Who-oo-ooo loves fall?

Fall is finally here so I decided to focus on a cute little owl. They do seem to be a sign of the season and they are very trendy right now.

This design is a little different in that we are painting mirror images of half an owl on our thumb nail. If you don’t want the mirror image, they are very cute alone. However, when you put your thumbs side-by-side, you see a complete chubby little owl. If you have trouble painting the other hand, you might want to enlist a friend to help.

Let’s get started!

Nail Polish Remover                                      
FingerPaints MichelTangelo
Polish Remover Pads                                    
FingerPaints Bronze Sculpture
Clear Base Coat                                               
FingerPaints Black Expressionism
FingerPaints Warm He-Art-ed                  
Clear Top Coat
Sally Girl Pure White                                     
Wax Paper                        
Dotting Tool or Toothpick

Remove your old polish, file and buff your nails. Apply a clear basecoat and let dry.

Step 1:

Paint your entire nail in Warm He-Art-ed. You will probably need two coats. Let dry.

Step 2:

With Bronze Sculpture, paint a large brown half heart shape. Also, paint a small triangle for an ear. Let dry.

Step 3:

Next, paint a white circle, about an eighth of an inch inside the large brown circle. Also paint a half moon for a wing and paint an elipse at the bottom for the owl’s tummy. Let dry.

Step 4:

With MichelTangelo, cover the large white circle and wing with orange polish. Let dry. Now, paint a smaller white circle inside the orange circle for his eye. After the white is dry, make a small “dot” with black paint in the center of the eye with the dotting tool or toothpick. Add a few black dots for feathers, and add an orange beak. Apply two coats of topcoat and you are finished.

Now, paint the other thumb in a mirror image or just enjoy one sweet little owl. You can paint more owls or just paint your nails in a corresponding color and use the owl as a feature. Either way, you are ready for fall. Enjoy!

Until next time…keep those nails covered.

Perfectly Polished…Well, Almost!

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