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FingerPaints Spring Collection

The FingerPaints spring collection, Gumdrops and Lollipops, is in stores tomorrow and already available online! Will you be sporting these candylicious colors this season?

My Stubborn Leading Man

A product thumbnail of Beyond the Zone Retro Vinyl Classic PomadeI have always been a beauty junkie. I love trying new products and trends and reinventing my look. It’s like playing dress-up—you can be whoever you’d like to be.

This is, of course, something that most men just don’t understand. I have become used to my boyfriend’s constant jokes about the number of beauty products in my cabinets. I have come to accept the fact that he will never understand my excitement over products that make my hair behave, make my face look flawless, make my nail polish last longer….whatever the flavor of the week happens to be.

He has always thought that men’s hair products are all the same, but I think I finally managed to convert him by bringing home some products from Beyond the Zone’s new Retro Vinyl line. The Retro Vinyl Working Paste gives him the hold and texture he wants during the day without being crunchy, and I love the way it smells!

I also brought him some of the Retro Vinyl Firm Finish Gel, which he used the other day when we had an evening event to go to and he wanted to get that shiny, slicked back look that all the Hollywood leading men have been wearing lately. I’ve never seen him look so handsome! Needless to say, I’ve created a monster.

It cracks me up to see that he, in all his stubbornness, is now carefully styling his hair each day with such sophisticated-looking products, but I try not to comment on it—I wouldn’t want him to go back to the old stuff!


Friday Fashion Poll

Dramatically winged eyeliner is having a big moment. It’s all over the runways, and I especially LOVE how Adele pairs it with va-va-voom hair. Some beauty trends tend to make me feel like I’m playing dress up, but this is one I have completely embraced, although on a slightly smaller scale. I like to call it the mini-wing.

Is this look something you’d ever attempt? Or, does it make you feel like you’re wearing a costume?

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Winged Eyeliner

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Catch Some Extra ZZZs Tomorrow

A product thumbnail of Ion Dry ShampooWe all do it.  We push the snooze once, twice, three times.  When you’re in that half-asleep daze, you can convince yourself that you really only need twenty minutes to get ready for work…right?  Somehow, I get the feeling that I do this more often than most people. 

Sometimes by the time I get myself out of bed, I realize that there is no possible way for me to shower, dry my hair, do my makeup, put together a suitable outfit, and get to work on time.  That’s one of the reasons why dry shampoo has become my #1 life-saver. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do shower, but on those cold, rainy mornings when I just can’t convince myself to jump into the shower, dry shampoo works miracles.

 I first discovered dry shampoo a few years ago at an overpriced boutique—I was so intrigued that I spent a ridiculous amount of money to purchase this mysterious product, only to become instantly addicted.  Luckily there are now hundreds of versions available, some good and some not-so-good, at much more reasonable prices. 

I have now found my new favorite—Ion Dry Shampoo.  Not only does it work much better than any of the other spray-type dry shampoos I’ve encountered, but it comes at a fraction of the cost.  It leaves my hair smelling and looking fresh, and gives it some extra volume, which we could all use.  Plus, it doesn’t leave any icky white residue! I’d definitely recommend it—it’ll give you at least thirty minutes of extra snooze time!


Confessions of a shoe lover

A product thumbnail of Emjoi Micro-PediI’m a shoe lover, so my pedicure is the first thing on my mind when I’m getting ready for spring weather.  Usually I book the appointment at the nail salon ASAP, but this year I tried something a little different.

I came upon a great little unit that gives me salon results at home. I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself, and now I can honestly say the Emoji Micro-Pedi is wonderful! It’s a battery powered rotating roller that gets rid of all the dry and cracked skin on your feet, leaving them super soft. 

Follow this with Heel to Toe Moisturizing Therapy Foot Repair, a little nail polish on the toes and you will be ready for some sling back peep-toe shoes!

After this little self-pampering session,  I definitely have a little spring in my step! :-)

Friday Fashion Poll

False Eyelashes – They’re not just for special occasions!

