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Ion Color Brilliance Mochas

Mid-summer is just about the time when we start to crave the new—-a new outfit, a new nail shade and a new hair color. So, if you’re blonde, you might start thinking about going a little darker as we move toward fall, and if you’re a brunette, you might want to opt for a spicier or richer shade.

It just so happens that the new Mochas from Ion Color Brilliance answer both of these desires. The collection includes five shades, all with hints of warm spice and exotic reds and golds. If you are a summer blonde (level 8), the Light Gold Mahogany Blonde provides the perfect update.  Medium browns (level 4) will love a rich upgrade from Medium Gold Mahogany Brown.

But fabulous color isn’t the only reason to try this new collection. Ion Mochas have a new PPD-free formula, enriched with exotic Pequi and Argan oils—the hottest ingredients in hair care—to help strengthen hair as they protect the color for greater longevity. As with all Ion hair color, you’ll love the silky texture and lustrous shine. 

Salon pros are already giving this new collection rave reviews, so check it out!

Friday Fashion Poll

I was at the nail salon recently getting my toesies done, and was thinking about how people have SUCH different ideas about what they want on their toes during sandal season. There was Neon Green Lady parked next to French Manicure Lady, who was sitting next to The More Sparkles the Better Lady. (A nail salon is almost as good of a place to people watch as the airport!) So that got me interested in your preferred summer pedicure color.

Cast your vote for what you’re rocking on your toes this summer!

What's your summer pedicure style?

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Beyond Belief Skincare Tips

In years past, while working as an esthetician, I found that most women were good about cleansing and moisturizing, but didn’t understand how other types of products could help them to address their main skin issues, how to get the most of them, or which products to use together. That’s what I like about Beyond Belief Skin Care. Formulated for maximum effectiveness, every product gives you results without a lot of fuss. Plus, the packaging is more than just eye-catching, it’s color coded by skin concern, so you know exactly which products were made for each other.

So, beyond a basic skin care regimen, what products could help you to discover the glowing skin of your dreams?

Masks are a great addition. Depending on the type they can boost the moisture levels of the skin, refine pores, or draw out impurities that cause acne. I like Beyond Belief ABH Clay Mask for oily skin and those that are prone to break-outs. If your skin is normal or dry, try Beyond Belief Vita C+ Hydrating Facial Mask.

Serums are great for all skin types. They are thinner than a moisturizer and designed to reach deeper layers of the skin. My favorite is Beyond Belief Vita C+ Facial Serum, which uses Vitamin C and peptides to brighten and even the appearance of the skin, while helping to reduce the look of aging. Talk about an all-in-one product!! Serums aren’t moisturizers, so just be sure to add one in addition to your regular lotion.

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face. This makes it one of the first areas to start showing your age. Keeping this area moisturized can help prevent the dry, crepe-y look and keep this area looking younger. Beyond Belief Lift & Firm Eye Cream contains antioxidants to help eyes look brighter and younger while reducing the appearance of dark circles.

In general, apply products from thinnest to thickest. A serum will always go on first after cleansing, followed by any specialty products (such an acne spot treatment) and then lotion. It’s a good idea to use SPF during the day for all skin types.

Take advantage of nighttime by using products that would be too heavy during the day. This gives the skin lots of time to absorb the product for optimal results. Beyond Belief Lift & Firm Night Moisturizer is a great choice for those wanting their skin to look more lifted and firmer.

 The last ingredient you need? Patience! Give products at least 4 weeks (8 would be better) to see the full results.

FingerPaints Fall Collection

It might be hard to believe that this oppressive heat will ever go away, but fall will be here before we know it! 

To celebrate the coming of cooler weather, I wanted to share the new FingerPaints Fall Collection – Fall of Surprises. It will be in stores starting in August!

What color will you be sporting?

Fall Of Surprises! (copper glitter)
Fall-ing For You (teal/blue)
Plum Startled (purple)
Gourd Or Bad? (bar multi glitter)
Be-leaf It Or Not! (sage)
Take It Or Leaf It (taupe)

Friday Fashion Poll

Do blondes really have more fun?

I’m naturally a mousey brown, that gets darker with each passing year, if you ignore the grays. I was a (bottle) blonde for 13 years until 2 years ago when I decided I HAD TO HAVE dark brown hair. And you know what? I have to say that I’m having more fun now, maybe because I’m not spending hours in the chair getting my roots touched-up.

