immediately saw and felt a difference in my hair. There was some shine I hadn’t seen in a while, and it was so soft to the touch. No doubt due to the Argan Oil infused brush and dryer!

After my hair is good and dry, I part it in about 6 layers, starting at the bottom of my head. (You may need more if you have thicker hair.) Taking small strands from that bottom layer, I use the Argan Heat Tapered Wand to gave myself some beautiful spiral-y waves.

This takes practice, so here are some tips, and remember to always use a heat glove:

1)    If you are curling the left side of your head, use your right hand and go over your head so that the wand points down. Do the opposite for your right side.

2)     Wind your curls away from your face.

3)     The smaller the strands, the more defined the curl.

4)     Twist the strand of hair before wrapping it around the barrel for more of a “beachy” look.

After finishing I run my fingers through my ringlets to loosen them up and voila! Red Carpet hair done on my bedroom floor! Because the barrel of the Argan Heat tapered iron is also infused with Argan Oil, my curls were healthy, shiny, bouncy, and static-free!

So go ahead! See what soft, shiny, healthy hair feels like.

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