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Prepping for even hair color

Hope your summer has been as much fun as mine! But if you were lucky enough to spend time at the beach, by the pool or in the sunshine, your hair is probably dry and overly porous by now. If you plan to apply hair color soon, follow a few easy steps to get gorgeous—not garish—results.

1. Get those ends trimmed!

The longer you wait, the worse they’ll get. If your hair is damaged overall, talk to your stylist about trying a new, shorter cut. If you’re a long-hair type, like me, trimming two inches instead of one can make a huge difference. Don’t worry; you won’t miss the extra inch.

2. Pre-treat before coloring.

Hair that is overly porous absorbs more hair color than hair with a closed cuticle. Mid-lengths and ends tend to be more porous than new growth, which can result in disappointing, uneven color. The solution? Spray on Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Treatment. It fills and closes the cuticle to help ensure your new color will be even from scalp to ends.

3. Condition after you color.

Don’t forget to restore your hair’s natural pH level, eliminate traces of oxidizing agents, and close the cuticle to lock in your new color with Ion Color Brilliance After-Color Treatment.