What do you think? Who has more fun? Blondes or brunettes?

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Who has more fun?

  • Brunettes (64%, 138 Votes)
  • Blondes (36%, 78 Votes)

Total Voters: 216

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Ion Blow Dry Crème Serum

A product thumbnail of Ion Blow Dry Creme SerumDoes anyone else HATE blow drying their hair?  I have really long hair, and it takes forever to dry.  The only shortcut I’ve been able to come up with is showering at night and going to bed with wet hair, but I STILL have to spend at least 10 minutes blow drying it in the morning! 

But now, the product of my dreams has arrived at Sally Beauty. The Ion Blow Dry Crème Serum makes my blow out quicker and easier.  It smells great, and protects hair from heat damage (which I’m sure it could use, considering the number of minutes I spend under the hair dryer). 

I just distribute it through my wet hair before styling, and it leaves my hair smooth, soft, and frizz-free, which pretty much eliminates my need to use a flat iron after the hair dryer.  Plus, its unique crème-to-serum formula makes it great to use on dry hair for smoothing and tame fly-aways.  Talk about an all-in-one product!

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Tutorial


1. I thought it would be fun to layer two similar colors for a little dimension and interest. The winners? Fuschia and Purple! Since the model’s hair already had highlights, I was able to skip the pre-lightening step.

2. I wanted a subtle peek-a-boo highlight, so I picked a spot about halfway down her head, close to her ear, and sectioned it off.

3. Using a pintail comb, I took a small 1/8 inch section, and painted on the purplecolor. Then I wrapped it up all nice and snug in foil to keep it from bleeding into the fuschia and the rest of her hair.

4. I repeated Step 3 with the fushcia.

5. I ended up with three foils – two purple and one fuschia.

6. After 30 minutes of processing, we had funky and fun colorful highlights. You could definitely add more sections of color if you wanted a bolder look, or even color your whole head. It’s totally up to you!

Friday Fashion Poll

I would love to be one of those women who diligently gets fills every two weeks and rocks perfect-looking acrylic nails, but I’m just not that together. 

I don’t like my nails to be bare so I usually end up  slapping on some polish while watching the latest “Real Housewives” installment. They’re never flawless but I get colorful nails and my free time can be spent relaxing on the couch, and not in the salon.

I know  gel polish is a really good option, but as someone who likes to switch their polish at least once a week, I get a little ADD since  gel polish lasts for two weeks.

I’m a little picky, no? :)

What about you? What’s your nail style? Arcylics, polish, gels or bare?

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Nail Style

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24, 28, 30-Plus

Photograph: Sara, a favorite photographic subject.

When I’m not writing for the Sally Beauty blog, you’ll find me out and about photographing people.

I’ve photographed thousands of people over the years. Here’s something I’ve noticed:

A woman is prettiest at the ages of 24 and 28 and during all of her 30s.

The 40s aren’t bad, either.

After that, my research is incomplete. But I don’t buy into the shopworn canard that men age distinctively and women just get old. Anyone who has been to a class reunion knows firsthand that women age better than men. For millions of women, the beauty never fades.

Let’s hear your thoughts on aging and beauty — click on the comments and start typing!

Clip In Extensions

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your hair, but scared of the permanence of hair color? The new hot trend for summer is brightly colored highlights, and Sally’s has just the product that will be only as permanent as you make it. Design Length Snap It’s is a 100% human hair clip-in that can be styled just like your hair. It comes in four bright shades: blue, purple, red and pink to give you an instant pop of color. Snap It’s attach securely to your natural hair with a comfortable, but sturdy clip.

Attaching the clip-in style is very easy!

Step one: Open the clip by putting your thumb and forefinger on the outside of the clip and push until it pops open. Once open, put the clip against the scalp and lightly push down for the clip to attach to the hair. Push the clip closed with the thumb and forefinger against the head until you hear it snap.

Step two: Part the hair. You can part on top of the head for a bolder look, or towards the bottom for a subtle peek of color.

Step three: Use a curling iron to add waves, or a straightener to create a sleek look. Low heat will help reduce damaging the human hair clip-in.

Step four:  Blend the Snap It’s into natural hair. Mix and match colors and sections to instantly create fun styles for any occasion.