Or at least, that’s what the celebrities in magazines have led me to believe. Kardashian sisters – I’m looking at you.

But, they’re not the only ones. It seems that everyone these days is sporting thick, gorgeous false lashes – even at the grocery store!

I personally haven’t jumped on the everyday false lash bandwagon, but do love them for nights out.

What about you? Should lashes be saved for special occasions or do you rock them daily? Or do you stay away from falsies completely?

False Eyelashes

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Hot on the Trail of New Technology

When I see old photos like this one of my baby sister asleep under the hair dryer, I realize how fortunate we are to now have new, improved hair dryer technology on our side.

What used to take an hour or more of uncomfortable time under a hot dryer (so hot that you had to use tissue paper to cover your ears) can now be  achieved in a fraction of the time.  And hair dryers today have become so advanced that there is new technology that infuses your hair with ingredients that will improve the health and texture of your hair.

Here are two of my favorites.

One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer

A product thumbnail of One 'n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer

Ion I-Pak Infusion Dryer

A product thumbnail of Ion I-PAK Infusion Vapor Dryer

Do you have new and improved ways of achieving your current hair style?

Did you know we guarantee you’ll love your hair color?

A product thumbnail of Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color 10AMaybe this is you – you’re thinking, “I’d love to color my hair myself.”

Smart thinking! You can save time and money by doing it yourself at home.

Or maybe you’re already coloring your own hair, but you’re using the box color from the drug store. We believe you’ll prefer the better options from Sally Beauty.

Here’s why professional hair color from Sally Beauty is your BEST choice:

- Hundreds of shades to choose from
- Customize your color – don’t settle for a limited selection
- More conditioning formulas to keep hair looking healthy

Come visit us and we’ll help!

Here are some of the things our sales associate will want to know:

Are you looking for a hair color shade similar to the one you are using now?
Do you just want to cover gray?
Are you looking for a natural change, or a dramatic change?
Do you want your new color to be temporary or permanent?
Are you looking for overall color, or a few highlights?

We’ll help you select the right products to give you the hair color you want. And did you know we have a hair color guarantee?

Here it is:

We want you to love your new hair color. If you are unhappy with the color after performing a test on a small portion of hair, return to Sally Beauty for a different hair color product or a full refund.

So come to Sally Beauty to find the color you’ll love!

Friday Fashion Poll

A product thumbnail of China Glaze Neon Celtic SunNeons have been on the trend radar for awhile, and it looks like they’re going to be big again for spring.

I happen to love them when used as a pop of color, and mixed with neutral pieces. I’m currently on the lookout for a skinny neon belt to pair with tan linen pants for when the weather warms up. Of course no spring outfit of mine is complete without complementary nail polish so I’m planning on rocking China Glaze Neon Celtic Sun on my tips.

On the flipside, I know there are some of you who groan at the mere mention of neons, and are completely content to have left them behind in the 80s. So I thought I’d make them the subject of this Friday’s Fashion Poll.

Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Who Needs Roses?

Who needs a “Valentine” when you have your parents to voluntarily give you goodies and gifts? Not me! My parents have always been my Valentine throughout elementary, junior high, high school and college. One thing for sure is, they will never break your heart, and do not expect anything in return – only unconditional love.

Last year, my mother called me (as usual) to say “Happy V-Day” and to inform me that she had deposited $100 into my bank account. I was ecstatic! I knew that I did not want to make an impulse purchase, so I thought about it and decided to go to Sally Beauty to purchase a GiGi waxing kit. I was tired of paying $10 for a lip or brow wax each time I needed it.

Waxing might not sound like the most romantic of Valentine’s gifts but it has been THE BEST investment ever. I spent less than $70 for all of the supplies I needed and still had $30 to blow! Not to mention, you can easily spend $70 on a handful of salon visits. I have had my GiGi waxing kit for almost a year now, so when you do the math I definitely came out on the winning side. I brag about it all the time. =)

So who needs roses on Valentine’s Day? They die in a week! Tell your lover (or your parents) that you know exactly what you want for V-day this year!