How to be Dazzling in 2012

Sadly, my favorite holiday of all, New Year’s Eve, has come and gone.  I think one of the reasons I love it so much—aside from the champagne—is the excuse it gives me to get all dressed up and to try out some fun glitzy make-up!  In my opinion, there is no way to over-do the sparkle on this special night.  But just because it’s January doesn’t mean the party has to end! Here are a few ways to keep the sparkle going the whole year ‘round, regardless of your make-up style!

Dramatic:  If you’re like me, you love trying out fun new make-up trends, and you’re never afraid of a little color…or sparkle.  Femme Couture’s new Eye Drama Glitter Eye Pencils are just the thing for you!  They come in a variety of colors (yes, even black and brown if you don’t want to get too crazy) and give you just the right amount of sparkle for a special night out.  And, for the whole month of January, you can get 2 for only $5—a steal!

Unexpected: Another fun way to try out sparkle is on your lashes!  It may sound a little wild, but it’s actually a pretty understated way to shake up your normal look.  Try swiping on some Femme Couture Lightening Lash in “Black Tinsel” over your regular black mascara.  Now go on and bat those beautiful lashes—the boys won’t know what hit ‘em!

Subtle:  Over-the-top glitter not your thing?  Don’t worry, there is even a way to make the most demure girl shine.  Try Femme Couture Lip Luster in “Pink Sparkle”.  This gorgeous light pink gloss will give you shiny, irresistible lips with just a hint of shimmer.

  • Vicky

    January 9th, 2012


    Very Nice !!
    can we order online orr…

  • Lindsey

    January 9th, 2012


    They’re all available for sale online. Click on the product names to be directed to them on

  • JK

    January 10th, 2012


    I love them and must have them NOW!!!

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