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Spring Trends

Are you a trend follower? I try to keep up on the latest styles, but not all of them are easy for me to follow. Some new trends are a piece of cake to adopt, like sporting the latest must-have polish shade, and others are a little scarier for me…like bangs. (I have a major cowlick issue, so the fear is warranted.)

I was reading a beauty trend report yesterday and it got me curious about how many people are in the same boat as me, and how many of you are more dedicated trendsters.

So, faithful readers. How many of these spring trends are you embracing? Which ones are a no go?

Ballerina Beauty

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Bright Pink Lips

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70s Heavy Bangs

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Loose Waves

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Updated Ponytail

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Ravishing Red Hues

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New to Me

I just discovered this super NEW, exciting product that I had to share with you! Just kidding. It’s not new at all. It’s actually been around since 1933! And it’s really not that exciting, unless you get a thrill from nail care products, which I totally do. 

A couple of weeks ago I had my nails done and my manicurist shook her head in shame when she saw the state of my cuticles. I can’t really blame her. They really were pretty terrible after the long, insanely cold winter, and I may or may not have attacked them with one of those stone cuticle erasers. (Note to self: must learn to be gentle with that thing!)

She took pity on me and told me to buy myself a bottle of Blue Cross Cuticle Remover. It’s only $5.99 for a 16oz bottle, which is a bargain in my book.  I’ve started using it once a week and can already tell a major difference. My cuticles look healthy and trim, without having to resort to cutting or ravaging them with an eraser. I guess a product doesn’t stay around for almost 80 years without working well!

What about you? Do you use a cuticle remover or do you have another way of keeping them in line? Let me know in the comments!

Another Ion Color Convert

I’m super excited to introduce today’s guest blogger, Lisa (a.k.a. my mother!). She has been coloring her hair every two to three weeks for as long as I can remember, so with all that experience I knew I had to get her to share her story!

Mother/Daughter Color Converts

Life gets better and better for me in my 50s except for one thing – gray hair!  There really is nothing prettier than a woman with beautiful snow-white hair, but I’m just not ready. When I was in my early 20s, it was easy to remove the occasional intruder. But by the ripe old age of 28, I had to begin using color on a regular basis. I’ve used glazes, semi-permanent color, and permanent all over color, both professionally applied and home applied. Now that my hair is completely gray, it has been hard to find something that really covers and stays looking nice between dye jobs.  

My daughter Lindsey has watched all of my struggles finding the right products and has seen me spend a lot of money on professional services. It’s funny that a vacation planned with her introduced me to a product that I LOVE and can afford. 

To save a little money for our trip to Europe, I decided to start coloring my own hair again. As a member of the Sally Beauty team, Lindsey was not pleased [Editor’s note: To say the least!] with the box color I brought home from the grocery store! 

I asked her to help me dye my hair one night, and she came over with the best product I have ever used – Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Crème Hair Color! It’s affordable and completely covers my gray, when others have failed!  Best of all, it does not fade and it leaves my hair shiny and soft!  Sally Beauty has produced a product that is as safe as salon hair color, easy to use at home, works beautifully, and is affordable.

It’s wonderful to have that extra money in my budget to use for other things, plus my hair looks great!  Thank you, Sally Beauty!  (And thanks, Lindsey!)

– Lisa

V-Gap Nail Art

I am always looking for new nail art techniques and designs to share with my fellow nail artisans, so I am very excited about the one I am going to show you today. A friend sent me a photo of a nail art design called “V-Gap”. Some of you may have heard about this, but it was new to me. This is a nail art design that is very popular in Europe. The look is sleek and modern and I think it is really cool. The design can be used in many, many different ways and you only need one color of nail polish to accomplish it, so pick your favorite shade and let’s go.


Nail Polish Remover
Polish Remover Pads
Clear Base Coat
Nail Polish
of your choice
Clear Top Coat

Step 1: Remove all old nail polish, wash the polish remover off and moisturize your hands. File and buff your nails.

Step 2: Apply a clear base coat and let it dry.

Step 3: The reason that the technique is called “V-Gap” is exactly that – you are going to make a “V” shape at the top of the nail, while leaving a very small “gap” all the way down the nail to the end of the nail tip. Begin at the top and side of the nail and free-hand a half “v” shape. Dip your brush into the bottle and beginning where you left off with the half “v”, paint a straight stroke down the nail to the tip. Dip the brush again and fill in the half “v”. The key to painting this design is not to paint too far toward the middle of the nail with the first stroke. It took me a couple of tries before I got the feel for it. If you paint too far with the first stroke, your “gap” will be off-center.

Step 4: Repeat step 3, but of course, in the opposite direction. You need a steady hand and some patience, but don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t turn out perfect (mine didn’t). However, your friends will still be impressed that you painted such a neat pattern. Just remember to go slow and if you make a mistake, just remove it and start over (I love that part of painting).

Step 5: Apply a top coat and let dry

The “V-Gap” is a very unique design and as I said earlier, it lends itself to a lot of different looks such as: adding rhinestones down the “gap” for a more elegant look, or adding tiny “x’s” down the “gap” to look like lacing. The possibilities are endless!

So, have fun with this new look from our friends across the water and I will be blogging again soon.

Keep those nails covered,

FingerPaints Spring Giveaway Winners

And the randomly chosen winners are:




Peggy B.

Alicia G.

S Evans

Mary H.




Congratulations! I will be contacting you shortly by email.

FingerPaints Palette of Petals Giveaway!


