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Pedicure Poll

I was at the nail salon this past weekend and was thinking about how people have SUCH different ideas about what they want on their toes during sandal season. There was Neon Green Lady parked next to French Manicure Lady, who was sitting next to The More Sparkles the Better Lady. (A nail salon is almost as good of a place to people watch as the airport!) So that got me interested in your preferred summer pedicure color.

Cast your vote for what you’re rocking on your toes this summer!

What's your summer pedicure style?

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4th of July Nail Art

I was asked to blog again on a design for July 4th nails which I was glad to do, since I love patriotic art.

I also like to use ordinary products in unordinary ways and I thought….maybe I can put the two together. So, this blog is about using regular half moon French tip adhesive guides as patriotic stripe guides. I am always looking for easier ways to paint stripes and this one is neat, easy and fun all at the same time.

Let’s get started!

Nail Polish Remover
Polish Remover Pads
Clear Base Coat
Orly Half Moon French Tip Adhesive Guides
Red Nail Polish
Blue Nail Polish
White Nail Polish
Clear Top Coat
Tooth Pick
Wax Paper

Remove all old nail polish, file and buff your nails. Apply a clear basecoat and let dry.

Step 1: Apply two coats of White Nail Polish and let dry for at least 30 minutes. You want very dry nails before applying the adhesive guides.

Step 2: After 30 minutes, remove a “half moon” off the paper backing and apply to your nail diagonally, making sure to go from one side of your nail to the other. This should create a small triangle on the top of the nail. Gently press the guide down, but be careful not to damage the white polish.

Step 3: Carefully paint the “triangle” with blue polish. You may need 2 coats. Important: Do not remove the adhesive guide.

Step 4: Remove a second guide off the backing paper and apply to your nail, parallel to the first guide, about 1/8” apart or closer for smaller red stripes. Repeat the process with the guides until you are happy with the design.

 Step 5: Apply Red polish between the lines until you have completed all the stripes. Apply a second coat of red if necessary.

Step 6: Carefully remove the adhesive guides and marvel at how accurate the red and white stripes are. Cool, huh?

Step 7: Drop a drop of white nail polish on the wax paper and paint white dots (stars) with the tooth pick on the blue area. You can paint several small stars, or you can apply a large drop and pull out the tips of the stars with the toothpicks; it’s your choice. 

Step 8: Apply a topcoat and you’re finished. Tip: if you like “bling”, apply small clear rhinestones for “stars”, instead of white paint while the topcoat is still wet.

I hope you will try this design for July 4th. It really is a cool look for a summer holiday.

Have a great 4th and be safe.

See you next time and remember…keep those nails covered.

Summer Hair Care

A product thumbnail of Ion Summer Poolooza Insulated ToteSummer is officially here and it’s time to start thinking about summer hair care! Just as you would put sunscreen on your skin to protect it from the sun and damaging effects, you should use a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from the sun, chlorine, and salt water. Ion Swimmer’s Leave-In Conditioner is specially formulated for this purpose. It will also prevent your hair from turning green from chlorine exposure.  

Hair tangled from a day spent splashing in the water? Again, Ion Swimmer’s Leave-In Conditioner to the rescue! It’s an easy detangler, and adds shine and hydrates hair at the same time. Hello multi-purpose product!

Even if you use the leave-in conditioner for protection, your hair can use a clarifying treatment after swimming in the pool or saltwater. It will remove build-up and any green discoloration. Ion Swimmer’s Clarifying Treatment is safe for color treated hair.

For maintenance, use Ion Swimmer’s Shampoo as often as needed. It is safe to use daily.

P.S. Just in time for summer fun, if you buy 2 Ion Swimmer hair care items – you can get the Ion Summer Poolooza insulated tote for FREE.

Help, my shampoo is broken.

The other day as I was perusing our reviews, I found an interesting complaint about defective shampoo.  Defective shampoo, really? What qualifies a shampoo as defective?

So I read on about the woes of a woman who no matter how much shampoo she used and how much she scrubbed it JUST WOULD NOT LATHER. She returned the bottle and posted her review to warn other shoppers of this defective shampoo.

Well at first glance this does indeed seem like a problem. Shampoo should create tons of white, fluffy suds just like that scene in South Pacific.  But in reality not all shampoos lather. Did you know the very ingredient that makes a shampoo lather, is also the archnemesis of hair color? For real. That is why color protection shampoos just don’t lather like the others.  I also checked and HairOne doesn’t lather either.

So don’t worry ladies – your shampoo isn’t broken.

Happy Father’s Day!

