Biotera Ultra Color Care

A product thumbnail of Biotera Ultra Color Care ShampooI’m a girl who looooves to color my hair and I’ve been every color under the sun! As a current redhead, I am always on the lookout for color protecting, sulfate-free anything (if you’ve ever gone red, you understand what I’m dealing with ;) ). When I heard that Biotera was coming out with a line of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners, I had to try it.

Normally, with sulfate-free shampoo, it is kind of hard to get a good lather going and sometimes I feel like there is build up, but not with this stuff. With Biotera Ultra Color Care, I had a good, soft lather, the conditioner rinsed out clean while leaving that classic scent of Biotera. My hair was soft, super shiny and my red hair was vibrant!

With all these features, what I really loved about this product – my color stayed on my head and not down the drain! No matter what color your hair is this week, go and get some Biotera Ultra Color Care!


  • Larissa

    August 12th, 2012


    thank god i found this, i needed something for my hair that i dye red all the time and now i found something that will actually helo my hair!

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