Satin Strands 22″ Extensions

Listen up, long hair lovers! We have a special holiday treat for you! Satin Strands hair extensions now come in 22”! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited that I can now have hair all the way down to my lower back!

Satin Strands is one of my very favorite extension brands. I know I’m getting top quality 100% human hair and the perfect shade for me. They offer weft and fusion extensions, which means I can easily apply them myself or take them to a professional.

These extensions can be washed and styled like your natural hair and will have a long life with proper care and maintenance. The color choices are very natural and easy to match with natural hair.

I will let you in on another little secret—you can easily turn weft hair into clip-ins!

Supplies needed:

  • Satin Strands 22” Weft in one of the 4 natural colors
  • Sharp scissors
  • Wig clips that match the hair color
  • Needle and thread

1. Start by cutting the weft into sections. I would recommend cutting different weft widths to create natural layers. One 8” piece, one 6”, one 5.5”, and three to four 1.5” pieces to layer around the face would work well.

2. Sew the wig clips onto the weft using a needle and thread. For the wider weft pieces use multiple clips, spaced 1.5” to 2” apart. I suggest 4 clips on the 8”, 3 clips on the 6” and 5.5”, and one clip on the 1.5” pieces. Using extra clips on the longer weft pieces will ensure they stay put throughout the day.

3. After sewing in the clips, start experimenting with placement to create a natural look. Clip them in everyday or just wear for special occasions. Don’t forget to wash the clip-ins every 4 to 5 wears with hair extension shampoo and conditioner to keep the extensions shiny and tangle free.

No matter what application method you choose, the new 22” extensions are sure to be a show stopper!

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