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Summer! Summer! Summer!

Summer is here!  Summer is here!  Well, not quite yet but the summer polish collections are starting to hit stores and this gets me excited! Its sandal time and I get to sport the fun colors on my toes!

Check out FingerPaints Summer Collection “Summer In the City”!!

Which color would you like to see on your toes? Don’t forget, you can mix and match with the glitter to change them up

P.S. Want to win a set? Leave a comment between now and April 30 at 11:59pm CST to be entered. We’ll give away 2 sets on Tuesday, May 1!

CONSUMER DISCLOSURE: NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Open only to legal residents of 50 US states and DC, 18 or older, who have Internet access and a valid email address prior to 4/30/12.  To enter, access Sally Beauty Blog at from 9:30 am CT on 4/30/12 to 11:59 pm CT 4/30/12 and post a comment to the FingerPaints Summer Giveaway blog entry and provide your screen name and valid email address. Entries must be received by 11:59 pm CT on 4/30/12. Limit one entry per person. 2 prizes to be awarded in random drawing on or about 5/1/12. Prize is a set of FingerPaints Summer. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Void where prohibited by law. For official rules and winner’s list (after5/1/12), visit or mail request to: Sally, Attn: Blog Promotion, PO Box 490, Denton, TX 76202. Sponsor: Sally Beauty Supply LLC.

Friday Fashion Poll

Did you see Scarlettt Johansson recently rocking the Dutch-braid on the red carpet? She’s gorgeous so she could pretty much wear a dead bird on her head and look amazing, but I’m not so sure how I feel about her hairstyle choice.

Honestly, I think I’d prefer that Dutch-braids be left to fairytale characters, but take a look at Pinterest and you’ll see that I’m in the minority because tutorials for this braid are crazy popular.

What about you? Would you wear one?

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Facing my fears

This is a re-post from September 2010. We’ve had quite a few questions about home hair coloring recently, so this is good information to go over again.

I’ll admit it. I’m a total scaredy-cat when it comes to coloring my own hair. It’s not like I’ve ever had a bad experience, so I don’t know why the thought of dyeing my own hair makes my palms sweat. Well, I take that back. There was the unfortunate Highlighting Incident of 2003 that we will not speak of. But, I didn’t do that to myself so I don’t think it counts.

Anyway, as someone who has been getting their hair colored regularly since they were 14, and works for one of the largest beauty suppliers in the world, being scared of a little at-home color is sort of ridiculous. Our customers color their hair all the time! So, I decided it was time to face my fear and guess what? It turned out really really great! My color is even and shiny, and my hair actually feels healthier. Plus, it wasn’t scary at all!

I’ve outlined my steps for those who are looking to try coloring at home. Just to let you know what I started with, I had brown, reddish hair that had faded to a brassy red at the ends, and about an inch and a half of brown roots.

(The hair color comes with full instructions and recommended processing times – follow them closely! Perform a strand test on a few select strands of your hair to preview your own results. Details are included in the directions.)

Step 1: Cast of Characters

* Color Trak Tint Bowl
* Color Trak Extra Wide Tint Brush
* Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer 20 Volume 8 oz.
* Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color 4G Medium Golden Brown
* Ion Color Brilliance Stain Remover
* Ion Color Brilliance After Color Treatment
* Color Trak Measuring Beaker
* Salon Care Disposable Vinyl Gloves

I know it sounds like a lot of stuff but everything, except for the tube of color, is reusable.

Step 2:

I mixed 4 oz of color with 4 oz of volume 20 developer. I ended up having WAY too much color left over, but since this was my first time I was playing it safe. Better to have too much than too little in this case.

Step 3:

Make sure the color and developer are completely mixed together. Doesn’t it look like frosting?

Step 4:

I began by painting the color on my roots, in small sections. Full disclosure: After about 2 minutes of doing it myself I got frustrated with my lack of coordination and called for reinforcements. The fact that my hair was feeling like cotton candy (i.e. sticky, clumpy mess) due to the crazy humidity didn’t help matters. I think next time I’ll be a lot more confident in my skills and will try to do my whole head myself.

Step 5:

I let the color process on my roots for 15 minutes. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Step 6:

After 15 minutes on my roots, I (read: my helper) pulled the color through the rest of the shaft, but left it off the very tips. I let that sit for 10 minutes and then applied color to the ends for 5 more minutes. My ends are pretty porous so I knew they would suck up color faster, hence the difference in timing. Porous ends are pretty common since over time they’ve been exposed to more heat styling and coloring.

Step 7:

After I shampooed out the color, I applied the Ion Color Brilliance After Color Treatment to close the cuticle and seal in color. It also removes any oxidizing agents and restores pH levels. Nifty! I left this on for about 3 minutes.

Conclusion:Pretty, shiny hair. Consider me an at-home coloring convert. FEAR, BEGONE!

Do any of you have any tips to share with this coloring newbie? Please share in the comments!

CoWash for Curly Girls

Curly girls – have you ever tried CoWashing? If not, it might be the answer to your hair dreams!

As any curly girl knows, moisture is the key to bouncy, defined curls, and CoWashing is a fantastic way to maintain moisture and get fabulous curls.

