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Royal Hair Predictions – Winner

Congratulations to Jess! She won a set of her very own “royal jewels.” I’ll be emailing you shortly with the details.

Did any of you watch? What did you think of Kate’s hairstyle and dress?

Royal Hair Predictions

Okay. I’ll admit it. I’ve entered into full on obsession territory with this whole Kate & William business. Cheesy TV movie about the couple? Sign me up. Millions of magazine articles about the wedding details? I’m there. The Royal Wedding itself? Wouldn’t miss it! I know not everyone gets it, but if loving a Royal Wedding is wrong, let’s just say I don’t want to be right.

In honor of this auspicious occasion, I thought I’d have a little giveaway of our own “royal jewels” a.k.a. DCNL hair accessories.

To enter, leave a comment between now and Thursday, 11pm CST, with your prediction on how Kate will wear her hair for the wedding. You don’t have to guess correctly to win. Everyone who comments will be entered. On Friday I’ll randomly select a winner.

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Open only to legal residents of 50 US states and DC, 18 or older, who have Internet access and a valid email address prior to 4/27/11. To enter, access Sally Beauty Blog at from 9:30 am CT on 4/27/11 to 11 pm CT 4/28/11 and post a comment to the Royal Wedding blog entry and provide your screen name and valid email address.  Entries must be received by 11 pm CT on 4/28/11.  Limit one entry per person. One prize to be awarded in random drawing on or about 4/29/11. Prize is a set of DCNL hair accessories. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Void where prohibited by law. For official rules and winner’s list (after 4/29/11), visit or mail request to: Sally, Attn: Blog Promotion, PO Box 490, Denton, TX 76202. Sponsor: Sally Beauty Supply LLC.

FingerPaints Peace, Love & Color Summer Collection – preview

The FingerPaints Summer Collection will be in stores starting in May.

Coloring Hair Extensions

Oh, the temptation to try something new! It’s human nature to want to see if the grass is really greener on the other side. Do blondes have more fun? Will I look sultry and seductive as a brunette? This insatiable curiosity poses quite the hazard for fellow hair extension wearers. If you want to change your hair color two weeks into having new hair extensions, my advice to you is to WAIT.

Many people are under the assumption that, since the hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, that they should be able to color them as they would their own hair. The problem with this idea is that the extensions have undergone a tremendous transformation from their virgin states. The hair must go through a rigorous chemical process of stripping the virgin color, and processing it several times in order to get it to the color that is purchased in stores.

I’ve received many e-mails and phone calls from people that were absolutely devastated when their hair extensions did not turn out the color they had anticipated. Quality human hair extensions aren’t exactly cheap, and it can be very costly to replace them. To be honest, there are people out there that have had successes and did not end up with calico hair. If hair extensions absolutely must be colored, a professional stylist should be the one to process the extensions. A strand test should be conducted with a 1”-2” piece of weft hair to determine if the hair is truly viable. It will always be easier to color lighter hair extensions to a darker shade, than it would be to lighten darker hair extensions.

The best advice I can give, however, is to be sure to purchase hair extensions in the same shade as your own hair. This will save a lot of time, money, and possibly a few tears.

20% Off!

I thought I would stop by the blog this morning to let you guys know about a great offer on  For the next four days you can save 20% on your entire online order!

To redeem this offer, add products to your cart and enter promo code 555944 in the space provided at the checkout screen. 20% will be deducted from your total.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. This offer is not valid on gift cards, Beauty Club memberships, warranties, equipment items, or prior purchases.  Not valid in stores. This offer expires at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on 4/24/11.

Strong brows: Yes? No?

What are your thoughts on strong (read: BIG) brows coming back in fashion? We’re seeing them all over the runways and in ads, although I know they’re not for everyone. Personally, I’ve always been a fan, but I’m curious to see what you think.

Please take a second to vote and then let me know why you fall on the side of big brows or not, in the comments.

Strong brows: Yes or no?

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Are you using the right brush?

