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Demi-Permanent Color Tips

So many of you are discovering deposit-only, demi-permanent haircolor for covering gray—it’s easy to apply, long lasting and gentle on hair. However, I
get a lot of questions about selecting the correct shade. So here goes…

Gray hair is a mix of your natural shade and white (pigment free) hair. When you apply deposit-only color, it appears true to tone on the white hair, but darker on the hair that still has natural pigment. For this reason, I generally recommend selecting a shade that is two to three levels lighter than your natural color.

For instance, if your hair is a natural Level 4 Medium Brown, try using Ion Color Brilliance Demi-Permanent Level 6 Dark Blonde. This will maintain the overall Level 4 by blending hair that is slightly lighter with hair that is a little darker. For a natural, highlighted look, go three levels lighter to a Level 7 Medium Blonde.

Remember, it’s easier to go darker than lighter, so try a lighter shade first. For best gray coverage, select a Neutral shade, in this case, 6N or 7N. For gray blending, use a 1:2 ratio—one part color to two parts developer. For gray coverage up to 100%, use a 1:1 ratio—equal amounts of color and developer.

One more tip: give dull, faded highlights a pretty pick-me-up with Level 10 NG Lightest Natural Golden Blonde to brighten and blend without lifting the new growth!

So there you have it. Happy New Year—and new color!