The As I am Coconut CoWash is a light no-suds conditioning cream that spreads easily throughout your hair and removes residue, including all of the things you’ve used to style and maintain your coils and curls.

Check out what some of our customers had to say about the product:


“I tried this product after seeing a review for it in a magazine, and I was very satisfied with the results. The smell was amazing, and my hair took to it right away. This is a great product to use in between washes for natural-hair women. I would definitely recommend this to a friend, and the price is very reasonable as well!!”
“This is the best stuff ever!!! I get so many compliments on my curls when I use this!!! My curls fall nicely and look bouncy and full of life. I am going to stock up on this and it’s a great deal, too!!! Everything about this is A++++++++++. You would be a fool not to try it!”
Nell’s Curls:
“This product does exactly what it says it will do. It made detangling a breeze for my 3c/4a natural texture hair. It provided slip and my tangle teezer slid right through my thick curls. I used this with Dr. Miracles leave-in conditioner from their new line of natural products, because the Sallys I went to did not have the As I Am Leave-In. It is definitely worth a try.”
What about you? Do you CoWash?

Friday Fashion Poll

On Wednesday we talked about lipstick on our Facebook page, and I learned a few things from the comments -  mainly that some people REALLY dislike lipstick.  I thought that level of hate was usually reserved for scrunchies! =)

Amongst the lipstick haters, a lot of them said they like lip gloss and some said they preferred not to wear anything on their lips. So I thought I’d whip up a handy dandy poll and see where you stand.

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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The Lipstick Rule

Have you ever heard of  “The Lipstick Rule?”

What’s “The Lipstick Rule,” you ask? It’s simple. Any two shades of lipstick worn together creates a fabulous, flattering color. I don’t know why it works, but trust me when I say it’s amazing.

If I have two lipsticks  I feel kind of “meh” about, I’ll try wearing them together and it’s always instant love.

What about you? Do you follow “The Lipstick Rule” and wear multiple shades of lipstick at once? What’s your favorite color combo?

home highlights

A product thumbnail of Blonde Brilliance Highlighting KitSunny days, warming temperatures, and lighter clothes…this is the time of year when a lot of us look at our hair and think what we really want are a few highlights. It’s really not that hard to give yourself some great-looking highlights at home.

To make it easy, use a highlighting kit; it contains everything you’ll need, including a highlighting cap. If you’ve never seen one, a highlighting cap looks kind of like a shower cap with holes all over it, but it really makes the highlighting process easy because you simply pull small sections of hair though the holes wherever you want the highlights.

For natural-looking results, place highlights around your face and along the top of your head——the way the sun would lighten your hair. As with any chemical process, follow all directions carefully, and you’ll enjoy the sun-kissed look now!

Friday Fashion Poll

I had a coworker ask me recently if you are supposed to wear mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. I’ve always worn it on both and didn’t know that anyone did any different, so I was surprised by the question.

You know how when you get a new car, you immediately start seeing your car everywhere? That’s how it is now that she brought it to my attention. I can’t stop looking at those around me to see if they are wearing mascara on their top and bottom lashes! My highly scientific research (wink wink) has shown that while the majority of people do wear it on both, there are a handful that don’t.

What about you? Do you wear it only your top lashes? Is there a right or wrong way? Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Caviar Nails with a Twist

Caviar nail art is the next cool trend from Europe and I think it will cause quite a buzz around here. In Europe, nail artists are applying black seed beads to nails…and yes, it looks just like caviar. Cool, right? But I thought, how about applying the seed beads in a colored pattern, instead of just solid black? So, I created pink and white zebra stripes with micro seed beads and I love it. Let’s get started!


Nail Polish Remover                      
Clear Top Coat 
Polish Remover Pads                    
Clear Base Coat
Clear Base Coat                               
Opaque White Polish                   
White Pearl Micro Seed Beads
Pink Metallic Micro Seed Beads                                                                                       

Remove your old polish, file and buff your nails. Apply a clear basecoat and let dry.

Step 1: Apply a coat of Opaque White Polish and let dry. You only need one coat, because you will be covering it up with beads.

Step 2: Paint a small swatch of clear basecoat and begin applying pink micro seed beads with the tweezers in a random stripe pattern. I began in the middle of the nail, so I could build the pattern around it. Add more clear base coat as needed to stick the seed beads to the nail.

Step 3: Continue making your pink pattern until you have covered the nail or are happy with the look.

Step 4: Fill in between the pink pattern with the white pearl micro seed beads, and let dry.

Step 5: Cover the entire nail with 2 coats of topcoat and you are finished.

Tip: you can use regular see beads, however, your pattern will have less detail and be slightly bulky.

This look takes a little bit of time and patience, and you might not want to bead all of your nails, but it makes a great accent nail. Have fun beading !

Until next time…..keep those nails covered.

Friday Fashion Poll

Last weekend, I got a call from a friend and our conversation went something like this:

Friend: The manicurist thinned my polish after doing my nails, before she did my toes, and now they don’t match! It looks terrible! Do you think people will notice?

Me: You’re not supposed to wear the same colors on your nails and toenails, anyway. It’s too matchy-matchy.

Friend: … um, what?

So, who is right?

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Matching Polish on Nails and Toenails

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