I’m sure you’ve been to the Sally Beauty brush section and looked at the wide variety we carry. So have I and well…how’s a girl (or guy) to know which brush is the right brush??? There are just so many! From big to small, round to square, metal, wood, soft and not so soft and the list goes on. Overwhelming, isn’t it? Keep in mind that this is an important tool for styling your hair and using the wrong brush can actually cause damage to your hair or scalp.  Don’t stress, though. I’m here to help. Here’s a quick guide to brushes:

The Vent Brush as the name implies, has vents that allow the air to flow through. This is used for brushing while air drying. It is also used to detangle the hair when it is wet. People with thick hair, or easily tangled hair, should use this type of brush. One of my favorites is Ion Titanium Vented Ionic Brush.

A Cushion Brush is useful for smoothing hair and also good for detangling. This type is recommended for straight to wavy hair of any length since it will leave the hair sleek and smooth. This one is also popular among the guys since it has a nice cushiony feel.  Beautique Tahiti Wood Cushion Brush is a great one!

The Thermal Brush is a more versatile brush. This type is usually a round brush with stiffer bristles. It has a metal frame that conducts heat from the dryer to help mold the hair while using. For straight hair, this brush helps create volume and smooth. For curly hair, it is used to straighten out the curl while blow drying.  Keep in mind that the longer hair, the bigger the barrel of the brush should be. Beautique Thermal Ceramic Brushes are excellent.

There are also other specialty brushes such as the Teasing Brush, whose main job is just that – to tease the hair and create volume. Spornette Little Wonder Tease Brushes are a popular choice among stylists.

I learned the hard way what type of brush is best for curly hair. It took me some trying and testing with all these different brushes to figure out that curly hair gets detangled with a vent brush while it’s wet, and nothing else should touch the curls once it has dried. Unless of course I want the straight look, then it’s the thermal brush for me.

Let me know what are your favorite Sally Beauty brushes to use and help get your gorgeous looks!

Bailing on a haircut – almost

Saturday I had one of my killer headaches that always sends me to bed for the day. But I had an appointment for Kasha to cut my hair at 9:45, and I didn’t want to miss it.

Queasy, head pounding, more dead than alive, I somehow managed to shower and drive off to Kasha’s.

After sitting down in the chair, I told Kasha, “I’m a bit out of it. I’ve got a headache that’s getting the best of me.”

There are certain people you never want to urge to hurry, because their craft takes time. Such as hair stylists. I was suffering, but I didn’t dare say, “Cut my hair as fast as you can. Race through it, Kasha!”

There were a few moments I thought I had to put a premature end to the haircut so I could go curl up on the floor in the fetal position for the rest of the day. Each time I thought, what would my hair look like if I left right now? Would I be OK with it?

But I persevered and Kasha worked her magic once more to last me another five weeks. I’m glad I didn’t have to call it off midstream.

It made me think of a time years ago, long before I found Kasha, when someone I’d never seen before cut my hair. I wanted to stop even before we got started.

She motioned me to her chair, and everything about her filled me with apprehension. I wanted to walk away!

At what point is it too late to change your mind?

I sat in the chair, but I thought, I want to leave now.

She put the drape around my neck, and I thought, how do I get myself out of this? What’s the etiquette here? Can I leave right now without feeling like a jerk?

What was the problem? Nothing I can put my finger on. There was just one of those feelings in my gut that told me this wasn’t a good situation. But, I stayed put, and walked out 20 minutes later with an OK haircut.

My question for you is this: How might have I made a graceful exit before she started chopping?

Have you ever felt things weren’t right and wanted to dash for the door?

I’d love to know! Post your comments here!

The Ombré Nail Art Technique

For the past several months, I have been asked to demo the Ombré technique. Honestly, I didn’t know what this technique was until a friend showed me a photo. This is what I would call a fade effect. Apparently, the fashion world uses the word Ombré instead, but I haven’t seen it until recently in nail art. I LOVE IT! The first time I saw it, I thought “This is so cool!” Then I had to figure out how it was done. I tried several techniques, but none of them were successful. Then it occurred to me – use a stenciling technique. So, that is exactly what I did and it was so easy. You are going to love it, too!

Let’s get started.

