Mid-summer Mosaics

Summer is my favorite time of year, mainly because of all the bright colors that appear everywhere…the bright blue sky, the green grass and the many colorful flowers in bloom. I wanted to incorporate all these bright colors into a nail design, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to paint until one day when I saw a colorful mosaic tile. I thought that this would be a great nail design for summer, so this is what I created.


Nail Polish Remover                                      
Orange Nail Polish
Polish Remover Pads
Green Nail Polish
Clear Base Coat
Purple Nail Polish
Pink Nail Polish
White Nail Polish
Blue Nail Polish
White Striping Polish
Clear Top Coat

Remove your old polish, file and buff your nails. Apply a clear basecoat and let dry.

Step 1:

Paint the tips of your nails using white polish, following the curve of your nail. If your nails are short, move the “tip” up toward the middle of your nail bed. This will give you more room for the nail art and also it will make your nails appear longer.

Step 2:

Paint a purple “tile” in any shape that you desire, leaving a small white line around it. The small white lines will represent the white grout found in mosaic tiles. Also, paint an orange “tile” in an abstract shape, leaving white “grout” lines.

Step 3:

Continue painting the “tiles” with the remaining colors of polish. If you are like me, some of my “tiles” got a little sloppy. No problem, just take the white striping polish and clean up the “grout” lines.  When the polish has dried, apply two clear top coats and you’re finished.

Now, you can wear all those beautiful, bright summer colors every day, or change them to match your outfits.  I hope you will try these little mosaic art designs. I had a great time painting them and I think you will, too.

See you next time and remember…keep those nails covered.

  • Jess

    July 25th, 2011


    Cute! That’s something I may actually be able to do!

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