Dear Hair – What the heck?

My hair is having a bad day today. I’m in the process of trying to grow it out as I have become weary of my maternity bob (which is an awesome story all on its own).  Today is it neither straight, nor curly. Neither long, nor short. There are pieces that want to flip this way and others that rebel.

So I rummage through my desk to see what I have on hand to combat this bad hair day.

This is what I find: Two hair claws, one hair elastic, a wide tooth comb and a curling iron.

Ponytail is too desperate. Tried the claws to no avail. Luckily I found an open outlet under my desk.  So it looks like I will attempt to wrangle my lone wing with a few curls. When all else fails, I tousle.  

What’s your foolproof bad hair fix?

  • Rachael

    August 10th, 2011


    i use a CHI flat iron.and don’t forget to use a hair serum like redken or CHI .i don’t curl. But if i did it would be spiraled. more volume on top would help your hair do. i use my CHI and go close to the scalp and bump it real quick to give it what i call “fake” Volume. that or big sexy hair, hair products. I like the volumizing dry shampoo.

  • Kimaloo (@Kimaloo)

    August 10th, 2011


    I do a messy bun on the back of my head with chignon I bought after you guys posted about it not too long ago. I love that thing! Prior to that, I’d do the ponytail. O.o

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