Nail Polish Remover
Polish Remover Pads
Clear Base Coat
2 Contrasting Nail Polish shades of your choice
Clear Top Coat
Wax Paper
Cosmetic Wedges

Step 1-Remove any old polish with remover and cleanse your nails with soap and water. Apply a moisturizer, and file and buff your nails. Take a clean polish remover pad and clean the nail bed only with polish remover to make sure there is no oil on the nail bed. If there is any oil from the hand moisturizer, the polish will not stick.

Step 2-Prep your work area by laying down a small piece (at least 6” square) of wax paper. Yes, I know this is a strange thing to do, but you will understand in a minute. Also, get out 3 or 4 cosmetic wedges. Now, you are ready to paint.

Step 3-Apply a clear basecoat to all nails and let dry for at least 5 minutes. This coat needs to be relatively dry because you are going to be “stenciling” or “blotting” it with nail polish and you don’t want it to smear or come off.

Step 4-Apply a nail polish shade of your choice. I used a lighter color for my base, but you could reverse the colors for a different effect. Let dry.

Step 5-Drip a couple of drops of the second nail polish choice onto the wax paper. (The wax paper does not absorb the polish and is easily thrown away after you are finished). Immediately pick up the cosmetic wedge and dab one edge into the polish. Now, with a “blotting” motion, apply the polish gently to the tips of the nails, blending the polish from the tip toward the center of the nail. I began on my little finger because it was smaller and not as noticeable if I made a mistake. Don’t rush, but work quickly to keep the polish on the wedge and the wax paper from drying.  Reapply paint to the wedge and wax paper as needed, but be careful not to get too much paint on the wedge, or you will create a hard edge instead of a blend.  Also, change wedges after painting  4 or 5 nails, because the polish begins to break down the synthetic wedge leaving residue in your polish (yep, that happened to me). I lightly applied the polish to all my nails. Don’t worry if it isn’t an even coat.

Then I came back and applied another coat to darken the color. By doing this, I avoided over painting them. Also, don’t worry about getting polish on the edges of your fingers. Just remove it with a pad and remover when you are finished. I think you will be amazed at how fast this technique is to apply.

Step 6-When you have achieved the blend that you want, apply a top coat and you are finished.

This is such a fun and really quick to make your nails really pop. Your friends will think that you spent hours, but we know the truth…shhhhh, it’s our little secret. Here is another version of the Ombré effect… I used it like a French Manicure (but without the hard line of course) and I really like it.

This technique lends itself to so many color choices…well, it is limitless. I hope you had fun and enjoyed a new way of polishing your nails. I’ll be blogging again soon.

Keep those nails covered,


Have you ever tried Curlformers? Their bright colors and twisty shapes have been piquing my curiosity for months. How do they work? What in the world is that hook thing for? Would they give me gorgeous ringlets like the packaging promised? I HAD to try them! So, I did and what do you know? Ringlets!

Here’s how to do you it:

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You’ll need Curlformers (obviously) and a Curlformer Hook.  The number of curlers you need depends on the length and amount of hair you have. To give you an idea, my hair is shoulder length and thin, and I used 17. A curl setting lotion or light gel is also recommended. I used Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curling Cream. Bonus – It smells just like summer!

Step 2: Thoroughly wet the hair and work in a setting product. Comb through.

Step 3: Start by feeding a Curlformer onto the hook. Grab a section of hair (I used a 1” section but that’s up to your discretion.) and place it in the hook. Next, slowly pull the hook down so it passes through the Curlformer, while holding the end of the Curlformer that is closest to the scalp. Repeat until the entire head is encased.

Step 4: Either let your hair dry naturally or use a hair dryer. I let mine air dry for a bit, but as you can see in the pictures it was getting late, so I hit it with the dryer.

Step 5: Once your hair is completely dry, remove the Curlformers one at a time by straightening out the spiral, pinching the top of the Curlformer so it opens, and then pulling the Curlformer down off your pretty, pretty ringlet.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Helpful Hints:

* Make sure your hair is completely dry before you remove the Curlformers. I got impatient and didn’t dry the back of my head that well, so those curls weren’t as defined.
* When you grab a section, twist it near the roots. This helps keep the hair together as you place it in the hook.