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I was at the nail salon this past weekend and was thinking about how people have SUCH different ideas about what they want on their toes during sandal season. There was Neon Green Lady parked next to French Manicure Lady, who was sitting next to The More Sparkles the Better Lady. (A nail salon is almost as good of a place to people watch as the airport!) So that got me interested in your preferred summer pedicure color.

Cast your vote for what you’re rocking on your toes this summer!

What's your summer pedicure style?

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  • Patricia

    July 5th, 2011


    I could honestly pick all of the above for my pedicure colors right now I have a shimmery/foil bright green with a yellow fimo flower (that I got from sally’s) that I did myself! It all depends on the mood I’m in when I sit down to do my toes! <3

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