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Clip In Extensions

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your hair, but scared of the permanence of hair color? The new hot trend for summer is brightly colored highlights, and Sally’s has just the product that will be only as permanent as you make it. Design Length Snap It’s is a 100% human hair clip-in that can be styled just like your hair. It comes in four bright shades: blue, purple, red and pink to give you an instant pop of color. Snap It’s attach securely to your natural hair with a comfortable, but sturdy clip.

Attaching the clip-in style is very easy!

Step one: Open the clip by putting your thumb and forefinger on the outside of the clip and push until it pops open. Once open, put the clip against the scalp and lightly push down for the clip to attach to the hair. Push the clip closed with the thumb and forefinger against the head until you hear it snap.

Step two: Part the hair. You can part on top of the head for a bolder look, or towards the bottom for a subtle peek of color.

Step three: Use a curling iron to add waves, or a straightener to create a sleek look. Low heat will help reduce damaging the human hair clip-in.

Step four:  Blend the Snap It’s into natural hair. Mix and match colors and sections to instantly create fun styles for any occasion.