My Favorite Products (Pink & Red Edition)

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it seems like a good time to share my love for so many of my favorite products…my favorite Valentine-colored, pink and red products, that is!

1. So Gorgeous Volumizing Shampoo & Coloresse Moisture Conditioner
My hair is pretty dry, but it’s also very fine and gets easily weighed down. I like to combine So Gorgeous Volumizing Shampoo to get that lift and height, but then add the extra moisture and color protection with the rich Coloresse Moisture Conditioner.

2. Ion Silk Drops
This is my go-to styling product every day. I put it on towel-dried hair before I style. It smoothes and gets rid of the frizz whether I’m wearing it curly or straight. And it also protects my hair from the heat of the blow dryer and flat iron.

3. Ion Gel Styling Mist
When I wear my hair curly, I have to have this lightweight product.  It adds tons of body and shine and really boosts the curl, but doesn’t leave my hair stiff.

4. So Gorgeous Shaping Spray
This hair spray is the best. It holds for days without any helmet head or stiffness. Plus it keeps all the fly-aways in check when I go to the gym in a ponytail or wear it up all day at work.

5. Ion Hot Oil
Every couple weeks or so I throw on a hot oil treatment in the shower for an instant dose of moisture. Afterwards my hair is soft, smooth and healthier-looking.

6. Femme Couture Super Juicies in Hot Pink
This gloss keeps my lips moist and shiny with a little pop of pink to give my complexion great color.

7. Star Nail International Softie Pink Sanding Block
Now that I discovered the sanding block, my manicures look as good as ones from the salon! Well, almost. I still haven’t quite mastered a perfect polish using my left hand to paint my right one. But even still, buffing away all the ridges to get that beautiful smooth nail surface definitely makes a huge difference in the finished look.

8. Finger Paints Vermillion Dollar Painting
Nothing beats a sexy, classic red on those fingers and toes!

  • JanSu

    February 21st, 2011


    I love the Ion hair spray! I live in Albuquerque where it’s very dry, so I don’t need a lot of spray. In fact, I spray 3 pumps into my hands and then kind of pat it on my hair. My hair still moves freely and the style really stays. It’s my very favorite spray.

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