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Hair Extensions Basics

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!! These days fashion is all about the right accessory to achieve the right look. One key fashion accessory we often take for granted is our hair.

Maybe you’re like me and have always wondered exactly how celebs pull off a short hair style in the latest blockbuster then show up on the runway with stunningly long, flowy hair? Besides spending big bucks to achieve these glamorous looks, celebs have taken advantage of some newfangled techniques in hair extensions that have taken off over the last few years. Until recently, the fashion industry and trendy celebs have kept all the best hair secrets under lock and key. Now there are so many reasonably priced options available to help us “mere mortals” achieve a completely new look or simply accent our natural hair. Gone are the days of waiting for your hair to grow and dreaming about the perfect hairstyle; now you can just go buy it!

Because the options can seem endless I wanted to share some basic information that may be helpful if you’re looking to “accessorize” your look with new locks!

Hair extensions are most often seen in one of the following forms:
Wigs – Quickest method used to change up your look. More permanent alternatives like lace-fronts may be bonded around the hairline.
Weave – Usually sold as single strands (bulk or fusion hair) or wefts (tracks). This is the most permanent type of hair extensions as these can be bonded to or braided then sewn-in to natural hair.
Hairpiece – Instantly adds volume and length and are easily attached and removable. Most popular examples are drawstring ponytails, ponytail wraps, any ponytail clips.

Types of hair:
Synthetic – holds style very well but may not last as long as human hair. Heat styling not recommended.
Human Hair – mostly closely mimics our natural hair. Easy to maintain and may be styled with heat.
Blended Hair – a mixture of synthetic and human hair blended together. Heat styling may be limited.

Other factors to consider:
Shade selection – you may choose something closer to your natural hair color or add a splash of color to punch up your look.
Determine the best length – weaves and hairpieces typically come as short as 8 inches and go up to 30 inches or more depending on where you purchase. Wigs may be available in even shorter lengths.
Hair texture and style – there certainly is no shortage of options! From straight to kinky and everything in between (curly, wavy, etc).

Always seek the help of a professional stylist when deciding the best hair extensions and maintenance system.

Regardless of whether you sew it, braid it, bond it or just put it on, make your hairstyle a “mane attraction”!