When you think of Sally Beauty, you probably don’t picture it as a good place for men to shop. But, you’d be mistaken! We actually have a lot of great products for guys. Who would have thought, right?

In honor of Father’s Day, here are a few products and FABULOUS deals for the special men in your lives. Tests show these products are equally effective on boyfriends, husbands, brothers, and grandfathers!

Win a Professional Keratin Hair Makeover! – Reminder

Just a reminder that you have until June 30 to enter the contest. You won’t want to miss out on a fantastic hair makeover!

What is that?!

Have you ever walked through a store, come across a product and said, “WHAT IS THAT THING?!” That was my reaction when I spied the Hair Donut Mesh Thingy, or as it’s more formally known – The Hair Stylers Mesh Chignon.  It was so weird looking to me that I immediately knew I had to try it.

So, the Hair Styler.  It’s made to help you achieve “perfect chignons.” Having never worn a chignon, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would I look matronly? I did a quick test at my desk and my office mate, Jennifer, gave it two thumbs up. In her words, “Wow! It’s a lot cuter than I expected!” Lacking a mirror and not completely trusting her judgment (Sorry, Jennifer!), I had her take a picture of the back of my head with my phone. It was cute! I’ve yet to try it with my hair straight, but I really like how the curls make it look less structured.

For those that want to try it at home, here’s how you use it:

1. Pull your hair up in a ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Experiment with different ponytail heights to find what you like best. Or, use two with pigtails for a Princess Leia look. Different strokes for different folks.

2. Pull your ponytail through the middle of styler.

3. Spread ponytail out from its center so it fans out and over the donut. Secure pieces around the styler with hair pins to completely cover the mesh. For this, I had better luck with u shaped hair pins than regular bobby pins, but either can be used. If you have longer hair, you’ll need to wrap the ends around the base of the ponytail and pin them so they don’t show.

If you try it out, I’d love to see pictures so be sure to upload your images to our Sally Beauty Facebook page.

How to make your neon nails POP!

Have you ever noticed that neon nail polish looks so much brighter in the bottle than it does on your nails?

It is always a disappointment when you are expecting a bright, vibrant color and it turns out to be a duller version of what you wanted.

The solution to this problem is simple. All you need to do is apply a base coat of white nail polish before applying your neon color, and BAM! The color will be as bright as the neon signs in Vegas. Check out the difference in the pictures and then try it for yourself.

Never settle for dull neon nails again!


Nothing says summer to me like a gorgeous, golden tan. But, the days of baking in the sun without a care in the world are LONG gone and I’m completely devoted to sunscreen. Good for my skin, but not so good for getting me that summer color I crave. That’s why self-tanners are my go-to savior for summer skin. Here are three easy-to-use options to give you a sun-kissed glow, right at home:

The SalonBronze Airbrush Tanning System is the home version of the spray tan salon. Hold the applicator about 12 inches from skin, then spray! It works in any direction, including upside down, and creates a fine mist for even application.

A product thumbnail of Salon Bronze Airbrush Tanning System

Just spread Toma’s Tan Perfect Self-Tanning Lotion on like any lotion. It goes on smoothly and includes a temporary color guide for accurate application.

A product thumbnail of Tomas Tan Perfect Self-Tanning Lotion

The convenient MitTan Self-Tanning Mitt  is infused with tanner. Just cut along the dotted line to release the tanner, slip the mitt on your hand, and rub your tan on!

A product thumbnail of MitTan Self Tanning Mitt

No matter which method you choose, always exfoliate and dry your skin completely before applying or reapplying to get even results. And disposable gloves will help you avoid staining your palms. Like any tan, they don’t last forever, so reapply every few days as needed.

Surviving the sizzle

Hot temps and summer sun can bake the beauty out of your hair, stealing the sheen and making it lifeless. Here are three different ways to bring back a lively summer shine:

Add instant shine, body, and color with Beyond the Zone Glam Street Glazes!

Apply in the shower after shampooing and rinsing, leave in about five minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. It’s the perfect beauty boost for dull hair!

Do you color your hair? No? Hair color can still help!

Get summer protection and shine with Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Intensive Shine in the 00 Clear shade. It adds great shine, lasts four to six weeks, and doesn’t contain color!

A product thumbnail of Ion Demi 00 Clear

Do you color your hair? Yes? Use a pre-treatment!

Summer sun affects the porosity of your hair and can make color results uneven. Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Treatment is the answer! Spray onto clean, dry hair and comb it through prior to your color treatment.

A product thumbnail of Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Treatment

It’s going to be a beautiful summer!