Cold Fusion Extensions

Have you ever decided that you are sick of your long hair and chop it all off and regret it the second the hair hits the floor??

Yes, me too. I decided in January that I was sick to death of my long hair and took the plunge and cut 11” off.  I instantly regretted it. I must admit, it hasn’t been terrible in this awful summer heat, but fall is about to be here and I am going to miss my blanket of hair.

I started thinking about some options and decided to look into extensions. There are so many application methods that my eyes started to cross immediately. I knew I wanted a longer lasting style (so clip-ins were out) and something that wasn’t damaging to my hair. I think I found the answer!

Cold fusion application using microlinks was the perfect solution for me!! It is a non-heat application method and the extensions can last up to 3 months with proper care. Another big plus for me is the I-tip hair can be attached closer to my scalp since there is no risk of burning my skin. (This is a great solution to my very short hair length) It also takes 30 minutes to an hour to apply a whole head versus other application methods that can take several hours.

I did a little more research to find all of the tools I needed and thought I would share them with you:

  • Micro fusion links
  • Multi-use micro fusion extension pliers
  • Micro fusion hook
  • I-tip hair extensions (Satin Strands I-Tip in Malibu matched my hair perfect)

I also came across this great hair extension video on YouTube that showed me how to apply and remove the cold fusion hair! Check it out for some really great tips.

I am so glad I found a solution to my short hair blues. Hope this can help some of you as well!!

  • Carrie Stewart

    August 15th, 2012


    Thanks for sharing Megan… short is your hair? Mine is boy short…could you do them on hair that short?

  • Elizabeth Wiliamson

    August 15th, 2012


    I just had these put in and I LOVE them! They took quite a while to have them put in but it was so worth it! I got the silky strands hair in St. Tropez and had my hair colored to match! They look exactly like my hair and everyone always compliments my long hair! :) highly recommend!

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