Santa and his elves

Last year, I painted Santa heads on my nails and all my friends thought it was so cool. So, I thought this year I would change it up a bit and paint Santa with four of his little helpers. This takes a steady hand (don’t look too close) and a little bit of time, but they can really turn out cute.

Let’s get started.


Nail Polish Remover                      
Yellow Nail Polish                           
Polish Remover Pads                    
Black Striping Polish      
Clear Base Coat                               
White Striping Polish    
White Nail Polish                            
Red Striping Polish         
Green Nail Polish                           
Wax Paper        
Blue Nail Polish                               
Dotting Tool or Toothpick
Clear Top Coat                                                                  

Remove your old polish, file and buff your nails. Apply a clear basecoat and let dry.

Paint a French tip of white on your thumb and while it is drying, paint a red swatch across your nail at the nail bed. You have just painted Santa’s beard and the top of his cap. Next, take the white striping paint and add the white “fur” to his cap and add two small curved lines for his mustache. Drip a red drop of polish onto the wax paper and with a toothpick or dotting tool, and add his mouth. Repeat the same with blue paint for his eyes. Add two eyebrows with white striping paint and you are finished.

Again, paint a white French tip for the elf’s shirt and paint a green swatch across the nail at the nail bed for his cap. With red striping polish, paint two crescent shapes at the top of the white shirt for a collar. Drop yellow paint on the wax paper and add a tassel to his cap. Again, add a drop of red for his mouth, and two black drops for eyes and a button on his shirt. With white striping polish, add two eyebrows. For a little of dimension, add some white polka-dots and black lines on his cap and make a pointy ear… and there is elf #1.

Continue painting elves with any colors that you choose, or if you like, use the colors that I used below.  When you have finished, let all nails dry for at least 30 minutes, then apply two clear topcoats.

And now you have all these cute little guys at your fingertips. I hope you give them a try, because they do seem to cause quite a stir. Have a fun and happy holiday season. See you next year.

Until next time…..keep those nails covered.

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