What: We’re giving away 10 sets of the FingerPaints Palette of Petals Spring to 10 lucky winners! (Rings not included.)

Why: Why not?

When: Visitors can enter March 18-20. Ten winners will be chosen at random on March 21, 2011.

How: Just leave a comment on this post between March 18-20 to be entered for a chance to win. Limit one comment per person.


Open only to legal residents of 50 US states and DC, 18 or older, who have Internet access and a valid email address prior to 3/18/11. To enter, access Sally Beauty Blog at from 9:30 am CT on 3/18/11 to 11 pm CT 3/20/11 and post a comment to the Spring FingerPaints Giveaway blog entry and provide your screen name and valid email address.  Entries must be received by 11 pm CT on 3/20/11.  Limit one entry per person. One prize to be awarded in random drawing on or about 3/21/11. Prize is a set of Spring FingerPaints Collection. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Void where prohibited by law. For official rules and winner’s list (after 3/21/11), visit or mail request to: Sally, Attn: Blog Promotion, PO Box 490, Denton, TX 76202. Sponsor: Sally Beauty Supply LLC.

St. Patrick’s Day

I wanted to share a little luck of the Irish with you. Today only, save $10 on your online order of $75 or more and get free shipping! Order anything you like, green or not! This offer only lasts through St. Patrick’s Day, so order quick. Use promo code 555396 at checkout. Start shopping now!

  *$10 off $75 online order is valid online only. To redeem this offer online, add at least $75 (pre-tax) worth of product to your cart and enter promo code 555396 in the space provided at checkout. $10 will be deducted from your total. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid on gift cards, equipment items, or prior purchases. Offer expires at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on 3/17/11.

Now Accepting Grant Applications

One of the best parts of our jobs at Sally Beauty is the time of year when we are able to assist domestic abuse shelters all across the county with awards from our annual fund. This fund was established in 2005 to celebrate our company’s 40th anniversary, and has since been able to touch the lives of thousands of women and children in need.

This past year, Sally Beauty contributed $46,000 to 23 different shelters to help them provide services to the women and children they serve. Sally Beauty’s criteria for selection and the dollar amount awarded is based on need, and the commitment from the organization that it will be used for direct client services.

If you know of a domestic abuse shelter where you live, that would fit the criteria as outlined here invite them to download the application form and submit the information to our offices by April 9.

Thank you for your help in getting the word out.

Quick Q&A

I man our ratings and reviews section of the website. And by “man,” I mean I look at each and every review that gets flagged by our customers for inappropriate content. I see everything from offensive language to people posting their pictures and phone numbers. On occasion I see someone reaching out for a little advice. Since our reviews are completely anonymous, I have no way respond directly to these people. So today I’m going to field a few questions that have come my way.

Q: Really like the way this stays where you put it but what do you do when you need more lead?? How does this work? Can someone help me?

A: Yay! Someone has found a product they love. Unfortunately this eyeliner doesn’t offer refills. Great idea though. I will pass this along to our cosmetics team, but for the time being you have to replace then entire pencil.

Q: I have heard very wonderful reviews. Is this as good as everyone says? Please help! I’ve heard that this product isn’t exactly thick, this might be OK with my hair though because mine is also thin.

A: The Euronext Remy extensions are some of our best selling. The key to great looking extensions is thick enough to add volume while being thin enough to blend well. Each person’s hair is different so I would suggest visiting a store to look at the product in person and match the color accurately. We can’t accept returns on extensions for hygiene reasons, so I wouldn’t recommend buying online the first time. Once you know the color you like, online is an easy way to replenish.

Q: I usually have a professional do my hair but with the economical hard times I can’t afford it right now and just want my gray covered up. I’ve been reading reviews and this product got great reviews. This will be the first time I have ever colored my hair on my own and I was wondering how do you know what developer to use??? Can anyone help me out with this one????

A: A brave girl new to home hair coloring. (Check out this post for a coloring how-to.) Don’t worry – it’s pretty easy. I asked our resident color expert in our test salon and she gave me a GREAT way to remember this. If the color you are using is the same shade you have now or it’s one level lighter, use a 10 volume developer.

2 levels lighter = 20 volume

3 levels lighter = 30 volume

4 levels lighter = 40 volume

How easy is that to remember? 

Natural curls for Natural girls

I’ll admit it. I’m in love with curly hair. I myself have stick-straight hair, and have a serious case of curl-envy when I see a head full of bouncy, shiny curls. How do they get their hair to look so good?

Well, Silk Elements® has just come out with a new line of products called Mixed Silk® that is PERFECT for curly girls. The line consists of a Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, a Leave-In Conditioning Crème, and a Nourishing Deep Treatment. Everyone that we’ve tried this charming trio on has absolutely fallen in love with the results! Everyone, that is, except for my own curly-headed hubby.

After several weeks of me nagging, he reluctantly agreed to test out the Mixed Silk™ products for me. After we had finished, his curls were so well-defined! They were gorgeous, silky, and shiny. I had never seen his hair look so good. My husband took one look in the mirror and said with sheer horror, “I look…too beautiful!” He then proceeded to BRUSH out his curls (a cardinal SIN for curly hair) in an attempt to return to his frizzy, wild-man state. So if you are like my husband and ENJOY frizzy, untamed hair, this product may not be for you. If, however, you have anything from tight spiral curls to loose waves, this product is the perfect way to let your hair down, and feel free to be who you are: a beautiful, natural girl (or guy!) with beautiful, natural curls.