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One of the most aggravating things about going to the gym, besides the sweaty guy who doesn’t wipe off his machine, is when my hair gets rebellious and won’t stay in place. I cannot stand to workout with even one strand touching my face or neck, so I always pack extra bobby pins in my gym bag  just in case.

But, not everyone feels the same way.  According to our annual Best Tressed Survey, 43% say their go-to workout hairstyle is down.

What do you think? Is that crazy talk or do you rock the elliptical with your locks flowing free?

Please take a moment to vote and share your thoughts in the comments!

What's your go-to workout hairstyle?

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  • JK

    January 13th, 2012


    Not trying to be rude BUT working out with your hair down is NUTS!

  • sandy

    January 13th, 2012


    omg i feel you

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