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I love me a red lip. Like smelling a certain food or perfume from your past, it’s something that instantly brings up memories for me.

I put it on and I’m transported to the early 90s, watching my older sister and her friends pass around that ubiquitous tube of red lipstick while they get ready for their dates. Not to mention using a can of hairspray each! :)

Or I think of my dancer days and having our director say, “Put on your red lipstick, ladies!” before every performance. I hated wearing it at the time but looking back at pictures, it made our smiles so bright and beautiful.

So what are your feelings on a red lip? Gorgeous or is it too much of a look for you? Please vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Katie

    January 20th, 2012


    Not something for everyday use, but I think red lipstick can be absolutely perfect for the right occasion. Love it!!!

  • Sue H

    January 20th, 2012


    As long as it’s the RIGHT red for you, rock them!

  • Jennifer

    January 20th, 2012


    As long its the right shade for you. And paired with the right eye look it looks amazing. For you ladies who worry about it bleeding, try this tip. Fill your lips in with lip liner, then apply your lipstick. Blot your lips with a tissue, apply loose setting powder to your lips, blot again lightly. Then reapply your lipstick. This will usually help keep your lips photo ready much longer :)

  • JK

    February 6th, 2012


    I love a red lip…but I just can’t pull it off. My work bestie can pull off a red lip though – so now I don’t like her as much.
    I have always thought swipping on a red lip after a long day at the office was a great way to go from work (day) to night!

  • Alicia HInes-Kelly

    July 20th, 2012


    Not that much of a fan for red lips myself. I think they would be pretty on some of my friends or relatives. Might buy it for friends or relatives.

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